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General L Visa and Related Issues
Updated: 7 hours 39 min ago

I-140 approved on L1

Apr 4th 2016
Does anyone help in knowing what options do I have once I-140 is approved while I am on L1-B (3 of 5 years as of today) and my GC still will take a long time being in queue?


L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.

Mar 24th 2016

I am Indian born Canadian citizen currently working in USA on L1B since March-2015. My L1A was rejected and then L1B was approved. I was permanent employee in Canada from July 2013 and then in USA from March 2015. My wife is on L2 -EAD and is working as an permanent employee.

My Employer is filing my PERM soon in few weeks/months, its in process.
I am not sure what will happen to my status after I reach max period for L1B as 5 years.
What option will I have to continue my stay in USA?...

L1B maxout period option when GC applied in parallel.

Filing L1A Petition while Immigration Petition is pending.

Mar 21st 2016
Hello All,

I wanted to ask how advisable it is to file L1A Blanket Petition (Intra Company Transfer), if your Immigration Petition is pending, I dont know if the Petition will be approved, and considering I am out of United States.
Looking forward for your Reviews.

L2 waiting for EAD 6 months only

Mar 19th 2016

I'm under a L2 visa. I had a EAD but for only 6 months.
- (Q1) Do you know what could be the reason of a 6 month EAD (instead of 12/24 months)?
Now, I'm re-applying for a EAD (in progress) but I would like to know:
- (Q2) What are the chances that I get another 6 months EAD?
- (Q3) Is it ok to work from home with contract work online (I think under 1099) while waiting for the EAD? If yes, what are the requirements / conditions?
- (Q4) If I have an offer, is there any...

L2 waiting for EAD 6 months only

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Feb 22nd 2016
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Feb 20th 2016
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Feb 15th 2016
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