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F1 Student Visa Refusal

United States
I have applied for Student visa for Chicago IIT college as I had I20 for the same. DS160 Listed consulate as Mumbai but as dates were not available I have chosen the Delhi Consulate
I had an interview and I got rejection.

Below were the questions asked.
1) Why do u come here to Delhi for interview ? - A. I gave the reason that i couldn't get a date for Bombay in December ( My nearby embassy is Bombay )
2) Why Chicago IIT ? A. Gave explanation
Nonimmigrant Visas: 

US Citizen Filing for Mother's Green Card through Consular Processing - Venezuela 2015

United States

I am posting on this thread, because it seems to be more active than the thread I originally posted on, and this is a more specific thread to my case (thank you OP). Here is my entire timeline:

Naturalization Interview Experience

United States

02/06/14: N-400 couriered to Phoenix, AZ - Santa Ana CA DO
02/07/14: Delivered
02/07/14: Priority Date
02/12/14: Check Cashed
02/14/14: Received NOA letter
02/21/14: Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
02/24/14: Received FP Notice - 03/04/14
02/25/14: FP done - walk-in Santa Ana CA
03/03/14: Online Status Changed to "In Line"
07/18/14: Received Interview Letter
08/20/14: Interview

Citizenship and Naturalization: 

Feb N- 400 submission

United States

DO: Houston
2.26.14 : N400 Couriered to Lewisville, TX
2.27.14 : Package Delivered
2.28.14 : USCIS Priority Date
3.05.14 : Check cashed
3.05.14 : N400 accepted - Email Notification
3.06.14 : NOA received
3.07.14 : Online Status FP appointment notice mailed
3.13.14 : Received FP Notice - 03/25/14
3.14.14 : FP done - walk in
3.19.14 : Status changed to In Line for interview scheduling
7.11.14 : Status changed to Scheduled for Interview
7.21.14: Received Interview Letter
8.19.14: Interview
8.19.14: Oath Letter

Citizenship and Naturalization: 

Waiting for Asylum Decision

United States

 I have received my approval!! I can't explain the joy I am going through right now. I want to thank everyone in this forum. It has been the best experience for me. I learned a lot and gain a lot. I want to thank everyone but most specially the following person, thankful! Assylum, asylum seeker, and everyone else. I learned a lot from your posts. And I want to deep down my heart wish everyone all the best and keep the faith.