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Updated: 6 days 20 hours ago

Eligibility for EB-2 category

Jul 18th 2018
I have 3 years Bachelors degree from India and more than 17 years of total software development experience. Do I qualify for EB-2 category?
My company says that since I have 3 years of Bachelor and not the 4 years Bachelor degree, therefore, I do not qualify for EB-2 category.
My understanding was, in order to qualify for EB-2 category one needs to have a bachelor with more than 5 years of software development experience. Is that correct?
Could you please throw some light on this?

E2 essential employee resignation how many days for leaving to the country?

Jun 17th 2018
Hi everybody I'm a e2 essential employee Friday 15 June I delivered my resignation to my employee with 2 weeks notice , my company confirmed the 16 June the don't need me for the future weeks .
A log can stay in the country ?! I find 10 days or 60 but I'm no sure in both case!
Please anybody can help me ?

Thanks in advance