USCIS ELIS Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions e-filing using USCIS ELIS

Q1: What is USCIS ELIS?
A1: USCIS ELIS is a secure web-based system that allows immigration benefit seekers and their legal representatives to create an account and file benefit requests online.

Q2: Can parents and legal guardians create a USCIS ELIS account?
A2: Yes, the parent of a child younger than age 14 and legal guardians for incapacitated or severely disabled individuals can create a USCIS ELIS account and submit applications in the name of the child or incapacitated person. Parents and legal guardians must list themselves as the preparer of the application.

Q3: What happens if an ineligible person creates an online account and/or files an application in USCIS ELIS?
A3: USCIS will adjudicate all applications submitted in USCIS ELIS. If you are not eligible for the benefit requested, USCIS will deny your request and will not refund the fees.

Q4: How are applicants and cases identified in USCIS ELIS?
A4: USCIS ELIS creates a unique account identification number for all users after they file a benefit request in USCIS ELIS. USCIS ELIS then assigns a case number (e.g., Case ID 123-456-789) that replaces the receipt number.

Q5: I can’t fit my full name in my USCIS ELIS application. What should I do?
A5: If your name is longer than 40 characters, please include your full name in the “Additional Information” field on the bottom of most pages.

Q6: Are fee waivers available in USCIS ELIS?
A6: Fee waivers are not available in USCIS ELIS.

Q7: What Internet browsers can I use to file a benefit request in USCIS ELIS?
A7: The following Internet browsers are supported for USCIS ELIS use:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and higher; and
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 3 and higher.

USCIS plans to support additional browsers in future releases.