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Fiancé visa question

Feb 16th 2018
I have a question regarding fiancé visa. My girlfriend who I intend to marry is a citizen of one country but has temporary residency and lives in another country. Could I file the fiancé visa for her when she resides in another country? Or would she have to return to her home country? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.

Citizenship eligibility and stay outside if US for more then 6 months

Feb 16th 2018
Hello All

I have this very uncommon situation , I have one of my relatives who came to US on family based Green Card five years back. They had to go outside of USA three years back and their overseas stay was extended to 8 months (continuous)

I know one cannot apply for citizenship if you have traveled outside of USA and stayed more than 6 months in one single visit in last five years.

Would like to know, if they cannot apply for...

Citizenship eligibility and stay outside if US for more then 6 months

US Citizenship issue - Broke continuous residency as Outside US for 8 months

Feb 16th 2018
Will absence of 8 months from the US affect when I file for citizenship & naturalization?
I am currently in US and in 5 years had 3 short trips less than 6 months to India, just 1 was for 8 months.
I have my employment continued in US and also has rented apartment during this 8 months.
How can I show that I did not disrupt my residency?

Current situation at asylum office SF CALIFORNIA

Feb 16th 2018
my decision is pending since 5 months at sanfrancisco asylum office...can anyone have guess how long they going to take...

Travel to US on tourist visa with I-130 filing

Feb 15th 2018
Please i have a valid tourist visa to the US, my brother a US citizen intends to file for residency for me by filing form I-130.
I want to ask if i can still continue to use the tourist visa while it is still valid.
I also want to know if i can renew this visa without impediment due to the I-130 filing

usc living in foreign country

Feb 15th 2018
I am a USC living with my spouse in foreign country. I want to apply for GC ( IR 1) for my spouse. Could any one please let me know what is the process.
We married 10 years earlier. We plan to relocate to US next year and live in US permanently.

Usually the sponsor is in US and the beneficiary is in foreign country. In this case, we both are in foreign country. What is procedure to get GC for my spouse. Thank you

B2 Visa extension for parents

Feb 13th 2018
Dear experts,

My parents-in-laws came from India to the US on Aug 22, 2017 for a 6 month visit on B2 visa. They are scheduled to return back on Feb 15th, 2018. We would like to extend their stay by 1.5 - 2 months to April 10th or 15th. They have a 10-year return B2 Visa through 2024, and have their I-94 stamped through Feb 15th and confirmed returned flights also on Feb 15.

Could you please let me know all the documentation and USCIS forms required for the extension request.
Also, do we...

B2 Visa extension for parents

Passport renewal and asylum - please help

Feb 13th 2018

I am currently in F1 status but I will apply for asylum next month. My passport will expire in 6 months. Should I renew my passport before applying for asylum?

if I apply for asylum will I need a valid passport for any paperwork or I can use expired passport?

All Ethiopian 2018 DV Winners Meet Here!

Feb 13th 2018
All Ethiopian 2018 DV Winners Meet Here!

Need some clarification on GC for Parent

Feb 13th 2018
Hello All,
I'm planning to apply for a CG for my mom who lives overseas. I just want to get some clarification on the process and timeline

- Apply I-130 for my mom (can i do that even though she lives overseas?)
- How long does it take to get approved? (Boston)
- Once it's approved, do I need to then file the I-485?
- Does she have to be in the US for the I-485? (I'm thinking she will need to get fingerprinted, interview etc)
- How long does it take for the I-485 to get...

Need some clarification on GC for Parent

H4 Status under jeopardy! Please help

Feb 12th 2018

My sister is doing her Masters and is on her H4 visa which is going to expire end of April. But, due to some issues in their marriage, her husband hasn't applied for the extension. She is planning on applying for Change of status to F1 which takes about 3 - 6 months for processing. My question is if she applies for a change of status and her H4 expires while the COS is in processing will she be out of status after her H4 expires? Any help will be highly appreciated.


March 2018 Visa Bulletin

Feb 12th 2018
Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except
Those Listed Separately

AFRICA 21,100 Except:
Egypt: 14,500
Ethiopia: 20,100
ASIA 5,300 Except:
Nepal: 4,550
EUROPE 15,950
and the CARIBBEAN 925

H1B transfer and amendment together

Feb 11th 2018
My current employer(A) is in the process of filing an H1B amendment as I am moving to a new location. Also I got another offer from employer B who will file for an H1B transfer. Can I have both H1B amendment and transfer at the same time?

I really want to join employer B and does H1B amendment from employer A will affect my H1B transfer in any way?

I-130 Never lived together.. But having kids

Feb 11th 2018
Got married before 8 years..
Did not apply for my wife to come and live in usa during that period of time....
We never lived together but i visited her yearly..
We have two kids..
Currently they decided to join me in usa.

I am going to submit form I-130 for my family soon..

Is my case weird..
8 years never lived together.. 2 bilogical kids...

Kindly advise me..

TN to H1B

Feb 11th 2018
When i change my status from TN to H1b do I need to go for visa stamping?

I130 relatives question

Feb 11th 2018
On form I130 page 8 question said: if you are submitting separate petitions for other relatives provide the names of and your relationship to each relative..
I am getting confused.. i am filling 3 applications. ..for my two sons and another one for my wife..
What should i mention on the relationship colum..son and wife
Or father and spuse..
I wonder What do they mean by your relationship to each one...thanks

Was your TN to GC process succesfully completed?

Feb 10th 2018
Just wondering how many people on this forum who were previously in TN Status have successfully obtained a green card.

The point I'm trying to make with this poll is that sooooo many people come in here asking if anyone has done TN to GC, or if anyone has had problems. The answer, I expect, is that very few people if at all any have had problems.

URGENT HELP Needed - OC Interview mid Feb

Feb 10th 2018
Hi all,

I was one of the lucky winners of DV2018 and I actually have my interview at the Sydney consulate sometime this week!

I understand that the visa must be activated within 6 months of it being granted OR before the medical expires, now I completed my medicals about a month ago (mid January), so in theory I only have about 5 months to go before I must make a trip to the US to get it activated (sometime in July 2018 at the very latest).

I recently received an offer for a job...

URGENT HELP Needed - OC Interview mid Feb

Family and sponsorship related questions in DS 160

Feb 9th 2018
I had B1 visa which is expired in 2017. I visited US several times for business purpose and every time never stayed beyond 2 weeks. My employer company had applied for my L1B in 2014 but the petition was rejected. My age is 41.

Now I am applying for B2 (Family visit to elder brother who is US citizen and elder sister who has GC). I just want to travel to the US taking my kids for summer vacation in May.

In DS160 form
1. Should I show both my siblings under US contact and/or Family OR...

Family and sponsorship related questions in DS 160

i130- do I need to send paystubs

Feb 9th 2018
Do I send paystubs for 130 I am filing for my parents. I am planning to send these
1) Naturalization cert
2) Their birth cert
3) Their marriage cert
4) My birth cert
5) my passport , my first 2 pages
6 ) their passport copies

Anything else like my paystubs

Also, can we adjust in Hyderabad or it is only Bombay and Delhi