Working Outside USA While in GC or H-1 Process

I am EB3 GC Waiter from India with priority date 2003.

Both, my self (Primary applicant) and my Wife (Dependent) are working on EAD and travelling on AP.

My wife is planning to move India for longer period for more than a year and planning to come back before her EAD gets expired (2014). My wife's employer has permitted her to work remotely from India for next 2 years. As a dependent applicant and Adjustment of Status person can she work from India for US employer? or is it illegal?

Also, if i need to do the same as my wife without working for a client can i do that?

What is the effect on H-1 if I work for my employer outside USA? What happens to my H-1 if I work for an employer other than the one who sponsored me?

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