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DV 2016 I replaced my Last name with the first name

May 13th 2015
I won the lottery USA but I replaced my Last name with the first name, Is it a problem? please how I will do to correct this problem ?

Visa Bulletin for June 2015

May 12th 2015
AFRICA 36,500 Except:Egypt: 27,100
ASIA 6,850 Except:Nepal: 6,475
EUROPE 35,700
and the CARIBBEAN 1,175

Please Help (for my minor children)

May 12th 2015
Dear all,

I would like briefly to explain my case:

We are winners of Diversity Visa Lottery 2014.

Our application for diversity visa lottery 2014 was for 4 members of our family and the application was submitted in 2012.

On the May 1. 2013 we got the information that we are the winners of green card.

Although our application was for whole family (2 parents and two minor children), we got information from the Embassy that because of the deficiency of visas for 2014 they can issue us only...

Please Help (for my minor children)

DV 2016 Winners from South Africa

May 12th 2015
Hope I'm not alone on here from SA..? Any other winners?

Interview in Abu Dhabi

May 12th 2015

I want to check \ask people how been interviewed before in. Abu Dhabi embassy if they been asked for the AOS 134 form or not

DV Lottery - how to rectify city & country of birth for my son in already selected DV Lottery ?

May 12th 2015
My wife's DV application got selected in DV Lottery 2016 as a principle applicant where me and my 13 year old son are as accompany members. We're only three members. We have done a mistake while submitting detail about our son's info in DV form. We mistakenly filled wrong City and Country as his birth place. Though I have my son’s passport which has USA's L2 visa (expired); which reflects his correct City and Country of his birth.
Please suggest me how can I get his birth and Country name...

DV Lottery - how to rectify city & country of birth for my son in already selected DV Lottery ?

affidavit of support

May 11th 2015
So for Diversity lottery winners, do we need to have somebody from the USA who has a certain amount of net worth to be our sponsor?

If we don't know anybody, how much money do we need in our bank account to proof that we can support ourselves during the interview?

Quick question on unabridged marriage certificate

May 11th 2015
Hi guys,

I'm on my way to go get an unabridged marriage certificate for the dv. My question is, do I need 2? I.e. one each for hubby and I?

We are almost at the consulate now so if anyone can help i'd be grateful!


May 11th 2015
hi i have been selected for diversity visa 2016 but i made mistake i didnt put my son in first registration i was divorced and my child living with hes father my question is how fil out my DS-260 without risk disqualifie the day of interview thank you

Investment Related Issues

May 11th 2015
Sorry, don't want to deflect from the topic of OC selectees in this thread, but found your statements quite interesting...

connectedspace said: I'm fourth generation Sydney. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents all from the East, Inner-West and North. I actually owned and lived in an apartment in the inner city at one stage, but sold it a couple of years back because I'm so bearish on the future of the place. If I didn't have parental help (the better...Click to expand... Investment Related Issues

Why people from developed countries immigrate to USA?

May 10th 2015
First I don't oppose that but I would really would like to know the reason beneath it, I always have this question in my mind why people from countries that have high life expectancy, high quality of living, Great Healthcare move to the USA.
I mean I always confront people from Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand happy to make the move to USA.

DS260 Form Help!

May 10th 2015
Hi all... I have gone like to a dozen countries with short term stay (less than a month) in most of them in a hotel or guest house. Do I have to write them all in the Previous Address part of the DS-260 form. Please help.


All Fees associated with the DV lottery

May 10th 2015
As we all know, DV lottery entry itself is free. What about the fees after "winning" the lottery?

For example, fees to see the immigration officer, Form fees, etc.

Does anybody know how much will it cost in total to get the physical green card?

Successful (but stressful) visa interview – born in non-chargeable country

May 10th 2015
Yesterday I was approved for my Green Card after a gruelling interview at the Sydney Consulate. I thought I would share my experience with you so that others might benefit from what I have learnt through this process. Apologies for the length of this post, but I want to be thorough.

1. About me

I was born in October 1979 in the UK, a non-chargeable country for the purposes of the diversity visa lottery. To qualify for the diversity visa lottery, my only option was therefore to fall...

Successful (but stressful) visa interview – born in non-chargeable country

DV2016 Winners From ASIA ?

May 9th 2015
anyone from Asia Region who was Selected / Win DV2016 ?

please share .. Thank you

Foreign Changeability

May 9th 2015
Hi guys, I was Born in UK and I am a citizen. My parents however, they are Hong Kong citizens and never lived in the UK. They are still living Hong Kong right now, and they were never UK citizens.

Is it going to be a problem for me since I am living in the UK and I am also a citizen?

I know there are already information about this matter online, but there seems to be mix answers.

DV2016 EU Winner (3rd time in my family)

May 9th 2015
Hello everyone,

My name is Aldo and I am from Albania.

First of all I want to congratulate everyone who is selected for DV2016, and I hope for everyone who were not selected this year, I hope for them to be selected the coming years.

Last year I was very active member in this forum because my family (my father to be more precise) won the DV2014 2 years ago. @Britsimon ,...

DV2016 EU Winner (3rd time in my family)

DV 2016 Winners Meet Here

May 8th 2015
The problem with seems to be fixed now.

My friend just confirmed that he received 1NL with EU 263xx number.
Congratulations to all the winners!

US DoS: In 15 mins > Answering questions for DV2016 selectees!

May 8th 2015
The US Department of State (Consular Affairs) will be answering questions for selectees (!) in the DV2016 lottery, on their Facebook page, in about 15 mins from now!

(please don't spam their wall)

U.S. Department of State: Consular Affairs

42 mins ·

Good morning from D.C.! We know there are lots of...Click to expand... US DoS: In 15 mins > Answering questions for DV2016 selectees!