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Sending supporting documents to the consulate.

Mar 28th 2016
Hi, I have been doing some research online and something seems to confuse me. Iv read some where that I should send all support documents via courier, but according the website, I am suppose to bring all of them on interview date.

So am I support to send my supporting documents or am I suppose to bring them to the interview?


Green Card 2016

Mar 28th 2016
Bonjour à tous, je viens tout juste de s'inscrire dans ce forum et je compte sur votre aide. Je me suis inscrit à la carte verte 2016, je veux savoir quand aura lieu le tirage au sort de la carte verte 2016? Peut-on être parmi les Sélectionnés de la Green Card sans une photo d'identité Pour son inscription par exemple?
Merci d'avance

Non DV

Mar 26th 2016
First of all I apologize for posting in this section, but I realized that this section has more traffic and hopefully someone will guide me.

Im an old member of this forum roughly 3 years( previous account :doni19, I forgot the password ).
Almost 2 years in the US now and everything is moving smoothly, latly I got enlisted in the US Army and after passing all the exams physical and writing test im getting shipped in September for basic training.
Now I wanted to ask , how can I invite my...

Non DV

Passport question.

Mar 24th 2016
I hope to get good news this year. However, reading on the forum. I have seen comments about people sending their passport away. Due to the nature of my career (Pilot) this is not be an option for me.
Is there away around this without issue without being without my passport? I will not be able to go work without it.

Thank you!

Error in the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry

Mar 23rd 2016
Dear friends
I need your help.
I am 2011 DV Lottery Winners. But Yestarday I found out that when completing the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form I made an error in the date of birth: instead of January of February.
How does this error affect the fate of my card and whether there is an opportunity to correct a mistake? Thank You

DV2017 just a few questions :-)

Mar 20th 2016

Can't believe how fast we are approaching May! ;-)

Took people's advice and have tried not to think about it all too much until today.

I just have a few questions- I hope someone will be able to help thanks!

My birthday certificate and name change declaration (I took my stepdads surname) are in German- if (!) we get selected our interview would be London as we live in the UK. Am i correct in thinking that any relevant documents will need to be translated into English?

I am a...

DV2017 just a few questions

Process to get Police Clearence in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mar 20th 2016
Steps r as follows:
1.Go to a Sonali Bank brnch, take a Chalan form , make 250 tk. chalan for each ADULT person, write purpose as " POLICE CLEARENCE" give address as - OC of ur local thana, write CODE NO : 1-2201-0001-2681 and deposit the money and take a part of the chalan form.

2.Write an application( in Bangla) addressing-
Police Commissioner...

Process to get Police Clearence in Dhaka, Bangladesh

My friend has not gotten SSN yet. How long does it take ?

Mar 16th 2016
My friend he won DV2016 and came in the US with his wife on Fed28
so his wife got SSN after a week on arrived date. but the man is still waiting.
the weird thing they live in the same house.
I would like to know how long does it take for SSN mailing yours SSN.

DV 2014 winners from Sri Lanka

Mar 14th 2016
Hello Sri Lankan Winners !!!

Please share your thoughts/experience here.

CN : 2014AS000027XX
Checked Status: May 03, 2013
1st NL received :
Sent Documents :
Confirmed receipt :

Interview experience - please post them

Mar 14th 2016
I have created a page to capture just interview experiences. I am searching for some past ones and making them available in the one page, if you want to post one you can add them there, or they can be posted here. Always start with the Embassy (city, country).

DV2017 Winners

Mar 12th 2016
Countdown time started for May 3rd 2016

crossing fingers

DV-2015 winners and 2016 applicants South america and the Caribbean

Mar 11th 2016
I'm worried that i'm not seeing or hearing any communications from persons in the above regions. Let's meet here, encourage and exchange helpful information. I'm annoyed i didn't know about the DV lottery till this year, so I applied for the DV 2016 lottery, anyone else?

Questions from an expat

Mar 10th 2016
Hello everyone, I didn't win the Greencard yet but I have participated in the DV-2017 draw and I am starting to think ahead just in case I have a good news on May, so I have some questions and hopefully I will have some answers

I work in expatriation since 2012 (my native country being Algeria) where I started to work in South Africa for two years with a legit work permit, I am saying legit because in June 2014 I left SA to work for Gabon with my wife with only business visa,...

Questions from an expat

Visa Bulletin April 2016

Mar 10th 2016
AFRICA 28,300
ASIA 6,850 Except: Nepal: 5,525
EUROPE 28,000

Dv beneficiary

Mar 7th 2016
Hi here
I went to interview with my wife who happens to be the main applicant, at the end of the interview I was asked to bring my old Sch records. The only Sch record I have now is my Sch results but the problem is my uncle who was sponsoring my education made me add his name to my name then But after Sch I stopped using the name because I had left his place, now on my school results I have 3 names and on my passport and other documents I have 2.. Pls can this cause a problem as am just a...

Dv beneficiary

In the US, what now ?

Mar 7th 2016
Hello people,

I hope you may help me a little to do things right, I am new in the US (Dv Lottery).

I applied for a Social Security number (card) : I will get it in 2 weeks.
I applied for a bank account.
I got an apartment (Lease + rent paid).

Now, I need to change delivery address of my greencard, I went to USCIS in Manhattan and they asked me to do it online, can you please help me with that ? they also provided me a form to send to the USCIS main office, since we are on the weekend, and...

In the US, what now ?

AF and AS regions

Mar 7th 2016
In my own opinion, I find it strange for two regions (EU & OC ) to get current in May whereas the other visa hungry regions are left behind. In this regard I bet NVC will consider "donating" the excess visas from these regions to AF and AS regions.

Dv 2014 Kenyan Selectees report here

Mar 6th 2016
I have created this new thread for the Eastern Africans to use as we pray and hope this new soft ware will work this time round. lets cross our fingures hoping the old forums can be recovered and some how link them to this thread.