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J1 Waiver Approval

United States

First of all my thanks to everyone who posted their comments and precious suggestions to help ppl makin their ways easier in immigration process. Below is my complete timeline of applying and getting J1 waiver.

Nov. 8, 2006 - Forms and affidavits got notarised to be sent to CGI Houston
Nov. 9, 2006 - Sent to CGI Houston for attestation
Nov. 10, 2006 - CGI Houston Recieves Documents and passport
Dec. 5, 2006 - Attested Documents return back to me (to be sent to authorities in India)

Nonimmigrant Visas: 

CP Interview Experience

United States


I finally received my Green Card yesterday. My wife got hers 2 weeks ago. Here are the filing dates.

I-140 (EB1) filed in July 2006 (Approved in 2 weeks)
I-485 sent to NVC in September 2007
Interview notification from Chennai US Consulate on January 17, 2007
Interview at Chennai on February 12, 2007
Received the passports on February 20, 2007
Validation stamp in the passport on February 28, 2007
Welcome Letter (wife) on March 6, 2007
Green Card (wife) received on March 7, 2007

Green Card: 

Succesful CP (Mumbai) and POE (Newark)

United States

Hello All,
Heres my experience on the CP

Flew to India on June 12th (Interview Date June 26th) Since you have to submit documents to VFS 7 working days prior to Interview.

Flew Virgin Atlantic ti Mumbai and went straight to VFS from the Airport. They are open from 8.00am - 12.00 and 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Documents Submited to VFS
- Copy of the first, second, last page of the current passport, copy of all us visa's in the current passport.
There is no need for old passports and copies of all pages.

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Successful FTJ at Chennai 2007

United States

My wife got FTJ IV visa stamped in her passport in Chennai. EB3 - PD 4/30/2001.

Below is the process, in her words, she went thru:


Called two days ahead for a 10.00 AM appointment with "Lister METROPOLIS Laboratory Research Center Pvt. Ltd" and a 4.00 PM appointment with "Dr. Mathai Thomas".
Flew in from Hyderabad to Chennai, had in-flight breakfast, took a taxi from airport to the Lab, 30 min ride.

Interview in Milwaukee Approved

United States

Hey people, finally got approved after the priority date got current. had my interview in milwaukee, yesterday 5/17. i noticed while i waited for him to finish something else that the approved stamp was already placed on the file in front of the desk. i verified to see if it was the same A number as mine and it was. so after a minute he simply took my signature and fingerprint on an unfilled form which i hope he filled out later while he was still on the phone. he then proceeded to tell me that all was well and i could go.

Green Card: 

I Am Done!!!

United States

I got sworn in today in Atlanta. I am going to try and give you a low down on the process and I'll post my timeline at the end.
I got in at 9:45 am ( that was my appointment time), but they don't hold it down real fast.
I dropped off my appoinmment letter and finally got called in at 11.20am.
The interview process is rather simple: he asked me questions on the form ( have u ever been a member of a communist party etc).
Here's the good news, if he/she asks you to start sgning stuff, you are on your way, don't trip yourself now.

Citizenship and Naturalization: 

Updated Timeline

United States

Please see signature for updated timeline. Really impressed with how quickly this case has been processed.

We got married in May and dont live together because of our work situation but I have the following documents so far :

NOTE : The joint financial stuff is only a month old since we just got married in May.

1. Joint savings account
2. Joint credit card
3. Added her name to my apartment lease

Got good news to share!!

United States

Hi everyone,

I've got good news to share ,

I received 6mails from USCIS last night that my 1-485 & I-130 have been approved and my approval letter & welcome letter was mail yesterday

I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum; your kind words, encouragement & prayers has help make the waiting a success. I deeply appreciate your help, support & friendship.

I pray that everyone still waiting will get their name check clear soon