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question dual citizenship

Apr 20th 2016
Hi guys,

I've been reading through the topics for hours but couldn't find the answer so made an account. What a great community you have here!

I have a question. I'm a researcher on a J1 visa in Boston. I met a girl here and I think she's the one and I'd like to stay here with her because she won't leave the US (she's a native american).

I don't want to propose to her just to be able to stay here and would just want to try my chances through this visa.

I am born and raised in the...

question dual citizenship

DV 2015 Oceania winners

Apr 19th 2016
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread for fellow DV 2015 Oceania winners to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I am a little nervous as my case number is high (17XX) but have my fingers crossed.

Now it's just a waiting game!


Apr 17th 2016
This thread is to welcome the kenyan DV 2016 selectees;enabling them to interact,learn and network.Welcome all

Sad news about the CEAC data

Apr 15th 2016
They have added a CAPTCHA challenge designed to foil robot scripts (like the one I use to get the CEAC data).

No more CEAC data for now. :-(

2014 DV winners from Tanzania-Karibuni

Apr 13th 2016
Hongera sana kwa kupata nafasi ya DV,kama unatatizo lolote lile na ungehitaji msaada basi usisite tupo pamoja.

2015 DV Winners from Zimbabwe

Apr 13th 2016
If there are any DV winners from Zimbabwe, Please participate here. I have been through the process and am willing to help however I can. I found this platform very helpful when I needed answers to the many questions that I had.

Visa Bulletin May 2016

Apr 12th 2016
AFRICA 34,400
ASIA 8,000 (Nepal 6,200)
EUROPE 34,000
and the CARIBBEAN 1,175

Entering the US for the first time with the Immigrant Visa

Apr 12th 2016
Hello, I am about to enter the US for the first time with my Immigrant visa, and I am hoping that some of you can answer some of my questions.

-Can I go to a Point of Entry to "activate" my visa and then depart immediately? If yes, then how do I return to the US without getting my actual green card?

-On their website, they say "a Visa does not guarantee entry into the US". What does that mean? and what are they looking for at the border? Iv heard stories where they require new immigrants...

Entering the US for the first time with the Immigrant Visa

Regarding confirmation numbers

Apr 11th 2016
Quick question. I tried searching the forums here and haven't been able to find an answer. Hopefully someone can help me understand.

On the DV lottery website, it states the following:

"Entrants should keep their confirmation number until at least September 30, 2017."

Say I check and May 3rd and I am unsuccessful. Does this mean that there is a possibility that I may still be successful up until September 30 next year (given that I'm being instructed to hold on to that number)?...

Regarding confirmation numbers

DV 2016 AOS Only

Apr 10th 2016
Here we go again, DV 2016 Thread for the lucky selectees already based in the U.S. and planning on processing AOS. Please go through the attached spreadsheet, (it will do you a world of good), and post subsequent questions regarding the processing on this Thread.

All the best!

Delimma, with F1/F2 visas doing CP

Apr 9th 2016
HI everyone.
I need some suggestions.
I, a primary applicant, am currently doing PHD in USA under F1 visa.
My wife came with me under F2 visa.
Her due day of baby is in May.
Our interview data is set in the middle of APR.
She can not take airplane because of having a baby.
I plan to go back myself on the interview date and of course postpone hers to July( I will contact embassy about this b4 my interview of course).
Is there any safer way to do this?
I asked embassy, they...

Delimma, with F1/F2 visas doing CP

conduct the interview without the medical file

Apr 9th 2016
hi everybody
i conducted the interview without the medical file because the doctor commanded me to do some analysis and which the result will appear after 60 DAY ;
in embassy when i finish the interview ; the employee an ; american girl ; gives me my passport and she said to me to bring the medical file and this is all
so if some one have some information about my issue and how i will get my visa or anything about that please answer me
and sorry about my bad english