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General L Visa and Related Issues
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L1 visa - part time in home country

Nov 17th 2015
I am looking to apply for an L1 visa. I currently work part time in the UK for an accounting firm and would looking to work part time in the US obviously for same accounting firm.
Is it possible to get an L1 if I am only part time in the Uk? I fulfill the rest of the L1 criteria.

Appreciate your input.

L1b visa stamped but travel delayed by a few months

Nov 9th 2015
I have got a L1b visa issued in Nov 2015 and valid till September 2018. My concern is that my travel plans have been delayed and it will take another 3 to 4 months before i travel. Can this be a cause of concern that I would not travel for 3 to 4 months or more after I got the visa stamped. Can this come up as a question I might have to answer, let's say at the port of entry.

Just to give some background, i had a prior B1/B2 visa on which i traveled to US and which was later revoked under...

L1b visa stamped but travel delayed by a few months

L1a or L1b is eligible to apply for GC ?

Oct 25th 2015
my company is going to offer me a job in US
Can you please advise which visa do i need to ask my company to give so that after some year i should be eligible to apply for GC ?

other than H1B what are the option ?


Sep 23rd 2015
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H4 to L1A Approval

Sep 7th 2015

I have few questions related to my L1A approval. My situation is as below:

I am in USA on H4 visa right now. My petition for L1A (Individual) got approved without change of status. I have few questions related to that.

1) Is it possible to work on L1A without leaving USA? Is Change of Status possible?

2) If not possible and if I need to go to India for visa stamping, is there any timeline I have to attend the visa interview without affecting my petition?

3) If I go for visa interview,...

H4 to L1A Approval


Sep 4th 2015
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Aug 19th 2015
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Request for L1 with company repurchased before one year work

Aug 15th 2015
Hi everyone

I have a question for the L1 Visa, firstly I'd like to explain the context...

I've got an offer to work for a company in Europe for one year before to be transferred to a subsidiary in California, but the thing is, the company has been repurchased by another company, and the fusion will be done next year.

My question is: knowing that I have to work 1 year for a company to be eligible to L1 Visa, I'm wondering if I should wait 1 year from the date of fusion ? Because the company...

Request for L1 with company repurchased before one year work

L1B to H1B (cap exempt) COS

Aug 13th 2015
Hello Experts,

I am currently on L1B visa and the visa extension is in process. My visa expired in June 2015 and I94 expired in Early August 2015.

I have a cap-exempt h1b from my current employer which was used from 2009 to 2010. Another employer wants to hire me by transferring my H1B.

If the H1B transfer is approved, will I have to stop working for the current employer immediately? will I have some time before i swtich from L1B employer to the new H1B employer? I dont want to let my...

L1B to H1B (cap exempt) COS