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education issue

Jun 19th 2016
my wife had university degree (bachelor)after secondary school
1- so the answer on question the highest level of education is to be (university degree????) right???
2-in this case how many Number of Educational Institutions Attended??
3- she was employed before but she don`t remember the exact months she began and she resigned.and also she didnt get any experiences certificates from this shall i fill this work history with the more accurite dates she remember??
thank you

previous address DV2017

Jun 19th 2016
dear all.
regarding the previous wife is the main applicant lives in Egypt. but me working in Saudi Arabia she came to me for a visit for about 6 months ( a few days less six months)
shall i must mentioned that as a previous address ?? if yes so this what happiend
when i mentioned that period as a previous stay an error indicated that there is a gap greater than a month in the dates you have provided since the date you turned sixteen,
please help what can i do???

2- current...

previous address DV2017


Jun 18th 2016
HELLO .i need help , my wife was selected for dv lottery 2017 ,but when she was filling in the form to apply for green card were not yet married ,we got married in january this year,so we wanted to fill in the DS 260,as married,But i wanted to know what is needed at nairobi embassy in terms of documents,and secondly do they interview both of us at the same time in one room or they interview you separately as couples?please help me i want to know how interview is conducted for couples on Dv...


The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

Jun 18th 2016
Maybe mods can make this sticky. I think it'll be worthwhile- it's always interesting to see the progress other people have made when you are on a similar path. The idea is to add links to blogs etc here rather than fill this thread with posts. The ones below are the ones I am aware of/can remember ... Apologies if I forgot anyone but please add on.

CrawfinUSA - an Aussie in Maine:

Guriix - a Kenyan...

The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

how to calculate the number of 50,000 winners

Jun 17th 2016
is that the number of 50,000 winners in the lottery will be only the number of winners or it will be considered as the number of winners with their wives and children if they exist?

DV 2016 Administrative Processing Cases

Jun 17th 2016
Being put under AP is definitely no fun! Unfortunately, some cases will end up under AP regardless of how well prepared an applicant was/is, or the fact that the CO says congratulations and issues an approval notice following the interview.

This Thread is intended for those under AP to share their stories, and encourage one another; or get encouragement from other forum members as they wait to complete the process. Attached are links to some past AP Threads which some of you may find...

DV 2016 Administrative Processing Cases

About Work Experince on DS-260

Jun 17th 2016
HI There!

i just found out that i won DV2017 and i was trying to fill DS- 260.

i am an African and am currently an undergrad student in Europe;not a normal one though.( I FREEZE SEMESTERS AND CONTINUE ATTENDING WHEN I AM ABLE TO FINANCIALLY).and in between those breaks i work odd jobs to earn and save some money as part time thing.(LIKE WHAT EVER PAYS THE MONEY)

my questions are the following

1.) Is It Ok to put STUDENT on the Question Current Occupation?
2.) am i supposed to...

About Work Experince on DS-260

DV2017 Egyptian winners meet here

Jun 16th 2016
Good Afternoon..

Congratulations for those who made it this year. I created this thread to share our experiences after being selected in DV2017. I am an Egyptian currenlty residing and working in Saudi Arabia and I choosed to have my interview in Cairo.


Jun 16th 2016
first of all sorry for my bad english
i came to the US 4 month a go with dv lottery 2016 and dv1 visa

after 4 month i did not recieve my green card and today from uscis called me and said me they scheduled a biometric appointment

im so worried about this situation

anybody can help me . is that a normal process ?

dv inquiry about work experince

Jun 15th 2016
Hi everybody
First of all , i have to thank every Helpful members and this helpful forum

Ok , my entry has been selected in dv - 2017 i'm from kurdistan region in iraq
I haven't a high school certificate or a complete 12 years education ( i have only 11 )
So, i thought about two years of work experince and i have these questions :
1. I have many occupations , from 2013 until now i'm working on repairing video game consoles like ( xbox , playstation,wii , psp .. etc ) and also have 5 years...

dv inquiry about work experince

After DS-260?

Jun 15th 2016
I filled and submitted the DS-260 forms for me and my family. In the confirmation page I was told that I need to obtain required supporting civil documents. I don't know exactly what documents exactly I need to prepare at this stage. Also when I log in to my application I see a section for IV fees with "N/A" written below it. Any idea what the next step is after filling the DS-260?

the confirmation page

Jun 13th 2016

As a simple the end of submitting the DS260 is there any option to print the confirmation page later or send it as email to print it any time or I have to print it once I finished.????

5months after interview still on AP

Jun 11th 2016
Is it unusual for for ceas status to be on AP after almost 6months of the interview?


Jun 10th 2016
My names is tangi , i just want to know if any of the 2017 selectee have recieve a message from kcc for the second process of the dv programme?

Employer filing I-485 EB2 based and just found out I am selected for DV 2017

Jun 9th 2016
My employer will be filing my I-485 based on Employment based shortly, and I just found out that I have been selected for the 2017 DV Green card through Uganda birth.
My question is what will be the quickest way to obtain the green card? Both require a I-485 filing and currently where my employer will send the I-485 is Texas Service Center which is currently looking at 2 August 2015 filed petitions. For DV my priority reference number is 24xxx, and I expect that to become current in...

Employer filing I-485 EB2 based and just found out I am selected for DV 2017

Visa Bulletin July 2016

Jun 8th 2016
Africa - Current

Asia - Current
Except Nepal: 7,100

Europe - Current

North America - Current

Oceania - Current

South America - Current

Date of birth challenge

Jun 7th 2016
I'm a DV 2017 selectee and new to the whole process. I understand I have to submit as part of my documents my high school certificate, however the date of birth on the certificate (15/08/1988) differs from the date of birth (07/08/1988) I entered in error during the application in 0ct 2015. I can get a new passport to make up for the error but for my high school certificate It can't be edited. What can I do. I really need your help.
thank you.

Social Security card and green card processing

Jun 7th 2016
I had entered US on 22nd may in Diversity Visa and its been more then 2 weeks and i have not still received social security card. Checking the status of green card it shows validation error and user defined error. Should i fill in any form after entering USA for the social security number? I was not instructed any at the immigration at airport. What should i do further to get SSN fast?