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OCI match up process

Oct 6th 2015
Hello, I had applied for an OCI for my daughter. I happened to check the status yesterday and it shows that the OCI is now received and that we need to send the US passport for the match up process.
I never received the OCI card email or any details on the match up process.
Should I just send her passport along with the application number?
If anyone has the email from CKGS about the match up process, can you please copy/paste the message here?


photo with photoshop

Oct 6th 2015
i edit my background photo with Photoshop
does this mean I'm disqualified

Oct 6th 2015
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N-400 Form. Part 7. Employment/Schools attended.

Oct 6th 2015
Hi Folks,

I have a question for filling Part 7. - Employment/Schools attended for the last 5 years. The question is about my son. He has been a full time student for the last 5 years and sometimes worked part-time a couple hours on some weekends. The questions are:
1. 4 years he spent in a high school (school ends in June) and then started college in September the same year and is in college for the last 2 years. So, how to fill that Summer time when schools were off (June to Sept. - about 3...

N-400 Form. Part 7. Employment/Schools attended.

Australians applying for J1 Trainee Visa

Oct 6th 2015
Hi everyone,

I am from Australia and currently going through the process of applying for jobs in the USA to then apply for a J1 trainee visa through CIEE/Student Placement Aus NZ.

I haven't been able to find any similar stories and was curious if anyone is going through or has been through the same process and how they found it?

I am really struggling with securing employment and not receiving many responses at all to my applications (which is close to 100 now). I think the fact i'm from...

Australians applying for J1 Trainee Visa

H1 extension and passport expiry - clashing dates

Oct 6th 2015
My visa is ending on Sept 2016 and so is my passport, I have stayed in the US on this visa for appx. 1.5 years so that leaves another 4.5 years (considering the 6 years limit, my visa was stamped 6 years back though) -

Q1 - Is the above understanding correct?

Q2 - Not sure when is the right time to get the visa and passport extended and how.

Q3 - Will changing jobs before September 2016 add to the complications?

Thanks for the advice!

Parents of USC - Cover letter

Oct 5th 2015

my wife is USC now and her parents live with us and overstayed visitor visas (over 10 years).
We are ready to fill for AOS.
Can someone with fresh pair of eyes check Cover letter for one of the parents. Maybe I'm missing something?
Thank you


P.O. Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

October 5, 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please find enclosed concurrent filing of forms: I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative), I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or...

Parents of USC - Cover letter

Religious Asylum from Iran

Oct 5th 2015
I am an applicant for religious asylum, from Iran. I have currently applied for asylum status through an attorney in Virginia. Through this thread, I would like to share my experience with others, may it be of any assistance.

I have been born in Iran, to a Muslim family. I arrived to United States, on August 2012, and officially and genuinely changed my religion from Islam to Baha'i faith in October 2012. I am legally present in the U.S under F2 visa status. According to Islamic law in Iran,...

Religious Asylum from Iran

Help please, come and read my thread

Oct 5th 2015
hi guys how are you?

I hope everyone A blessing day with full of happiness

My story :

I was detained on September 2009 by ice cause of the school in that time I was married to a US citizen woman, after 23 days I was reliesed by the judge and got my green card on October 2010

And on January 2014 I got my 10 years green card through VAWA .

Divorced too

Now I filled N400 two weeks ago based in 5 years term, after I sent the form I was doing some research I googled my full name I...

Help please, come and read my thread

Chances of becoming U.S. citizen

Oct 5th 2015
Hi, can somebody give the the chances of success of my fiance becoming a U.S. citizen after our marriage? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

Here are the facts:
1. Entered lawfully under visitor visa with passport
2. Unlawful status due to staying in country past allowed time under visitor visa. Has been here for 14 yrs continously
3. Mother is U.S. citizen. Sister is U.S. citizen ... both thru marriage.
4. I am a U.S. citizen
5. Fiance obtained Washington driver's license a...

Chances of becoming U.S. citizen

I need help ! about dv 2017

Oct 5th 2015
I'm in trouble now I'm Provided in the application holds (high school degree), but I am currently studying in the last year of high school if i win will be denied my request in consulate ??

Oct 5th 2015
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Interesting finding - cases are removed from CEAC

Oct 4th 2015
Looks like KCC did some mass deletes over the last few days.... nearly 2000 principal winners removed from CEAC - becoming holes....

This is something new.... at least in this volume.

Picture older than 6 months - disqualified?

Oct 4th 2015
I did the most stupid mistake ever - I used a photo that is more than 6 months old in my DV application. I still look the same (the pic is about 2 years old), but you can see that it's older than 6 months if you check the details/information of the file. Now, my questions are:

- Has anyone ever won with a older photo?
- Is there even a chance for me to get accepted in May, or will I be disqualified immidietly without any chances of being accepted? (It would almost be better to be...

Picture older than 6 months - disqualified?

Which airport has nice officers?

Oct 4th 2015
Being out of country for couple of months I am now planning on buying a plane ticket back to States.

My home is close to Los Angeles, so it makes sense to fly straight there. But I have heard that LAX has the worst immigration officers and myself I had a great experience with officers at JFK.

Just for that reason I am deliberating flying first to JFK and then to LAX from there.

Do you feel that some of the airports are nicer to LPRs and some less?

Change of Job : Parent's Green Card (Interview is getting closer)

Oct 4th 2015
Hi, I'm sponsoring my mother and in few weeks we have the interview at Consulate. Recently, I lost my job and got a new one. The financial documentation with UCSIS has information only about my previous job. How should I proceed?

My options are,
1. Inform/send documents to UCSIS? Take documents to Interview.
2. Without informing UCSIS, taking documentation to Interview.
3. Do nothing.
4. Something else?

Appreciate any help!



RFE Processing time at WAC

Oct 3rd 2015
1) H4 to F1 COS applied on June 22 2015.

2) Received RFE on September 21st and responded to RFE on Oct 2nd 2015

3) Latest Status is USCIS reviewing

Any Idea how long does USCIS takes to make a decision on my RFE.

H4 Extension and H4 to F1 COS files simultaneously

Oct 3rd 2015
Could you please help me on below scenario

H4 to F1 COS:

1) H4 to F1 COS applied on June 22 2015.

2) Received RFE on September 21st and responded to RFE on Oct 2nd 2015

3) Latest Status is USCIS reviewing

H4 Extension

1) My Employer filed H4 extension on July 22nd 2015 and USCIS status is Case Received

If H4 extension approves before F1 gets approved and once F1 approves later, My status will be F1?.

If F1 gets approved first, Can we withdraw H4 extension?....

H4 Extension and H4 to F1 COS files simultaneously

Please! photo. I need help.

Oct 3rd 2015
Can submit one of those two photos of mine to dv lottery



I don't feel good about the background -it's no clean-

should I edit it carefully with PS to be more white and clean ?

please help mahh :/

a problem with my photo

Oct 3rd 2015
i already send my application

but when i looked at my photo i found its resolution is just 96*96 dots per inch , its written on the web site it must be 300 dots per inch

will that disqualify me ?