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General L Visa and Related Issues
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L1 to B1 change of status, when B1 is valid

Jan 29th 2016
Hi, I am on L1B visa, and I have also a valid B1 visa.
1) If I resign, will my status be switched automatically from L1 to B1, or do I have to fill form I-539 for status change?
2) My wife doesn't have a valid B1. Does her and mine COS procedure differ?


L1B Renewal Process

Jan 19th 2016
My L1B (Blanket) got expired on sept 2015 . I am asked to stay outside US for 1 year to apply for fresh application and come back to US.

I moved to home country and supporting US business from here since then.

1. I am right now on US payroll. Does it matter if i am on US or home country payroll during this 1 year period. Will I have any issues during the process if I am on US payroll.
2. My current GC priority date is Aug 2011 with i140 approved. Will I get a new Priority...

L1B Renewal Process

Reuse I797 for L1?

Jan 10th 2016
I was in L1B visa from jun 2009 to april 2012. My L1B extension got denied. The I797 form says, petition valid indefinitely. Now after 3 years, shall i apply L1A using the same I797. Now I m with same employer since then

L1 visa stamping without degree certificates

Dec 22nd 2015

My company is going to sponsor L1A or L1B visa for me.

I am in India and my company in the US is sponsoring L1 visa for me. Do my employer need to submit my personal documents to USCIS?

After the petition is approved, what documents do I need to take to the consulate office for visa stamping? Do I need copies or originals of my degree certificates? What if I don't have a degree? What if my degree is from an autonomous institute which is not UGC approved?

Need Assistance if L visa can be filed or not

Dec 18th 2015
Hello All,

Here is my story, please check and see if I can file L visa (or which visa to file) and what are my chances.

As a CEO of a partnership firm, I am running an IT company in Chandigarh, India for more than 3 years. I met with a US citizen on skype and he agreed to start a business in partnership with me in California, USA. Now, what we did is based on his attorney’s advice in California:

My client started a LLC in California in Mar 2015. Based on attorney's suggestions, we registered...

Need Assistance if L visa can be filed or not

What are the chances of my L1-A visa being approved

Dec 16th 2015
We run a family business in India and would like to start a branch in the US. I would like to apply for this L1-A visa so I could travel to the States and open the new office.

I don't really have a particular designation since My family owns the business. I guess I could be the C.E.O or in any senior position.

I started working for the company right after high school and so I don't have a college degree.

And I'm just 23 years old.

What are the chances of Visa approval considering my age...

What are the chances of my L1-A visa being approved

L1 employment termination while on AoS as a dependent?

Dec 9th 2015

I'm on L1B visa and my wife on L2 with EAD. Her employer sponsored the green card. She is the primary beneficiary of I-140 and I came as a dependent on I-485. My question is: assuming that we have already filed I-140 and I-485s and received the tracking number, can I leave my employer (I'm on L1) without affecting our adjustment of status process? What the employer can/should do when L1 employee leaves? I'm not going to accept new employments. Thanks in advance for your help.

L1 visa - part time in home country

Nov 17th 2015
I am looking to apply for an L1 visa. I currently work part time in the UK for an accounting firm and would looking to work part time in the US obviously for same accounting firm.
Is it possible to get an L1 if I am only part time in the Uk? I fulfill the rest of the L1 criteria.

Appreciate your input.

L1b visa stamped but travel delayed by a few months

Nov 9th 2015
I have got a L1b visa issued in Nov 2015 and valid till September 2018. My concern is that my travel plans have been delayed and it will take another 3 to 4 months before i travel. Can this be a cause of concern that I would not travel for 3 to 4 months or more after I got the visa stamped. Can this come up as a question I might have to answer, let's say at the port of entry.

Just to give some background, i had a prior B1/B2 visa on which i traveled to US and which was later revoked under...

L1b visa stamped but travel delayed by a few months

L1a or L1b is eligible to apply for GC ?

Oct 25th 2015
my company is going to offer me a job in US
Can you please advise which visa do i need to ask my company to give so that after some year i should be eligible to apply for GC ?

other than H1B what are the option ?