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It was great help from Rajiv Sir to advice free to F1 students issues and questions. My friend recommended me to contact Rajiv Khanna Law Firm. God bless you with everything you wish. I applied my OPT and got rejected because of applied ahead of time. Then I again applied and got it. Now I have completed my program but still not have degree. I was worrying about my next status without having US degree in hand. But Mr. Rajiv suggested and explained it in real good manner and now I am just going with that flow. Thank you Mr. Khanna for your service to community in USA.

Visiting Canada on a student visa

My boyfriend is here in the US on a student visa. He graduates at the end of the week. He has put in his application for OPT and it is pending. We had plans to travel to Canada to visit his family for the holidays but now are worried that he will not be able to get back into the US since the student visa expires and the OPT has not been issued yet. Do we have any other options?

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