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Got good news to share!!

United States

Hi everyone,

I've got good news to share ,

I received 6mails from USCIS last night that my 1-485 & I-130 have been approved and my approval letter & welcome letter was mail yesterday

I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum; your kind words, encouragement & prayers has help make the waiting a success. I deeply appreciate your help, support & friendship.

I pray that everyone still waiting will get their name check clear soon


GC for Parents - AOS and CP - Information Source

United States

One can petition for parents only if the petitioner is US Citizen. GC holder or LPR cannot apply for parents.

Parents cases of USC are processed differently from the Spouse of USC though they come under the same category.

If parents are already in US, they can go thru the AOS process or CP.

If parents are outside of US, they can go thru the CP only.

For Whom Are You Petitioning?

For AOS or CP, I-130 is the common form.

Updated Timeline

United States

Please see signature for updated timeline. Really impressed with how quickly this case has been processed.

We got married in May and dont live together because of our work situation but I have the following documents so far :

NOTE : The joint financial stuff is only a month old since we just got married in May.

1. Joint savings account
2. Joint credit card
3. Added her name to my apartment lease

Our Biometrics FP appointment was this morning

United States

Arrive Early before the ASC office opens as there are many people that have same Appt. time , the line fills in fast.
Bring the following:
1)Your original ASC appt. notice
2) Photo ID (IF Photo ID passport has different last name than your ASC notice , bring Marriage license, If your ID and Appt. notice name are not same they will turn you away unless you have Marriage license)
3) Be sure your fingers/ hands are not dry or cracked, If you have dry hands put lotion on the nigt before so when you arrive they will take good prints

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Interview in Los Angeles

United States

Our interview was at the Federal Building in Los Angeles at 11am

I got a call from my attorney’s office at 8am saying he was taken ill to the hospital during the night and he can’t make it to the interview. The office said we can go by ourselves or they could postpone the interview.

After speaking with my wife we decided to go by ourselves. Part of me thought, “what a way to start the day” and another part of me was glad because I always thought taking an attorney might show that we had something to hide.

N-400 What documents for Interview

United States

Thanks for this great list! I had my interview yesterday and went prepared with everything. My citizenship was based on marriage and these are the documents that the officer looked at / took:
Passport, ID and Green card, obviously
Selective Service registration
Copies of last three years tax returns AND transcripts from IRS (though one or the other would have been fine)
Three months of bank statements
Three months of mortgage statements

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Interview Experience at Newark(NJ) Office

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I am always reading comments from other membres on this forum, but today I would like to take opportunity to share my wife's interview experince for citizenship.
Below is her N-400 timeline

10/12/05: RD
10/12/05: PD
11/25/05: FP Appointment
02/13/06: Interview notice
04/25/06: Interview Appointment
04/25/06: US citizen since 5:45

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Interview experience at Newark(NJ)

United States

Got naturalised today at Newark, NJ as well.
My interview was scheduled at 1:00 and I got there at 12:50 pm.
I was called in at 1:30 pm and the interview lasted 7 minutes. The interviewer was very courteous. He verified that the information in the form was correct. Asked me to sign the name change form (since I had request a name change). Asked the 6 history/civics questions, all of which I answered correctly and handed me the approval notice and told me to show up at 3:00 pm for the Oath.
I was not asked for any documentation whatsoever.

Citizenship and Naturalization: