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DV 2015 Winners Meet Here

Nov 21st 2014
Hello everyone,

I created this forum in order for us to share any information about DV 2015 winners.
You guys can post any inquiry you have.

I hope we can work together until we get the Visa.

Cheers DV 2015 Winners Family !!!

Facebook page:

Dv 2014 Kenyan Selectees report here

Nov 21st 2014
I have created this new thread for the Eastern Africans to use as we pray and hope this new soft ware will work this time round. lets cross our fingures hoping the old forums can be recovered and some how link them to this thread.

June 2014 - Citizenship tracker

Nov 21st 2014
Just sent in my application (overnight) to Phoenix today. Is there anybody that has sent it recently?

US Citizenship vs Greencard

Nov 21st 2014
I am toggling whether or not I want to get my US Citizenship because except for cost, I do not see a benefit. I have a green card now.

- I don't vote
- I have no kids
- I don't want to serve on a jury (I travel a lot/work contract)
- I don't plan on doing any criminal acts which may deport me.

Is there a benefit to becoming a US Citizen that I am just not seeing? My interview is coming up and now I'm reconsidering my options.

Thread OPEN to post questions - Nov 21 Free Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

Nov 21st 2014
Rajiv will be holding a free community conference for issues related to Obama's action on legal immigration tomorrow, 21 November 2014 at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. There will not be much to add but will discuss any specific questions one have. All are welcome to join. Call or Skype 202-800-8394 at 11 AM EST, USA time.

See more at:...

Thread OPEN to post questions - Nov 21 Free Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

DV 2015 winners from Europe

Nov 21st 2014
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread (copying the one of OC) for fellow DV 2015 winners from Europe to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I would like us to keep track with a list of all members and their status.

DV 2015 AOS Only

Nov 21st 2014
New thread for DV 2015 selectees interested in processing AOS to post their questions. Below is a google spreasheet for DV AOS related issues:

Let's try and keep all DV 2015 related questions on one thread please, so that everyone can benefit from each other. Good luck to you all

DV 2015 Oceania winners

Nov 21st 2014
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread for fellow DV 2015 Oceania winners to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I am a little nervous as my case number is high (17XX) but have my fingers crossed.

Now it's just a waiting game!

All Ethiopian 2015 DV Winners Meet Here!

Nov 21st 2014
Hi my people!

It's been almost two months since the winners are announced for DV 2015 but i don't see winners from my country. Please let's use this thread for 2015 Ethiopian DV winners. Ask, answer and participate. All will be benefiting and helping each other. We, the 2014 DV winners, will be by your side to help any time.

Come, participate. Information is power, i learned it from this forum! CHEERS!

DV 2015 Winners from Cameroon

Nov 21st 2014
am a dv 2015 winner from cameroon with case number 51xxx and i have not fill and submitted form i stil have a chance or am late in doing so.also i will like to know when my interview wil be schedule.thanks alots

6th year on H1B, switching jobs

Nov 21st 2014
Dear Rajiv Ji / Forum members,

I am in USA on deputation from a popular Indian company - and on my 6th year of H1B. I have been with this company for 15 years and still this company will not file for my Green Card, but wants to return back and continue working from India office.

I am looking for your opinion n assessing the risk in switching the job with with less than 11 months left on my H1B visa.

1. Assume everything goes as expected - no surprises, no unexpected RFEs - Is this balance...

6th year on H1B, switching jobs

Obama announcement

Nov 21st 2014
No immediate impact on the DV lottery.

Some quick notes here

For who was or still waiting for asylum decision more than 2 weeks

Nov 21st 2014
You know how hard is waiting for the decision , specially when your have family. my family suffering and depends on me to rescue them from COP and bring them her.

Let's share our experiences and encourage each other to be patient .

Please join us and tell us about your experience or the experience of your family, friend, cousin, elatives, or others.

Please mention
1- If you still in status or out of status .
2- The city or state of asylum interview
3- which month...

For who was or still waiting for asylum decision more than 2 weeks

Visa validity in case of change in name/surname in new passport

Nov 21st 2014

I have a valid B1 VISA with my old passport and this passport is expired.
I have new passport now, but there is a change in my surname and rest of the details are same in both old and new passports.
My old passport number also printed on new passport.

Name in old passport : VENKAT REDDY ELLENTHALA
Name in new pass port : VENKAT REDDY ENNU

By carrying my old passport with B1 visa and new passport, can I travel to US ? Please suggest.

I have...

Visa validity in case of change in name/surname in new passport

J1 waiver Fee not cashed yet , documents received on jan 8th

Nov 21st 2014
I sent my document along with the fee and documents for J1 waiver to St. Louis on Jan 3rd. It was received on jan 8th.

I don't see any information regarding my case. The main cause of my worry is that the fee is not cashed yet. I called my bank and asked about it. What should I do?

J-1 waiver application statement of reason (DS 3035)

Nov 21st 2014
I am applying for J-1 waiver based on exceptional Hardship to U.S. citizen. I have submitted my application (Form I-612) to USCIS and I am preparing to submit form DS 3035 to the State department. As part of the DS 3035, it is required write a statement of reason. So my question is:
Can I use the same hardship statement that I submitted with Form I-612? My hardship statement is long (more than 8 pages) in addition to appendixes