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General L Visa and Related Issues
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How i-797 has difference between L1-Individual/ L1-Blanket & H1 ?

Jun 14th 2017
In case of L1-Individual & H1, when an alien make a re-admission to the port, though the PED with the existing Visa is going to expire soon (or) had already expired the CBP officer check the new i-797 & give the i-94 dates may be upto the the new i-797 expiry date.

If the above case is true, how much its different for L-1 Blanket petition, When company has renewed petition then any alien from that company who tries to enter US & has the valid Visa with expired PED date or the dates are...

How i-797 has difference between L1-Individual/ L1-Blanket & H1 ?

Re-Entry if companies L1 blanket petition going to expire

Jun 6th 2017

Visa expiry : 13/Jan/2018
Blanket Expiry : 09/Jul/2017
I-94 Expiry : 29/Jul/2019
PED: 07/Jul/2017.

My company's blanket is expiring on 07/Jul/19 & it's renewed couple of days back, I have situation that I have to go abroad, now my company is asking me to apply a new Visa before I enter (return 04/Jul/17) otherwise i may get the i-94 until OLD PED expiry (07/Jul/19) ??
Will I get the I-94 till my Visa expiry ??

Appreciate your help.

Immigration to US on L1A

May 30th 2017
Hi, I'm currently working on L1A visa for a repute IT firm in US. I currently stay in OH.
I did bachelor in engineering, possess +18 yrs of IT exp# and came to US in Apr 2016. I stay with my spouse who possess Masters in Engineering and has 15+ years exp# in teaching university students. She has written couple of international papers. She has EAD however currently not working.

I asked my employer to see if they can help in GC, but didn't got a positive response. Seeking suggestions from you...

Immigration to US on L1A

Skin conditions are quite varied

May 13th 2017
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L1B Extension RFE

May 9th 2017
Hi Here is my case... I was on L1B and had VISA Expiration Date of 21Dec2012 and I have an i94 Stamped Date as 17Nov 2015. My employer had submittied L1B extension on 17Dec2012 (ie 3 days before my VISA Expiry Date). Currently i got an RFE on my Extension. RFE response is due on 9th April 2013

1>Due to fact that my Extension can get rejected post RFE , Can i stop my VISA extension Procedure now?
2>After i stop my VISA Extension Procedure ,can i continue to stay here on my I94...

L1B Extension RFE