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DV-2009: Who got rejected in the interview !!

Jul 26th 2016
All the DV-2009 selectees who were denied green card in the interview or due to other reasons please post your experiences here.

DV 2016 Winners Meet Here

Jul 25th 2016
The problem with seems to be fixed now.

My friend just confirmed that he received 1NL with EU 263xx number.
Congratulations to all the winners!

NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Jul 25th 2016
Hi all.

It has been a while since posting on these forums. Since our move to the US in January we have been very busy settling in and getting everything sorted. Loving it so far.

I am hoping that some one can give me some information regarding the Green Card for my Child.

My wife and I activated our Green Cards in March 2015 and had them sent to Australia. After that we had our son. When we arrived in Dallas in January 2016, my wife and I had our young 5 month old son with us.

When he...

NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Likely changes to immigration under Donald Trump?

Jul 25th 2016
There was a statement made by Donald Trump the other day, essentially saying:
French and Germans could face 'extreme vetting' before entering US because their countries have been 'compromised by terrorism'Click to expand... Well...there were several incidents over the past few days alone...apart from daily crimes committed by asylum seekers all over Germany.

I am infuriated about Germany's Chancellor Merkel's crazy policy on allowing in millions of alleged refugees and the strong leftist...

Likely changes to immigration under Donald Trump?

DV 2011 Interview at Montreal in October - placed in administrative processing 221g - how long wait?

Jul 23rd 2016
Both my wife and myself had applied for the DV2011 lottery. We were common-law in Canada when we applied in 2009. When we applied for the lottery, we included each other as spouse even though we were not legally married as there was no option for common-law in the lottery and we did not think we were single.

A few months back my wife won the lottery. So, while filling up forms we sent to Kentucky (we entered our marriage date as the date on which we had our common-law marriage - i.e....

DV 2011 Interview at Montreal in October - placed in administrative processing 221g - how long wait?

DV2017 selectee in need of help

Jul 23rd 2016
Hello there, i have a friend who won the dv2017 lottery, she just did a mistake in the first application form, she was born in uae but she's sudanese, so she applied to Africa region (Sudan) since she answered the second question after the place of birth that asks if u want to apply to ur parents homeland in case of the inelgibility of ur born place..would that be a problem in her interview?

DV 2016 OC Selectees

Jul 20th 2016
New Thread for DV 2016 OC selectees to ask questions and share thoughts regarding the wild wind journey they're about to embark upon.

Best of luck to you guys!

Jul 15th 2016
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added DS 260 for son

Jul 14th 2016
I have been scheduled for an interview in august 2016. On my original entry I put my two daughters and husband but failed to add my 18yr old son becoz he was in boarding school and couldn't access him for a dv photo. I called my consular where my interview is scheduled and told them about my case,,, they said, that is very easy, and asked me to send them his birth certificate and passport copy and a small explanatory note. I did it and they sent me a link to fill in his DS260 form. I...

added DS 260 for son

Living in the US and being selected

Jul 10th 2016
I've lived in the US for almost 10 years(legally) L2 visa and f1 visa currently and I was wondering - Upon applying for the Greencard Lottery does the system take into consideration if you have an American Address or not? Because I have applied for the past 3 years and haven't been selected. Just wondering if having U.S. address is a factor..

Dv 2013 kenyan selectees report here!!!!

Jul 9th 2016
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Kenyans who were selected for this year's program. We thank God for giving us this opportunity to explore what America has in store for us....we are optimistic despite all the challenges that we are going to face, uncertainty, and fear for the unknown will come to pass.
We kindly ask other previous winners to help us in answering some queries that we may have concerning green card


Jul 9th 2016
Just a forum where all the past and present DV winners from Fiji can share their experience and their entire DV process.

DV-2016 Egyptians Interview experience

Jul 8th 2016
Hi all Egyptians from DV-2016
Me and many ppl here ( DV-2017 ) need to know about your interview's experience in US Embassy in Cairo .



Jul 8th 2016
Welcome all in this forum to share and learn. DV 2013 & DV2014 please hold our hand as we embark on this journey that you are conquerors.