Interim EAD at Omaha, NE

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United States

I reached the office at 7.30 am on 12/11 (91st day after RD on I-765 notice) and found that I was the only one out there. Since it was 8 deg in the morning, this didnt come as a surprise to me The office opened at 8 and I was given a token when I entered. I was called in about 20 minutes.
I took the following documents with me:

1. Copy of I-765 notice
2. Copy of I-485 notice
3. Filled out new I-765 form
4. Copy of existing EAD (front and back)

The lady pulled up my info on the computer and told me almost immediately that she was going to issue me an EAD for 90 days. She then went inside and came back 10 minutes later with sheet of paper. She made me check the details, sign and then took my fingerprint. She then called me inside and took my picture. I waited another 20 minutes and she called out my name and gave me the card valid for 90 days. It was very simple and painless.
While I was waiting at the window, I was able to see my details on the computer monitor and found that inspite of change of address form sent 75 days ago, and a phone conversation 3 weeks ago, my address hadn't been changed. I mentioned this to the lady and she took down my new address and said that she will send an email to VSC. I'm not very optimistic about this.

Other details:
I-765 RD: 09/11/2003
ND: 09/25/2003
AD: ????
iEAD issued: 12/11/2003 (91st day)

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