Our Interim EAD experience

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United States

I filed the application form for EAD with the help of our lawyer in the Atlanta office on January 8, 2004. Two months later we got the Notice of Action from Missouri office with two dates - Received Date: January 8, 2004 and Notice Date: March 8, 2004, which was a little bit confusing.

We decided to go to get the interim EAD on the 91st day after the received date. We met our lawyer at 8 am at Atlanta district office. We told the receptionist that we came to get the interim EAD. We submitted the new I-765 form as well as the Notice of Action for I-765 and I-485 forms with the stamps from Biometrics where my fingerprints and pictures were taken 3 weeks ago.

Afterwards, we had to wait in the waiting room with all the other people filing applications or getting replacement cards. We didn’t need a ticket or letter of appointment.

We spent three hours there since they didn’t process single applicants – there had to be a group of at least a few applicants. They also needed a certain amount of time to check the provided information in their computer system.

Finally, after a group of about 7 people gathered, we were called to another room and told to provide our passports when asked for. After my name was called I got my fingerprint and picture taken and got the Notices of Action back. The interim EAD card was ready in about five minutes. We were informed that the cards are valid for 8 months. Also anyone with an interim EAD card who doesn’t have a SSN yet was advised to wait at least 2 weeks to get it, since the two computers systems are not compatible.

All the staff members were very nice and helpful.

Waiting time: 3 hours

Processing time: 10 minutes

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