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December Visa Bulletin?

Nov 13th 2017
Any idea when it's coming out?

DV 2017 OC Selectees

Nov 13th 2017
With the draw results being imminent, I thought I'd start the next OC thread in preparation.

Good luck everyone, and may the CNs be forever in your favour.

Two Years On

Nov 12th 2017
Greetings fellow DV applicants! I hope by the grace of God that your applications are going smoothly and those who have been selected have been successful. My sincere apologies to those who have messaged and have received tardy or no response from me as I haven't logged onto the forum for quite some time.

I thought since I have a week off from training, I would log in and update you on my story thus far.

After coming into the US back in 2013 (and going through my brother's marriage), I...

Two Years On

A question regarding the photo

Nov 9th 2017
Hello everyone. Sorry if this has already been asked, but is it true that the system automatically disqualifies the photo if it has been modified using Photoshop even in the most insignificant way?

For example, my friend just registered, and he took his application picture at a photo studio, where they merely edited the photo so it had correct pixel ratio, "tilted" it a tiny bit to make sure the face is 100% straight at the camera etc. After that it shows, in the picture's description...

A question regarding the photo

how to edit dv lottery application

Nov 8th 2017

i'm mohammad nazmus sakib chowdhury susan. i just submitted and application for dv lottery 2010 and got the confirmation number as well.

but the problem arised is i just have got to know that my father has decided to shift our present address. whereas i have submitted my current address. if i somehow got selected i wont be able to get the notification by mail service as my current address will be changed and i would be residing in a new address.

so what can i do in this...

how to edit dv lottery application

Claiming eligibility based on spouses country of birth

Nov 6th 2017
I was born in a country thats elegible for DV lottery. My spouse was born in an other country thats elegible too. Going by statistics there are much more people drawn from my wifes country than my country each year but they are of comparable size. I heard that its possible to claim elegibility based on spouses country of elegibility. I just wonder if that works in the case where I was born in an elegible country?

Can someone do the photo for me?

Nov 4th 2017
i took a picture by a professional here in Egypt and was with glasses (he told me it is okay, that was the case last year) then after reading the rules i went back and had to do another photo (he made me pay again!).
anyways he editted the photo using photoshop and croppee (idk what he did but i won't risk it) so i asked for the original photo.

Can someone check with me and help with the cropping? Can do it using conversation or something (the background is also not pure white)....

Can someone do the photo for me?

photo: foreign object

Nov 2nd 2017
Hi all,

Yet another picture confusion: i've had a photo taken in the studio, and accidentally a corner of a lamp glareshield came into view. It covers about 15 percent of the field way outside my head, i.e. it only obscures a spot of the background. I've ran my picture through the photo tool, but it's still there.

The photo requirements say that the picture be taken against a white background and not enhanced. I could cut out the piece of shield using Photoshop, but then under careful...

photo: foreign object

DV lottery coming to an end :(

Nov 1st 2017
Due to the recent attack in New York.. Trump just announced that they will be looking into ending the DV lottery program - because the attacker got here through this program..

I am hoping that he doesn't cancel it completely and just put Uzbekistan under the list of countries that aren't eligible.

Someone always has to ruin it for everyone.. However it's not something that will happen in a week or two but still it still sucks.

Trump attacks Diversity Visa program

Nov 1st 2017
View attachment 774

He continues to attack it in a string of tweets..... I wonder if that would have an effect on the discussions for a new immigration system...

Photo tool doesn't start

Nov 1st 2017
Hello, when I click to the photo tool link I just see a blank screen. I tried in different web browsers but it is the same. Does anybody knows a solution?