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Final DV2014 CEAC Data

Jan 22nd 2015
OK - once again I would like to thank and recognize Rafikbo76 for his efforts and generosity in making the CEAC script available for us to use. It has been very useful in watching the progress of the DV process through these data extracts and hopefully the process will be less mysterious because of this. Well done Rafik!

Here is the "final" DV2014 data file. In theory there could be some updates to the CEAC data in the next day or two - but pretty much this is our ending position. As you can...

Final DV2014 CEAC Data

Public charge requirement

Jan 21st 2015

Apologies if I have somehow duplicated this, but I don't recall seeing this entire document linked to before.
The link above goes to the official document on public charge. A chunk of it is not relevant to DV but there is also a lot that is, including how they decide on this aspect, the number and combination of factors they take into account, what evidence they look for in the absence of a I134, how they actually assess an I134,...

Public charge requirement

DV 2015 AOS Only

Jan 21st 2015
New thread for DV 2015 selectees interested in processing AOS to post their questions. Below is a google spreasheet for DV AOS related issues:

Let's try and keep all DV 2015 related questions on one thread please, so that everyone can benefit from each other. Good luck to you all

LND Embassy Interview Experience

Jan 20th 2015
Hi All. Just wanted to share my DV2014 lottery experience. It has been quite a ride! Applying, waiting for the results and then spending another 15 months wondering if my number will ever get current, despite history laughing in my face and saying: “ NO WAY DUDE! FORGET IT!”

First of all, huge thanks to the forum CREW!

Simon your input, patience, DV expertise and commitment are uncanny! To simply put it:
View attachment 111

Vladdy my Man, Mom, SQQQ, Kayend, Rafik, Malcolm, Sloner,...

LND Embassy Interview Experience

Traveling to US after receiving the GC

Jan 18th 2015
Hello !

My husband and I winned the GCs in DV2014. After the interview approval, we travelled 2 weeks in Hawaii to activate the GC (it took us only 10 min - no waiting time!), and luckily, only 3 weeks after the GCs were sent to a friend's address in US. We are currently living outside from the US and we have our passport stamped with visa valid for 1 year.
So here is my question. At the airport, the immigration officer told us that once the GC are mailed, the stamp in the passport is no...

Traveling to US after receiving the GC

Cross Chargeability

Jan 17th 2015
In 2010 I applied to one of these online DV lottery organizations and paid a onetime fee which allows them to submit my application into the United States Diversity until my name is picked. They also advised me that I'm eligible enter this lottery due to my parents nationality at time of my birth.
What I would like to know is, am I eligible to legally apply for residency through ‘cross chargeability' or is this rule for the DV lottery only?

I am first generation Canadian born of Italian...

Cross Chargeability

Name on birth cert doesn't match mothers real name

Jan 16th 2015
I have an issue with my case and I’m not sure how to proceed.

My wife left our country more than 10 years ago (when she was single), because her life was in danger. She came to UK where I was living at that time (as asylum seeker). She was so scared, she didn’t was to use her name at all, in case they track her there. When she fell pregnant, she used a different name to register with GP, and eventually she gave birth. On the birth certificate, she listed the name that she registered with the...

Name on birth cert doesn't match mothers real name

DV 2015 AP Related Cases

Jan 15th 2015
As requested by one of the forum members, this thread is intended for AP related cases. Please post here if you've attended your interview and you unfortunately ended up in AP. Also feel free to post AP related questions/issues/concerns you may have, even if you're yet to attend your interview. Hopefully everyone can learn and benefit from it, and above all provide the needed support and guidance to those stuck in AP.

Diversity Visa Lottery 2015 and Processing Time

Jan 14th 2015
Hello, I sent my document for Adjustment of Status through DV2015 to Chicago. In December my forms were accepted and yesterday I was in the local office for fingerprints. On the USCIS web site I found the following processing time for the form I-485:

USCIS Processing Time Information for the
Chicago IL Field Office

Posted: January 12, 2015
Instructions for Using the Chart

The chart will show most of the types of forms processed at the field office or service center. You can select the form...

