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Re-entry to USA with H1-B

Mar 31st 2014
I currently hold an Indian passport and work in Texas based on my H1-B (I already have H-1B stamping). My current employer is sending me to the UK for 6 months with "Skilled worker transfer" visa. After 6 months I am planning to visit India and then return to the USA. However my manager concerned about whether there will be a problem with my returning to the US from India as I left to USA for UK. My question is,would I be able to re-enter with my H-1B if I am coming from India instead of UK?

Thank you!

H-1B/H-4 -Apply for permanent residence?

Mar 31st 2014
Dear community,

I am a German citizen currently working and residing in Germany. I work as a freelance translator (English-German) for customers around the globe, including Germany, the UK, the US, France and many more. My business is going very well, and I wouldn't trade my job for any other job in the world.

Two weeks ago, my fiancé and (very) soon-to-be husband received a highly interesting job offer from a US-based company. He would be provided with an H-1B visa, meaning that as his wife, I would be receiving an H-4 dependent visa. This would be such an amazing opportunity and experience for both of us, so he will probably accept their offer this week.

However, from my understanding, under no circumstances would I be allowed to continue working as a freelance translator with this H-4 visa. Of course I could always look for a US employer who would be willing to sponsor an H-1B visa for me and then switch from my H-4 to an H-1B, but as I said: My business is going so, so well and I just love being self-employed and independent, so I'm not exactly wild about that option. At the same time, we do have to take into account that our current lifestyle is dependent on our two incomes.

One solution that I'm currently considering is using my "free" time in the US under the H-4 visa to take additional translation and interpreting classes at a US university for the time being. However, seeing as this probably isn't exactly cheap, I am eager to go back to working as a freelancer as soon as possible after that. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience as to how long my husband would have to wait before he could apply for permanent residence in the US, resulting in me receiving an unlimited work permit so I can go back to working as a freelancer? One year? Two years? God forbid, six years?

Up until this morning when I started researching this topic, we were very excited about this new opportunity, but right now I'm just feeling a mix of sadness, anger and helplessness. I am highly qualified, I love working hard for my money, and I want to work in my chosen profession to be able to support my family and the government of the country I live in by paying my taxes - so why shouldn't I be allowed to do so? It makes no sense.

Thank you so much in advance for your help, I really appreciate it!

Kind regards and all the best from Germany,

Can the start date of H1B be later than Oct 1, 2014 for a petition filed on April1, 2014 ?

Mar 31st 2014
I wanted to know if an employer is filing a H1B petition on April 1, 2014 for a F1 student who has STEM OPT valid till July 2015, if the H1B petition is selected in the lottery, is it possible to have the H1B start date (change in status from F1 to H1B) after October 1, 2014 like in Dec 1, 2014 or Feb 15, 2015 so that the student can use the remaining days of his OPT ? If its possible, when it should be done like during the filing of H1B petition, the employer has to mention a start date, can a later date be provided after Oct 1, 2014 or can the start date be changed after the H1B petition is approved ?

Asylee visiting home country

Mar 31st 2014
Am I able to visit my home country if I'm a LPR and came to the US as an asylee?:confused::confused:

process to transfer stamped H1B visa from present employer to other employer in India.

Mar 30th 2014
Dear All,
I have a stamped H1B visa and its valid for 3 yrs. I was supposed to fly to US and start working on a project but the client has put it in hold so my present employer is unable place me in other project. I’m planning to change job so I have few quires can you guys suggest me the right process.
1. What is the process to transfer H1B from present employer to other employer from India.
2. If I need to transfer visa from India should I have to attend the stamping interview again?
3. Is it best to transfer the visa in India or work in US for some time and then transfer it to other employer in US?
Thanks in advance, looking for your suggestion.

Please recommend a DIY kit for EB1A and NIW

Mar 30th 2014
Hi, could someone please recommend a good DIY kit for EB1A and NIW green cards? I'm hoping to try applying for an EB1A or NIW green card myself.

Many thanks to all.


marry US citizen on tourist visa and have religious ceremony but not legal ceremony

Mar 29th 2014
Hello. Hoping for some guidance.

I am a US citizen. She is an Indian citizen. She has a 10+ year US tourist VISA that she has had since before she met me. My research indicates we have two options for marriage: she comes here on tourist VISA and then after 60+ days we get married or I file for a K-1 VISA but that can take an year.

With either of these options, will there be any issues with us doing a religious, not legal, ceremony in India before she comes or before she gets the K-1? So we'd have a "wedding" but it wouldn't be "official" as we wouldn't register it with the Indian government.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I 130 application cover letter

Mar 29th 2014
I have read on various threads about attaching a cover letter to the I 130. Could anyone tell me what should be included in this letter. My wife is applying for her father and stepmother.

