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DV 2017 AOS Only

Aug 25th 2016
Well, I've been reluctant to create a DV 2017 AOS Thread as I wanted an actual selectee to have the honor of doing that. However, it looks like we may end up with individual Threads being created if this isn't done soon.

So here's an AOS Thread for the lucky selectees already based in the U.S. and planning on processing AOS. Please go through the attached spreadsheet, (it will do you a world of good), and post subsequent questions regarding the processing on this Thread....

DV 2017 AOS Only

DV 2017 selectees from Cameroon

Aug 24th 2016
Hi my wife was lucky to have been selected for the Dv2017 draw with case number AF0026*** please i will like to hear from both selectees who have gone for interview and those who are still to go like me and my wife so we can help each other since it possible we might meet the CO. thanks

DV 2017 Selectees from Ghana

Aug 23rd 2016
Today being the Final day, I thought I should start this thread for all Selectees from Ghana to interact and be abreast with info regarding DV 2017.

Let's get talking

DV 2017 OC Selectees

Aug 23rd 2016
With the draw results being imminent, I thought I'd start the next OC thread in preparation.

Good luck everyone, and may the CNs be forever in your favour.

Add my wife after marriage

Aug 22nd 2016
Hello, I come back today to take your advice. I was selected in the lottery 2017. I was single and I just got married. I validated my DS260 with my unmarried status so I asked the KCC to re-open my DS260 to add my wife. So the KCC has opened my DS260, now I got on my DS260. I changed my status to married and I added information of my wife and I validated. and after I add "new applicant" and I added my wife and the system just told me that the application process 60 minutes. Is this the...

Add my wife after marriage

DV lottery winners who are married meet here

Aug 22nd 2016
This thread is for the winner who will go or has gone to the interview with the spouse. Please some of us need advice and information. Let's share experiences and advices. God bless

Landlord - Order of Protection - DV Lottery GC

Aug 19th 2016
My landlord (she) wants me and family to leave apartment before lease end due to her own issues, no violations from my side. Lived in apartment for 1 year already. There is no legal reason to break the lease - I'm paying rent on time.
She says she is going to fill Order of Protection against me, if I don't leave quickly. (No idea for which reason, my family never did anything bad to her).
My wife won DV lottery, number should become current sometime in winter.
Can all this cause...

Landlord - Order of Protection - DV Lottery GC

Does heart issues affect medical??

Aug 18th 2016
I have heart medical problem.. it is not big thanks God.
Will this affect medical for dv visa ??