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    Post date: Sep 19th 2018

    Watch the Video on this FAQ: Green card based upon investment – EB-5

    Video Transcript:

    When you are doing an investment based green card first of all you have to look at these moving parts:

    One set of moving parts is, do you want to invest half a million dollars or a million. Second moving part is do you want to run the business yourself or let somebody else run the business.

    So when you invest 500,000 dollars in an approved investment scheme remember it is only approved for immigration compliance expectedly. They can still mess up and they do. There is no guarantee that this scheme will be successful or your money is safe. So don't think that just because the investment scheme has been approved by the government it is either safe or even honest. Nobody can tell you that. You have to assess that. There are some services out there who help you make those decisions. I don't recommend any. I have never used any. We have dealt with EB-5's through investment centers as well as individual businesses.

    So if you want to start your own business what you have to do is invest either half a million in some of the areas that are considered to be rural or targeted employment areas where the unemployment is about 50 percent higher than the national average. 

    The way the process of the green card works is once you make the investment, whether it is an investment center or your own particular business, you can then file the first set of forms which almost take two years to complete then add to it another six to eight months then you get your conditional green card. Therefore, it takes between two - three years under the current environment.

    Once you get the conditional green card you can come to the USA, you can start living here, your son can start going to school. 90 days before the end of the two years another set of forms is filed to remove the condition that shows that ten American jobs have been created and that the investment is on track, that's when you get your permanent green card. More...

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    Post date: Sep 19th 2018



    Article Title

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    May 08, 2018 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments Despite 4 per cent dip, Indians get 63 per cent of H-1B Visas
    April 24, 2018 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments Startup visas, work permits for spouses of H-1B visa holders to go
    March 30, 2018 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments US-based spouses queue up for H-1B as work permits get scarce
    Dec 17, 2017 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments US department's 'agenda': Scrapping the right of migrant spouses to work
    Dec 13, 2017 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments 46k Indians got US citizenship in 2016, second only to Mexicans
    Sept 2, 2017 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments H-1B visa applications see spike in inquiries from US authorities
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    May 3, 2017 The New York TImes Immigration Experts Question Tale of Australian Man’s U.S. Border Detention
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    Jan 31, 2017  One India News Confusion worse confounded: Trump’s Muslim ban fails, for now
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    Jan 01, 2017  Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments Boost for entrepreneurs, STEM graduates
    Nov 10, 2016  The Economic Times, (PDF), See Rajiv's Comments Tougher work visa norms may boost investment-linked immigration to USA
    Nov 10, 2016 Times of India, See Rajiv's Comments For Indian IT, President Trump may not be as bad as candidate Donald
    Oct 28, 2014 The Guardian Job brokers steal wages and entrap Indian tech workers in US
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    Oct 25, 2004 The Virginia Pilot Security Requirements Limit Contractors
    Sept, 2004 Working Partnerships USA The Economic Effects of Immigration
    Jan 16, 2004 India West Business Magazine Foreign Workers Sue U.S for Status Change Delays
    Jan 15, 2004 The Economic Times Indians Sue US for Green Card Delays
    Jan 15, 2004 Indus Business Journal Virginia Lawyer Presides Over Thriving Immigration Forum
    Jan 07, 2004 The Mercury News Foreign Workers Sue to Force Status Rulings
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    Dec 31, 2003 India Post Lawsuit Challenges Green Card Delays
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    Oct 10, 2001 New california Media Acts of PATROIT.ism - Fears of Terrorism Incite Reactionary Policy
    June 08, 2001 Washington Business Journal Layoffs Leave Foreign Workers in Limbo
    Jan 11, 1999 Computer World Career Advisor FAQs
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    Sept 1, 1997 Computer World Visa Limits May Trip Up IS Recruitment Efforts
    Oct 3, 2001 Career journal - From the Wall Street Journal Foreign Pros Continue To Flock to the U.S.
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    Post date: Sep 18th 2018

    Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

    The Yearbook of Immigration Statistics is a compendium of tables that provides data on foreign nationals who, during a fiscal year, were granted lawful permanent residence (i.e., admitted as immigrants or became legal permanent residents), were admitted into the United States on a temporary basis (e.g., tourists, students, or workers), applied for asylum or refugee status, or were naturalized. The Yearbookalso presents data on immigration enforcement actions, including alien apprehensions, removals, and returns. The Yearbook tables are released as they become available. A final PDF is released in September of the following fiscal year.

    In addition to the Yearbook, the Office of Immigration Statistics' Annual Flow Reports and Annual Reports provide text, tables, and charts on legal permanent residents, refugees and asylees, nonimmigrant admissions, naturalizations, and enforcement actions. The Annual Flow Reports and Annual Reports have replaced the text chapters in the earlier editions of the Yearbook.

    To view the entire Yearbook, click on the link below.

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    Post date: Sep 18th 2018

    Watch the Video on this FAQ: Can I join my old employer if the H-1B transfer is denied?

    Video Transcript:

    1. The answer is No. A prior approved H-1B is not overruled by a subsequent H-1B through another employer. If you have signed any contracts that's a different issue, but as far as immigration law is concerned, having one, two, three or even twenty subsequent H-1B approvals have no effect on a previously approved H-1B.

    2. The answer is Yes. 

    3. Not at all. As long as your employer A has not been revoked and employer B/A still maintains your status you are fine.

    4. Any employer or any number of employers can file for your green card as there is no limit. The only issue is are you doing it in good faith. Is it an honest intention to join them upon approval of the green card. These are issues that you should discuss with your lawyers who are processing your green card. More...


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    Post date: Sep 18th 2018

    USCIS has published a revised version of Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative, with an edition date of 09/17/18. This revised version removes the geographic requirement for sending an original notice to a U.S. address for attorneys and representatives that had been added to the 05/05/16 and 05/23/18 versions of the form.

    USCIS is also extending the grace period for prior versions of Form G-28. You may continue to use the 05/05/16 and 03/04/15 versions of the form until Nov. 19, 2018. Starting Nov. 19, 2018, USCIS will only accept a Form G-28 with edition date 09/17/18 or 05/23/18. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions.