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USCIS Announces New Versions of Forms I-600 and I-600A Adoption News
Adoptions of Abandoned Children Halted by Ethiopian Court Adoption News
USCIS Unable to Approve I-800 or I-800A Petitions to Adopt Children from Cambodia Adoption News
Exception to the Two Year Custody and Two Year Residency Requirement for Abused Adopted Children Adoption News
DOS Releases 2011 Annual Adoption Report Adoption News
USCIS Update: Change of Filing Location for Forms I-800 and I-800A Adoption News
How to Schedule an Appointment for an Orphan Screening at the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince Adoption News
Inter-Country Adoption Adoption Page
United States and Russia Announce Bilateral Adoption Agreement Adoption News
CBP Releases Memo on the Implementation of DACA Adoption News
CIS Ombudsman Recommendation to USCIS on Special Immigrant Juvenile Adjudications: An Opportunity for Adoption of Best Practices Adoption News
State Department Issues a Notice Cautioning Against Adoptions from Kenya - September 30, 2009 Adoption News
Adoption Notice Re: Guatemala Adoption News
USCIS Releases Interim Policy Memorandum For Comment On Expiration Of Status For Orphan Adoption Cases Adoption News
USCIS Implements Help HAITI Act of 2010 Adoption News
Suspension of Adoptions Alert (Sierra Leone) September 17, 2009 Adoption News
Guestbook Entry for Manoj Rajgarhia, United States Adoption Guestbook Entry
Adoption Notice Re: Cambodia Ratifies New Adoption Law; Adoptions Pending Implementation Have Been Suspended Adoption News
DOS Special Advisor for Guatemala Adoptions Cases Adoption News
DOL Established Mailbox for Questions Regarding LCA Policies Adoption News
Adoption Alert (China) - September 29, 2009 Adoption News
USCIS Unable to Resume Processing Adoptions from Fiji Adoption News
Adoption for US Citizens, Immigrants and Nonimmigrants Adoption Blog
USCIS Announces It Cannot Resume Processing Adoptions From Vietnam Adoption News
The Department of State Releases Information Regarding Non-Hogar Inter-Country Adoption Cases from Guatemala (10-15-09) Adoption News