EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien, Outstanding Researcher/Professor OR International Managers Services and Fees

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The fee schedule for Green Card through Extraordinary Ability Alien, Outstanding Researcher/Professor, and Multinational Manager (fees are payable by personal checks) is as follows:

1. Legal Fees (for our Office):

$5,400 for EB-1, $4,600 at the commencement of the case.

2. Filing Fees (to the USCIS): Single Applicant
  I-140: $700
  I-485, I-765, I-131, Fingerprinting: $1225

Federal Express Expenses: approximately $200

4. For EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien and Outstanding Researcher/Professor cases Premium Processing is accepted. Premium Processing for Multinational Manager cases is currently unavailable. Our legal fee is $250 for preparation of additional paperwork.  Filing fee (to USCIS) is $1,225.00.

Note: The filing fee of $1225 includes fee for applications I-485, I-765, and I-131, and fingerprinting irrespective of whether I-765 and I-131 applications are submitted along with I-485.


I am woking on my DMA In Piano Performance, As a musician I have quite some awards and achievements, so I am planning to apply for a permeant residency.
May I ask what your opinion is in the musicians world?
Is it better to apply for EB-1 as an extraordinary ability alien or as a National interest Waiver alien?
Also what is the difference between EB-1 Extraordinary ability and EB-2 Extraordinary ability ?

Thank you so much

Tasha, you can apply for both at the same time or one after another. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are very difficult to discuss in this comment. I suggest you post your question in one of our free community conference calls. We can talk about it in detail.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

I am a songwriter who has won and been nominated for music awards in my own country. I would like to ultimately immigrate to the US but im not sure whether it is wise to apply immediatly for the EB1 greencard or if i should first go for an O1b visa? And would the Eb1 be judged more "harshly" than the O1? any direction on this would be great thank you

In my experience EB-1A cases are adjudicated more carefully. You can try and O-1 first. But do remember filing for a green card or and O-1 can become problematic for future tourist visa entries if your petition is denied.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.