Pending Employment-Based I-485 Inventory

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I-485 Employment-Based Inventory Statistics (updated April 2017)  

Note: This version of the I-485 pending inventory includes the pending I-485s from the Service Centers only. This version does not include the pending I-485 inventory from the Field Offices.


April pending inventory numbers for EB2Idoesn't make any sense. Atleast, I can get onaboard with the increase in number in 2008 and 2009 (till april) because the filing dates in oct'16, nov'16, dec'16 for EB3I was Apr 22,2009. But how do you explain, the drop on numbers in 2009 (after Apr) and 2010 compared to Jan Inventory, when those dates were not current for Eb2I in recent past.


I do not know. I have not been keeping track.

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