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General L Visa and Related Issues
Updated: 2 hours 16 min ago

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Jun 30th 2016
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L1-B blanket petition filing

Jun 19th 2016
How long does it take to file L1-B petition (considering all required papers are available)
What background verification is initiated by attorney (handlin the case) during this process.

Working on independent contracts with L1 visa

Jun 4th 2016
Hello everyone.. I have a confusion regarding L1 visa.

Can a person (owner) on L1 visa of company X work as independent contractor to company Y and receive the payment checks on the company name of X.

If this possible what will be tax considerations..

I-140 approved on L1

Apr 4th 2016
Does anyone help in knowing what options do I have once I-140 is approved while I am on L1-B (3 of 5 years as of today) and my GC still will take a long time being in queue?


L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.

Mar 24th 2016

I am Indian born Canadian citizen currently working in USA on L1B since March-2015. My L1A was rejected and then L1B was approved. I was permanent employee in Canada from July 2013 and then in USA from March 2015. My wife is on L2 -EAD and is working as an permanent employee.

My Employer is filing my PERM soon in few weeks/months, its in process.
I am not sure what will happen to my status after I reach max period for L1B as 5 years.
What option will I have to continue my stay in USA?...

L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.

Filing L1A Petition while Immigration Petition is pending.

Mar 21st 2016
Hello All,

I wanted to ask how advisable it is to file L1A Blanket Petition (Intra Company Transfer), if your Immigration Petition is pending, I dont know if the Petition will be approved, and considering I am out of United States.
Looking forward for your Reviews.

L2 waiting for EAD 6 months only

Mar 19th 2016

I'm under a L2 visa. I had a EAD but for only 6 months.
- (Q1) Do you know what could be the reason of a 6 month EAD (instead of 12/24 months)?
Now, I'm re-applying for a EAD (in progress) but I would like to know:
- (Q2) What are the chances that I get another 6 months EAD?
- (Q3) Is it ok to work from home with contract work online (I think under 1099) while waiting for the EAD? If yes, what are the requirements / conditions?
- (Q4) If I have an offer, is there any...

L2 waiting for EAD 6 months only