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EAD - Changing E2 Visa to L2

Mar 20th 2014

I am currently working in the USA on an E2 Visa and my wife has the E2 spouse visa. She has an EAD and is also working.

My employer now needs to change my Visa from E2 to L1. So my wife will also need to change her dependent Visa to L2. After changing to this new Visa, what will happen with my wife's existing EAD? Will it remain valid until she gets a new EAD for which she will apply immediately after obtaining the L2? As this will take 3-4 months, she can't afford to be without valid EAD to keep her job.


Unpaid leave on L1 visa for 6 weeks within US

Mar 9th 2014
I am currently on L1A visa working in the United States.
I am planning to take an unpaid leave for 4-6 weeks and then continue with my work for some personal reasons. Not medical reasons and I am not going out of the country.
My company is ok with me to take the leave as they have no objections.

1. How long can I go on an unpaid leave in the US on an L1 visa?
2. Is 6 weeks too much?
3. Is it better to go for 4 weeks only unpaid?
4. Is it not legal to stay in the US unpaid for a month?

Please do let me know as soon as possible, as I may have to take decisions based on the same.
(Main reason - I need to take a break due to stress at work)

I have L1 visa. Needs to update petition

Feb 5th 2014

I have L1 Visa valid till AUG 2016 but my petition end date is FEB 2015.

So in this case if i want to apply for extension then generally how much time it takes for petition approval?

Also my company is offering me to get my H1B done but i am not willing to do it because i applied for my spouse L2 EAD. If i apply for H1B and if it gets approved then my spouse will not able to work here.

So could you please suggest me
1] Should apply for L1 extension or H1B visa?
2] Which would be beneficial for both of us?
3] How much time it takes for L1 petition extension as i have L1 visa?


Can I as Belgian Expat in US start an LLC?

Feb 4th 2014
We are here in the US on an L visa and I as a trailing spouse have an L2 visa.
I am currently on a leaf of absence with my Belgian employer. We are both looking for a way to start working remote again here from the US. However, it seems really hard for my employer to get everything arranged from Belgium.
What they proposed earlier was that I would work via an American temporary agency and that they would invoice my Belgian employer. However, all the temporary agencies I started were not really interested in this setup.
Another route we are looking at is that I create my own company here in the US (LLC?) and that I will invoice my Belgian employer directly.
However, I really do not know where to start with this.
- Can I as an expat start a company (the only thing I need to do within this company is make invoices)
- If I can start a company, what type of company would this be? (LLC?)
- what would be the minimum cost be to start such a company?

I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction with this.

Thank you very much.

Looking to get transfered to US affiliate on L1-B visa

Jan 21st 2014
Ok so I work for Allstate in Canada Selling insurance and I also worked 7 years for the same car company and did almost everything there is on the sales side of things in Car sales. The Allstate office I am looking at in Florida says they are willing to petition for me. The office is a new type of insurance office which is actually located in a car dealership so my knowledge of the inner workings of the car dealership and car sales process are the reason they want me. Is this likely to work for an L1-B visa? my experience could not line up with this position any better.

L1-B with current company, but wanting to switch companies...HELP!

Jan 20th 2014
I'm wondering how I can transfer to a new company and what Visa requirements are needed?

My story: I'm Canadian and working in the US on a L1-B Visa for Company A. I have a great opportunity to work for a UK-based company (although in the US still) and need to know what requirements are needed for my Visa situation.

I assume I cannot remain on the L1-B as it's sponsored by Company A. Would I simply need to re-apply for a new Visa (H1-B, perhaps?) through the new company? Or is there a way to do a simple switchover from Company A to Company B? Is the H1-B my only option?


L1 Visa- Indian Firm Partnership while USA firm 100% owned

Jan 12th 2014
Hello Greetings,
I was reading various Case studies on your website and hence decided to get ahead with your company. The reason for my message is to brief you about my case scenario and get some advice from members

My Dad is in India who is manages and also is a business partner in 3 Partnership firms. The biggest firm has sales of $5million. He owns 25% of share. Other partners have 30%, 20%,20% and 5% share. The Indian Company is into Marketing, Distribution, Wholesale of consumer goods.

He is planning to setup a business in USA. The intend is to setup a business in USA with immigration intends. The business in USA will be different from Indian Business. Two options under consideration are: Recycling or Restaurant (Investment $45-75k).

1> The business in USA- He wants to have 100% Ownership if possible. Is this a red flag? or is it possible? One other reason for this is to make tax , profit sharing, and business management easy by having 100% ownership. The Indian company is OK/agreed with this.

2> Worst case he can have Indian partnership firm have a stake in USA firm but later buy the stocks down the line. Is it possible

3> My dad is active in business. He is age 71. Is that a red flag. He has 30+ yrs of business experience.

4> L-1A or L1-B- Which visa does he qualify for? Whats the difference?


L1A - Visa Application Eligibility

Jan 11th 2014

Having gone through the L1A (for Managers) requirements I understand the following along with my role mapping:

1. Individual to lead a function - I head the commercial finance for US (third level reporting into the CFO) with 12 member team of chartered accountants and MBAs
2. Future role in US - decentralization of the present function to US and still lead the team in offshore and hire and expand the team through local recruitment in US
3. Continue to set directions for the function and align to organizational objectives
4. Education background - Full time MBA Finance & Strategy
5. Working for the same company for the past 8 years
6. The company is a $8Bn Indian IT
7. Skills required for the future role in US:
a. Negotiation skills with Customer for commercial and contract closures
b. Leadership skills to manage decentralization and build team and manage overseas cultural differences
c. Technical skills to manage the tool used for pricing the services and review the work of the team members
8. I already have a business visa (multiple entries) and I keep travelling for customer contracts very often since I lead this geo
9. I also have business visas for Netherlands, Singapore & UK - Travels to these geos are limited though.

Basis the above details is their a thorough eleigibility of L1A. While I understand that LVisas in general is getting rejected from India,however, would first want to get a comfort on whether at all the profile is eligible for L1A.

Request your opinion. Happy to answer any queries.


L1B max out

Jan 10th 2014
I got L1B stamped in March 2010, and got it extended again in March 2013. Now my PED is Feb 2015. however When i went for stamping, the extended visa i got is til lNovember 2016.

My i94 shows date as Feb 2015 which matches my PED.

The max out time for L1-B is 5 years (correct me if wrong), so can i still apply for extension of Petition after Feb 2015.

What are my options if I want to continue after Feb 2015.

Thanks for your response

L1 related questions for Australians wanting to move to the US.

Jan 5th 2014
Hey everyone, my partner and I very much want to make the move to the USA. My wife and I are Australian citizens, and she is about to begin the process of completing her accreditation to work in the US (she's a speech therapist and works in hospitals here in Australia), but before she does we want to make sure we would both be able to get a VISA for us both to work there.

What are the requirements for an L1 VISA? Would a place like a hospital have the ability to sponsor her for a L1 VISA? I would need to be able to move over and work in the USA too (under I guess an L2 VISA?).

Thanks a lot, we really need to find out if this is possible before we spend the resources to get her US accreditation.