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Pending H1b extension approval and visitor's visa for parents?

Feb 6th 2016
My H1B visa is from Aug 2004 to Aug 2006 and currently my company has applied for 1st extension.
I have my receipt date as of June 23, 2006. I have been told that processing
H1B extension is very slow. I am planning to call my parents on visitor's visa in Sep 2006 and they have a visa appointment date in end of August 2006.
One of the required documents is my status document. Right now I don't have my H1B extension approval
BUT only the receipt. Can I send that document with my original...

Pending H1b extension approval and visitor's visa for parents?


Feb 6th 2016
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Visa in a damaged passport

Feb 2nd 2016
Good morning,

I am an Israeli citizen with a US tourist visa that is valid until 2022. Recently however my passport was damaged, and the main laminated page with my photo, name, etc came out. I still have it in the passport, but it is completely detached. I am in the process of obtaining a new passport. However, since my US visa is in the old passport, I am curious to know if I will need to obtain a new visa in the new passport or if it will be enough for me to bring along both passports when...

Visa in a damaged passport

Advise needed on entering US with B2 visa

Jan 31st 2016
Hi everyone,

I have a mix problem here and if I'm writing in wrong place, please forgive me. Here is what I'm wondering about. I got my green card visa and am planning to go in March with my sister who has recently got a B2 visa. What forms do we need to fill in on the plane? How should we complete the custom declaration form, jointly ( only one custom declaration for two of us) or separately (one for each)? And if we are to complete this form jointly, will it affect her adversely?

Entering USA on B2 visa multiple times

Jan 23rd 2016
Hi everybody,

I'm sure this question has been answered before so please excuse my inability to not find the answer so here goes:

My question is will I be allowed to stay to visit a friend for 6 months this year under these circumstances?

29JUL14 - 14SEP14 (47 DAYS) ESTA
05NOV14 - 24JAN15 (80 DAYS) ESTA
07JUL15 - 16NOV15 (132 DAYS) B2 VISA
01MAR16 - 30AUG16 (183 DAYS) B2 VISA

thank you for reading and taking the time to help.



Jan 22nd 2016
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Overstayed.. Help needed!!

Jan 21st 2016
Hi guys,

got B1 visa. overstayed for 2 days on previous trip ( beacuse of business relations). need to go to the US again soon.

please share opinions ..

Is form I-134 mandatory for visitor visa

Jan 20th 2016
Hi ,

I am planning to visit my cousin in USA on my own expenses and do not want any financial support from him.
Do I still need I-134 as a supporting document while applying for visa.

Please advise.

Thank you

Which B1 reason would be better

Jan 14th 2016
A small business is about to invite a scientist - engineer- collaborator- business partner for a short visit under 10 days. Both sides have publications that demonstrate their science.
Yet, the scientist has had previously denied a visa, many years ago, so it is essential to apply with strongest justification. Which type of reason for this application would be better: "Research" (with no pay from US side) or "consultation with business partners"?
Are there any other suggestions you could offer...

Which B1 reason would be better

Different DOB on Passport and VISA

Jan 14th 2016
my mother's B2 expired in 2014 along with her passport.
She had hand written passport which had the USA visa stamp on it. This old passport stated complete date of birth. 01/08/yyyy

The new passport she made is machine readable, and because she only had yyyy on her NADRA id they put 01/01/YYYY which is different than what she had on her old passport.

The US consulate in Karachi stamp the new VISA recently on her passport which is using 01/08/YYYY DOB which she wrote on DS-160.

Now when she...

Different DOB on Passport and VISA

Who should sponsor my in-laws stay in USA?

Jan 11th 2016

My wife is applying for her parents’ visitor visa. She is currently on OPT after finished her studies. She is joining the US Army and will be getting the citizenship after completing the training in 5 months. She is currently not working and not earning. Will it be fine if she shows as the sponsor for her parents? We have joint bank account and have enough money to cover for their expenses during the stay. Or should I (as husband) should show as sponsor because I am working and making...

Who should sponsor my in-laws stay in USA?

Biometrics Update For Existing US Visa

Jan 9th 2016

My father-in-law has an existing valid US visa (B1) which was issued in Mumbai, India in 2010.
He plans to visit us again this summer. Someone in India mentioned that he needs to get the Biometrics information updated (fingerprints / digital photo etc) on his existing visa prior to US travel.

I have not heard of this before and I believe this is not true.

Can anyone provide some feedback on this?


Visitor visa rejection for my in-laws?

Jan 7th 2016
I am here in the US on EAD (Employment based) and my wife came to US on F1 (student) visa and is now on OPT. I have 2 year old daughter. My Wife has signed a contract with US Army and is joining the training from April 2016. She will be US citizen after her training in August. We really need my in-laws to come here to take care of my daughter and I cannot wait until my wife becomes US citizen.

My in-laws visitor visa was rejected 2 times. First it was rejected when my wife had graduation...

Visitor visa rejection for my in-laws?

E2 visa

Jan 5th 2016
I am a Canadian citizen.
We have a IT consulting company in Canada for the last 5 years, both me & my wife work on IT consulting contracts awarded to the company.We want to start a US company, so that we can work in consulting contracts in USA.

I want to apply for E2 visa , so that me & my wife can work on consulting contracts in USA.
Since E2 visa is awarded when money invested is at risk, how do we show investment at risk in a consulting business.


Jan 5th 2016
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Jan 5th 2016
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Jan 1st 2016
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Dec 28th 2015
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Dec 28th 2015
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Dec 26th 2015
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