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I will be short and point out my experence
in Jan. 2015 i requested citizenship throught granparents for my daughter .
I started the process sending 600 american dollars with all the documents required i was running out of time because my daughter would have turned 18 on the the4.9.2015 before doing this i had to pick wich office i had to go to, making some reserach on this forum Irvinghton NJ wass the best for quickness.
i had pointed out that my daughter would have turned 18 on the above date and we had approx six months of time ( i was already an us citizen by birth from my dad that was in the army) wel, they where so fax i couldn't believe that they asked me by email in a month time where i wanted the interview .
we left from italy on the 10 of july and had our interview on the 15 july in Irvinghton.
Now comes the best part when they called us for the interview we stepped in the oath room nobody was there 
after a couple of minutes a lady came in and asked my daughter to sign her certificate did the oath nobody was there expect the federal employee and bam my daughter became an american citizen .
i was so shocked i could't belive that so i asked the federal employee that i thought she would have been asked the famous question , he looked at me with a strange smile and told me we are still in time for that if you want 
i laughed back and said no thanks.

For more information please visit this link: https://forums.immigration.com/threads/n600k-story.337311/

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