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DV 2016 Selectee Medicals

Aug 20th 2015
Welcome Dv 2016 selectees inthis forum. Let's disscuss and share our experiences as we learn more from one another. DV 2014 & DV2015 please hold our hand as we begin on this journey that you are victor.

2nl for dv2016

Aug 20th 2015
Hi there,

Is there anyone who has already received his/her second IV for DV 2016?

i submit ds260 on may !!!! until now i have not received any thing on my email !!!

Please share!

Error in country of eligibility

Aug 20th 2015

So, after filling the DS 260 out and sending it I started to visit different forums and found out that I made a mistake when selecting the country of eligibility. I was born in Russia, but at age of 14 I moved to Sweden. I have Swedish citizenship and have not been visiting Russia since I left. I also hold the Russian citizenship but my passport has expired many years ago. I do not plan to go back to Russia and I do not relate to Russia.
So when I entered the DV I put Sweden as I though it...

Error in country of eligibility

Case number

Aug 19th 2015
What are the chances of case number 2016AF000027xx to appear in October's interviews.


Aug 19th 2015
Am the princi. Applicant. When i applied for dv 2016,we were together with my wife and my daughter and they were all included in my entry. That time my daughter was 4 month old. By then, we were married in a tradition customary (Kikuyu wedding customs) 26th sept 2013 and this is the time we started living together as husband and wife but since it was a traditional thing, we did receive any marriage cert. for proof. But later on after we were selected in the dv 2016, we...


dv lottery denied

Aug 18th 2015
I was today on the us consulate in albania and they refused my visa with dv lottery giving me the letter saying that I don't meet school requirement. I have a high school technical diploma and the same diploma has my nephew that came in usa with the dv lottery 6 years ago and now is us citizen. is anything that I can do at this point? why they refused my application and not his application?

DV2016 interview experience & 2NL

Aug 18th 2015
As the new visa bulletin shows the 2016 cut off numbers for October, I thought this thread would be helpful to share the 2nd notification letter for the interview appointment and also the interview experience itself for everyone in all regions. Please feel free to post your experiences for 2016 and good luck to you all in advance

DV Lottery when adopted

Aug 17th 2015

I have a question that I can't seem to get any clear answer for anywhere and it makes me rather nervous, seeing as the DV2017 is coming closer.

I wish to take part this year, but the fact is that I'm adopted from a country that's not eligible to take part (Colombia).

Though I was adopted at the age of 3 months by a danish couple. Both are born in Denmark, citizens and have lived here their entire lives, just like I have.

I have heard I can claim chargeability to my parents country and...

DV Lottery when adopted

DV 2015 Egyptians meet here

Aug 17th 2015
Dear All - I wish you all the best during the 2015 DV processing. I thought it's better to have posts from all 2015 DV winners from Egypt as we are all running with AF exception.
*please post here if you passed already an interview earlier, so we can get some from your experience.

VISA Bulletin for September 2015

Aug 12th 2015
AFRICA 9,100 Except:
Egypt: 8,000
Ethiopia: 8,000
ASIA 2,800 Except:
Nepal: 2,400
EUROPE 9,150
and the CARIBBEAN 475

LND Embassy Interview Experience

Aug 10th 2015
Hi All. Just wanted to share my DV2014 lottery experience. It has been quite a ride! Applying, waiting for the results and then spending another 15 months wondering if my number will ever get current, despite history laughing in my face and saying: “ NO WAY DUDE! FORGET IT!”

First of all, huge thanks to the forum CREW!

Simon your input, patience, DV expertise and commitment are uncanny! To simply put it:
View attachment 111

Vladdy my Man, Mom, SQQQ, Kayend, Rafik, Malcolm, Sloner,...

LND Embassy Interview Experience

medical school interuniversity transfer

Aug 9th 2015
Hi, am a DV 2015 selectee and my interview isscheduled at the end of this month. I am a final year medical student at a Kenyan university and the green card time span won't allow me to finish my studies. Is there a way I can apply for interuniversity transfer or I justhave to go to the US and then come back tofinish?

DV-2015 winners and 2016 applicants South america and the Caribbean

Aug 7th 2015
I'm worried that i'm not seeing or hearing any communications from persons in the above regions. Let's meet here, encourage and exchange helpful information. I'm annoyed i didn't know about the DV lottery till this year, so I applied for the DV 2016 lottery, anyone else?

Winning DV lottery with Dual Eligible Citizenship

Aug 6th 2015
I applied to the Dv-2012 Lottery with Spain as the eligible country, since my father was born there and since I hold an Spanish passport. I won the lottery but now I am concerned since I also hold a Venezuelan Passport because I was born in Venezuela. Both countries are eligible for the DV Lottery. Will this situation disqualify me during the interview process to get my inmigrant visa?