Diversity Visa Lottery 2015 and Processing Time

Request For Less Than Full-Time Enrollment and DV2015

Jan 13th 2015
Hello, I am going to take my last semester at university and I am planning to take only 1-2 courses which is enough to complete my program. But since I am an international student I have to take at least 3 courses for full-time enrollment. I can file the Request for Less Than Full-Time Enrollment to take only 1 or 2 courses but recently I have applied for Adjustment of Status through the DV2015 and I am curious if my Less than full-time employment can affect Adjustment of Status process.


Request For Less Than Full-Time Enrollment and DV2015

Questions about DV Lottery 2015 photo requirements

Jan 13th 2015
Hi everyone,

I have entered once before but was unsuccessful. But I just wanted to ask some things about the photo requirements. Does the photo have to be "professionally" done... the examples on the internet appear to have an extremely white background and appear to have professional lighting; but for my application last year I took the photo against the wall in my house and it is close to white, but a little creamier/more yellow. You know "wall colour". Is this okay? I plan to do it...

Questions about DV Lottery 2015 photo requirements

When to file 260 to delay interview.

Jan 12th 2015
Hi guys. Lets share some tips & tricks.

My case number is AS000055xx.
When should I submit my Ds-260 in order to get a visa interview in April or May 2015.
(Reason for this is, I can not travel to US before October, 2015 - job contract issues. For example, if I get a Visa in February, I have to travel within 6 months, which is August - not suitable for me).
So, here is my estimation: If I submit my DS-260 on January 1st. It will take minimum 4-8 weeks to get fully processed. Lets say it gets...

When to file 260 to delay interview.

DS-260 in October

Jan 12th 2015
Hi guys

Just want to know if someone (who's case is current) submitted the DS-260 in September and has gotten the 2nd Letter. I sent my in October and my case is current. Just want to know if there is a possibility of getting my 2nd Letter in February.


Gabam is back, any encouragement needed????

Jan 11th 2015
Hey everybody,
I hope everybody is fine, and hopefully nobody is going through the pain of Administrative Processing.

My well wishes to everybody.

I need your help

Jan 10th 2015
Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I would like to seek advise from people with experience.

I am from Yemen. my number is 2015AS11** and I sent my DS260 application in June. KCC completed my forms in October but I did not get my 2NL. The problem is with the US embassy in Yemen. They have reduced their staff considerably because of the the security situation. In the embassy website, they have the following notice:
NOTE: Due to staffing reductions, the Embassy is unable to schedule any...

I need your help

February 2015 Visa Bulletin Published

Jan 10th 2015
AFRICA 27,800 (Last month 26,000)

Egypt: 15700 (Last month 12,000)
Ethiopia: 18900 (Last month 15,500)

ASIA – 4300 (Last month 3,825)

EUROPE – 24000 (Last month 20,500)

NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 6 (Last month 5)

OCEANIA – 875 (Last month 775)

SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN – 925 (Last month 875)

February Visa Bulletin Released

Jan 9th 2015
Aaiaiaiai ai

AFRICA 27,800 Except:
Egypt: 15,700
Ethiopia: 18,900
ASIA 4,300
EUROPE 24,000
and the CARIBBEAN 925

Dv2015 Selected from Iran

Jan 9th 2015
Hello and thanks for creating this wonderful forum.
I just wanted to ask for some help and prediction based on my case and submission date if possible.
when do you guess I will be scheduled an interview slot?

Case Number : AS00005***
DS260 submitted :June 4 , 2014
Interview Loc. :Ankara
2nd NL: Not heard any thing.
Have contacted KCC and they said it will be started from Jan2015.

Thanks a lot in advanced

Dv-2015 Winners from Albania

Jan 8th 2015
Hello everybody,I am a dv-2015 selectee with case number current in October but I didn't received any email yet for the 2NL.In the Ds-260 form I selected U.S Embassy of Athens for my interview as I live in Greece.Is here somebody with the same experience,what's the difference??

January 2015 Visa Bulletin released

Jan 7th 2015
AFRICA 26000 Except:
Egypt: 12000
Ethiopia: 15500
ASIA 3,825
EUROPE 20,500