Pending N400 for over one year or more

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United States

Out of nowhere, I received a notice for Interview (30 days) out.
Appeared for an (N400) interview at the local USCIS FO. Went thru the security and check-in process (interview notice = GC) and was told to wait for my name to be called in. After waiting for 10 mins I was the 1st person they called. However, this was to let me know that my interview is rescheduled since my file has not made it to the FO. 

I asked her what could be the reason and same lame response i.e. we don't know might be some issues with transition etc. I told her that my case is already out of normal processing time and how long will it take to get rescheduled. Again no Solid answer and that I will receive a letter in the mail. I'm not even sure if the online status reverts back to the previous update? 

At the end, she basically made a copy of my N400 notice and kept the original. Super frustrating and totally unprofessional. Why can't you give me an advance notice that my interview has been canceled? Instead of telling me the day of my interview after check-in. Could it be that my Background is not clear? IDK. But this whole experience is driving me closer to filling a WOM. 

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