EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien, Outstanding Researcher/Professor OR International Managers Services and Fees

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The fee schedule for Green Card through Extraordinary Ability Alien, Outstanding Researcher/Professor, and Multinational Manager (fees are payable by personal checks) is as follows:

1. Legal Fees (for our Office):

$5,400 for EB-1 (plus, for employee/beneficiary families with more than two children, $500 more for each additional child beyond two)--$4,600 at the commencement of the case (plus $500 more for each additional child beyond two) and the balance of $800 before filing I-485 application.

2. Filing Fees (to the USCIS): Single Applicant
  I-140: $580
  I-485, I-765, I-131, Fingerprinting: $1070

Federal Express Expenses: approximately $200

4. For EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien and Outstanding Researcher/Professor cases Premium Processing is accepted. Premium Processing for Multinational Manager cases is currently unavailable. Our legal fee is $250 for preparation of additional paperwork.  Filing fee (to USCIS) is $1,225.00.

Note: The filing fee of $1070 includes fee for applications I-485, I-765, and I-131, and fingerprinting irrespective of whether I-765 and I-131 applications are submitted along with I-485.


Hello Sir,
I am a student of Phd (Computer Science) ,submitted 2 papers in international journals ,attended few international seminars also.I do have 14 years of experience in IT.Please let me know if I am eligible for EB1 category.


Send me your resume to help at sign immigration dot com. I doubt it, but let me take a look.

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Hi, I just completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering from a highly ranked university and have joined another prestigious top-ranked university as a postdoc. My field of research is an important emerging area and I have co-authored 7 journal publications (in several high impact journals in my field including one in Nature. One of them even received considerable recognition on popular science forums/news/blogs) and 8 conference papers. My work is relatively well-cited and I have also been a scientific reviewer. Is it likely that I might have a case for EB1 so early in my career? Is it worth filing for it on my own, since it is unlikely my university PI would be up for it?

Syed, send me your resume to the address help at immigration dot com. I will take a look. No charge.

Note: Not intended to create attorney-client relationship.  Answers could be incomplete, incorrect or outdated.  Use caution.

Dear Rajiv,

I completed my Ph.D. in Biophysics from University of Wisconsin Madison in June 2014 and since July 2014, I have been a postdoctoral researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University (Vollum Institute), currently in F1-OPT status.

During my Ph.D. I had a total of 9 publications in International Journals and have also co-authored 1 Book Chapter. Of the 9 publications, 7 were first author papers. Amongst my first author papers, 1 was in a top tier journal ("Cell") and it received a commentary in the journal, was featured in UW Madison Medical School News Release and was also featured in a video abstract published in the journal website. Additionally 2 other first author papers, although published in a relatively more specialized/technical journal (not as high of a profile but highly revered in my field of research), have received commentaries in the journal ("Journal of General Physiology").

For my doctoral research, I have received two awards: one awarded by my Department (at UW Madison) and the other by the Society of General Physiologists (the awards were also associated with a monetary reward of $500 and $1000 respectively).

I have been invited to review 5 original research articles (thus far) by Journal (Associate/Handling) Editors: 2 papers in Nature Scientific Reports, 2 papers in Biophysical Journal and 1 paper in Neuroscience letters.

I am currently working with one of top world-renowned scientists (Howard Hughes Investigator and National Academy of Science (NAS) member) who will give me a letter of recommendation.
My graduate thesis advisor, who is now an Associate Professor at UW Madison, will also give me a letter of recommendation.
I can get two Full Professors at UW Madison to write a letter of reference for me as well.
In addition, I can solicit other reference letters from: 1 Full professor at Washington University, St. Louis, who is also a member of the Editorial board of the Biophysical Journal; 1 Full professor at Brandeis University, MA, who is an NAS member and Howard Hughes Investigator; 1 Full professor, who is Chair of the Neurobiology Department at Univ of Texas, Austin as well as NAS member; 1 Senior Investigator working at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Given this information, I was curious about what you think about the feasibility of me getting permanent residency in the EB-1A category. Would my current F1-OPT status (which is valid through July 2, 2015 and I can apply for a STEM extension) affect my chances? If you think I would be competitive, should I start preparing my application right now or I should apply for my STEM extension and when it is approved, I should apply. I would like to discuss this matter with you, at your convenience and would be grateful for your suggestions and advice.

Thank you.

Sandipan, it is impossible to reliably predict the out come of most EB-1 or NIW cases. Get your STEM extension to be safe, and try for EB-1B (aka EB-12), if possible. EB-1A is a steep hill. Feel free to send me your resume through frontdesk at sign domain immigration.com. They will schedule a free consultation for you.

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Hello Mr. Khanna,

I am trying to see if my qualifications make me a good candidate for a green card application in EB-1 category. With the H1B season fast approaching, my employer and me are looking for expert level advise so that we can evaluate all our available options in case I miss the lottery (like EB1 or O-1 visa). Even if I do get my H1B this year I want to get the green card process started ASAP especially if I have a strong candidacy for EB1. Do you have an email address where I can send my resume and other details to you so that you can look at my case and may be set up a consultation with you or one of your associates.
Would greatly appreciate your input,
Thank you!

Brief details: PhD in Engineering with 8 years experience in a specialized area (5 years in academia during PhD and 3 years in related industry). Currently employed in US on F1-OPT and filing for H1-B this April.
Have published 6 journal articles and 11 national & international conference presentations & proceedings
Invited to review journal articles and conference proceedings. have reviewed more than 10 articles.
Salary at par with the top 10% in the field. Can seek recommendations from research scientists in industry and academia and senior engineers in the industry that can vouch for my expertise in the area.

Srichi ji, send your resume to frontdesk at domain immigration.com. Let me take a look. Heather will give you an appointment to speak with me.

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My company has approved to process Green Card and would need your expertise if I qualify for EB1 or not. I have worked as a Service Delivery Manager in the same company In India for 7 months and I have been working as a Sr Manager here in US with the same company for more than an year now.

Please advise.

Thanks, Narayan

You need full one years experience as a Manager/Executive OUTSIDE the USA in o order to qualify for an EB-1C green card.

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