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  • Submited Date: 3 Feb 2014 - 03:31
    The Atlanta NPC Team will implement the following plan to induct applications filed into Audit Review and tag cases for possible Supervised Recruitment. This version of the plan has identified 8 criterions that specify types of cases that... Read More
  • Submited Date: 29 Jan 2014 - 12:03
    The 2012 Annual Report presents information on the Prevailing Wage Determination Process, Permanent Labor Certification, and Temporary Nonimmigrant Labor Certification for FY 2012. The report also contains State Employment-Based Labor Certification... Read More
  • Submited Date: 9 Dec 2013 - 13:13
    This Labor Certification Registry allows the public to search, analyze, and retrieve labor certification decisions with unprecedented ease, clarity, and timeliness. This new web-based tool is a core component of the iCERT Visa Portal System... Read More
  • Submited Date: 14 Nov 2013 - 23:45
     Below are Fact Sheets for 4th Quarter of FY 2013 (07/01/2013-09/30/2013)PERMPrevailing Wage DeterminationH-1B LCA  H-2A  H-2B 
  • Submited Date: 13 Nov 2013 - 02:33
    The NPWC uses the Prevailing Wage Determination Policy Guidance in issuing wage determinations for the Nonagricultural Immigration Programs. The Department updated the guidance in November 2009 following the publication of the H-2B regulation and... Read More


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