F Visa Services and Fees

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Please contact the International Student Office in your local university for F-1 visa fee information.
Also, see this link.


Nonimmigrant Visas: 


Rajiv Ji,
Thank you very much for all your community services.
I am working with H-1 cap exempted organization, on 1 year OPT after completing my Masters ( Non STEM ).
My employer is ready to apply my H-1 visa on premium process, but my OPT is getting expired in this month end.
I want to take leave or will be absent w/o pay from July'1, 2015 ; and return after my H-1 applied.

Here is my question:
I have to resign & quite the job on last day of my OPT ? or I can be absent and return once my H-1 they filed ?

I have to again join the organization as new employee or i can continue job as old employee, who went on leave due to Immigration issue.
Need your guidance please.

Rama ji, once the H-1 is received by the USCIS, you CAN be off work (may be even a little earlier as long as your off time does not exceed limits of OPT). You can, of course, not work once OPT is over. You can also join as an old employee as long as you are not working while the OPT is over and the H-1 is still not approved.

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