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J1 visa eligibility after completing J1 Waiver and National Interest Waiver

Jul 9th 2018

I am a physician from India currently working on H1B visa. I completed residency training from 2008-2011 on J1 visa and completed 3 years J1 waiver in a medically underserved area. I have an approved I-140 petition under National Interest Waiver (EB-2 NIW) program with a priority date in June 2012. My NIW was approved on basis of 5 years of work as a physician in MUA/HPSA area.

I am planning to pursue further training (Fellowship) and will need visa sponsorship for the same. Most...

J1 visa eligibility after completing J1 Waiver and National Interest Waiver

Fulbright and J1 waiver, Mission Impossible?

Jun 26th 2018
I have heard a lot about how the Fulbright scholars should just forget a waiver unless the funds they received are below a certain limit.
Are there any Fulbright scholars out there that managed to get waivers? If, you are one, or you know of a case of a Fulbright scholar that managed to achieve "the impossible", could you please share this information?

thank you

Greta B.

J1 waiver approval and cancellation

Jun 21st 2018
Hi all,

I am a physician and was approved J1 waiver by DoS but still pending at USCIS. I was supposed to start my job from Aug 1st 2018 provided waiver was approved by USCIS and H1b approved as well. However, my employer called last week and cancelled my job with some reason. I still have pending waiver at USCIS.

My question is:

1. Can I change my status to J2 even though my waiver is approved? If yes, then Will I be allowed to apply for waiver again for next year? Or I can apply for...

J1 waiver approval and cancellation

Successful J1 waiver (NOS, Philippines)

May 16th 2018
Since very few experiences from Philippine nationals are posted here, I decided to post mine.

All cases are unique so this might not apply to you.

The No Objection Statement (NOS) for Philippine nationals is issued by the Commission for Filipinos Overseas (CFO). All NOS supporting documents issued in the US for submission to the CFO must be notarized and authenticated by the county, state and finally by a Philippine embassy or consulate in the US. Check the CFO and Philippine embassy...

Successful J1 waiver (NOS, Philippines)

J1 denial during renewal

May 12th 2018
Iam on J2 visa. Me and my husband recently visited India. Our visa get denied during interview. We were called for interview under 221g. We are reapplying. I want to ask this time we should reapply separately or together?
Will reapplying separately has some benefit in our case?

How O1 VISA holder can J1 VISA waiver

May 10th 2018
I came to USA last April with J1 VISA requiring 2 year residency.
And I moved to company with O1 VISA without J1 waiver ( I went back my country and got the stamp on this March.).
Since I will apply Green Card, I may need to do J1 waiver first.
In the form of J1 waiver, they ask me to put current Institute.
Since I move to company, current my working institute is different from the institute supporting J1 VISA/ DS2019.
Should I put the company ? or institute supporting J1 VISA? Which is...

How O1 VISA holder can J1 VISA waiver