Frequently Asked Questions - RFE

Request For Evidence is a a request from a government agency to provide further information on an issue before the government. Typical RFE's from USCIS question submissions for a specific petition or form such as I-140 RFE, I-485 RFE, I-130 RFE, H-1B RFE.

Time Taken by USCIS to Respond to a RFE

If the petition was filed  under premium processing, the 15-day clock will restart when the response is received by USCIS.  If the petition was filed under regular processing, it generally takes two to six months for USCIS to respond.

RFE H-1 without a client letter
Transferring H-1B While an RFE is Pending
H-1B RFE For Specialty Occupation

Watch the Video on this FAQ: H-1B RFE for specialty occupation

Video Transcript

Please get yourself a lawyer. Don't do it yourself. These are relatively complicated issues. More...


Evidence or Documents Created After the Filing of a Petition
RFE and Audit
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