Changing from AOS to Consular Processing

Mar 29th 2014
Due to a high case number Im considering changing from AOS to CP. Two questions

1. What is the proper process? Do I just email KCC? Do I have to now send the DSP230?

2. Has anyone done it this year? How long did it take? Did you have any problems?


Engineer as Independent Contractor on TN visa

Mar 29th 2014

I am a Canadian engineer with a job offer in the states to be a drilling engineer consultant.

- The job is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off (stay in US for time off)
- Paid as a day rate, so I get paid for what I work
- I would be acting as an independent contractor, not as a direct employee of the company
- The company is small and unfamiliar with hiring Canadians

Will there be any issues obtaining a TN visa in this instance? Could I just bring the following to the border and be good to go?

- Offer letter
- Copy of degree
- Proof stay is temporary

I really appreciate any help!

Divorce and Conditional GC

Mar 29th 2014
I have been here for 11 years on various visas. I met my now husband 9 years ago and we dated on an off over the years. 2 years ago we married, and he turned into super A%$ Hole, VERY controlling, (telling me where I can and cant go, who I can see and cant see, where I can apply for work). I can not live like this, its bad enough now that its causing me some health issues. My question is can I get divorced and continue with my GC application ?? Any one have any advise or experience with this kind of thing.

Different Signature on DS230 and passport...

Mar 29th 2014
Dear ALL,

My wife(principle applicant) has signature in native language in her passport. But Once coming to US, she has been using English signature in all the documents including Driver's License. When sending forms to KCC, she has used English signature. Now will it be a problem during interview since signature in passport and forms does not match? If so, how can it be corrected? The only way I can think is making a new passport and sign that in English. Your suggestion is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

What does this mean actually? Confusion regarding IV issued Visas

Mar 29th 2014
What does this mean if NONE of the visas issued is stamped with "ACC/FTJ" ??? Does it still mean Derivative applicants can follow principal applicant later but under the validity of their visas?

Regarding adjustment of status for asylee and asylee derivative

Mar 28th 2014
Hi, everyone,
I got approved my asylum in November 2013 and then i have applied my wife who is here with me in united states in F1 status as asylee derivative and now she is in process. Hopefully, she will be approved in June/ july 2014.
My question is when i apply for my green card in November 2014, can we both apply together for green card or she has to wait one year from the date her derivative case will approved?
Note: we were married before I applied asylum and we were living together here in US.

Given Name Length in DS-160

Mar 28th 2014

I am facing a rather strange problem while filling my DS-160 form to get a US B1 Visa. In general, indians do have really long names. In my passport the total length of my given name (exanded middle name+ firstname) is 36 characters. But there seem to be a restriction in length of Given name field in DS-160 - ony 33 chars fit. What would be the solution to this problem?

Can i just fill in my first name? In all of my relavant documents my middle name is in Initials (except my passport since we can't use initals while applying for indian passport) followed by the first name. That means given name mismatch b/w my passport and ds-160.

Thanks in advance,


POE - Confusion. How do we know who can travel with or without Principal Applicant?

Mar 28th 2014
Hello everone,

We recently got our IV Immigrant visas. Now in our family of 5, three are going to US soon and two will follow soon. Now there is this confusion. On our issued visas, NO Annotation is mention and since there is NO "ACC/FTJ" annotation mentioned, does it mean derivatives can follow anytime after Principal applicant has moved to US or does it mean all have to travel at the same time?

Confusion is that since by ACC/FTJ means derivatives can follow anytime, what does visas WITHOUT these annotation mean?

Please do reply.

Can F-1Student apply for Asylum? been US for 3 months, a Catholic and homosexuality from China

Mar 28th 2014
ASYLUM! Can F-1Student apply for Asylum? I am holding F-1, and have been US for 3 months, I am a Catholic and gay from China.

I have legal status which is F-1-student.
I have I-20 from school which support me stay here for 2 years for studying.
I have been US for 3 months.
I am a Catholic.
I am a homosexuality.
I come from China mainland.
I am studying Theology in US in Church University.

I want to apply for Asylum, because I am fearing the persecution and dangers will happen on me when I back to China as I am a Catholic and Gay who studied Theology in US.

Can I apply for Asylum? Any possibility to receive Grant?
If my application has been denied, will cause any negative impact to my F1- student status?
Thank you!

shedueling by nvc

Mar 28th 2014
THANK you first.*
When the NVC sheduelling a case.
They will SEND APPOINTMENT LETTER by mail box to the Petitioner.

did the nvc notified (Beneficiary)by via emil about the date of interview, or not?


Are asylum applicants eligible for Obamacare before approval?

Mar 28th 2014
Are asylum applicants eligible for Obamacare before approval?

Urgent help - Military & Citizenship

Mar 28th 2014
2 years conditional Green card to expire in 3 months. Joined the military and signed my contract but will be going to boot camp in 6months. Was told i will be sworn in as a citizen after boot camp.

Question : Will there be an issue for me based on the fact that my green card expires before boot-camp?

Note: I have signed a contract with the military, but deployment or boot camp date is far apart.