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Post Latest CEAC Data Here

Jul 11th 2014
Post the latest CEAC data here. Type in the date on the left and link on the right.
For. e.g
07-10-2014 --> "http://waitingUsersData.dontClickThis"

My very own Asian prediction for 2014

Jul 11th 2014
Well we have only few months left.
April - 5000-5500
May - 6000-6500
June - 7500-8000
July - 9000-10000
August - 11000-12000
September - 13,000-15000 maybe current. but I highly doubt
I would say it's the good case. We're 1 month behind from last year. I'm not expecting sudden jumps in cut off numbers.
My situation: I was an international student with F1 visa. I took a year off, came back to my country (not Nepal and Iran), won the lottery.
I am accepted to NYU for Fall 2014. The...

My very own Asian prediction for 2014

DV-2015 and Case Number

Jul 11th 2014
Bonjour à tous et merci de nous accueillir ici,
Voici quelques questions que nous nous posons et pour lesquelles nous avons besoin de vos lumières!
1) Nous avons été sélectionnés (via mon épouse) pour la DV 2015. Son Case Number est 2015EU00043XXX. Quand son rendez-vous à l'Ambassade US devrait-il être programmé?
2)Doit-on se dépêcher de remplir la DS-260 ou bien faut-il le faire uniquement avant l'interview? A savoir, le fait d'y répondre conditionne-t-il l'interview ou non?
3) Il faut...

DV-2015 and Case Number

DV 2014 Winner Entry to US and get SSN(Social Security Number)

Jul 10th 2014
Hi , I got the DV lottery visa 2 months before and the last date of arrive is 10th 0f October 2014 according to my visa in passport. But i bought the ticket of 7th october 2014 and will arrive US on 8th October 2014(2 days before last date of arrival) due to some reasons. So i would like to know.. does it affect to my visa and about getting Social security number after arriving visa.. I heard we have to be in US atleast 15 days before expiration of arrival otherwise we wont get SSN and...

DV 2014 Winner Entry to US and get SSN(Social Security Number)

Submitting DSP-122 and DS-230 to KCC but never made the cut-off and Immigrant Intent

Jul 10th 2014
If you have submitted the DSP-122 and DS-230 form to KCC but never processed by US Consulate, would this be considered by immigration officer as Immigrant Intent?

The plan B

Jul 10th 2014
I got 90 % of my documents prepared for DV but CN high so with those documents i want to try another type of visa that allows me to work or study in the US ,what is the best and easiest type of visa to get.
21 years old student ,got affidative of support, can get a work contract too from USA ,can get 10 K in my bank account ,so what type of visa is ideal for me?

What's next for DV-2014 winners above ASIA 13,350 Except: Nepal: 9,500

Jul 9th 2014
I was hoping to get an interview on September 2014. But cutoff for Asia is :

ASIA 13,350 Except:
Nepal: 9,500


Jul 9th 2014
i'm a dv lottery winner and they told me to bring the I-864 Affidavit Of Support... at the us embassy in paris..

have u seen this before ??? for lottery issues ??

thanx guys

PLZ HELP ME TO FIND I-864 Affidavit Of Support

Jul 9th 2014
Hi , i'm a DV lottery winner from paris, i already passed my interview at the us embassy here in paris
they got everything, even my diploma and my passport too !

It the end they gave me a white paper with :

Your visa application has been denied under the section 221(g) og the immigration and nationality Act because you have not presented some required documents, your application will be reconsidered when you have returned the additional documents
indicated below.
if you fail to take the...

PLZ HELP ME TO FIND I-864 Affidavit Of Support

non-immigration visa

Jul 9th 2014
im DV 2015 winner and i want to go in NY as a tourist can i apply for B1/B2 non-immgration visa ?

The Massive Disaster :(

Jul 9th 2014
KCC you people are playing thousands of people's lives !!!
very sorry for all unlucky mates.. it's another death day for me.. everyhopes have gone out.
i don't know what to do ???

CN is ... AS 15600 (Sri lanka)


Jul 9th 2014
What are the most asked questions in interview?some say its just a formality,what experts have got to say on this?And what are the possibilities of visa denial in nepal when documents are all good...

Re-entry permit... what do you think?

Jul 7th 2014
Hi again everybody,
A quick overview of our situation: we won the DV-2014, got the GC from the local consulate and are planning to travel to the US in July, to "activate" the GC. We bought tickets for 3 weeks, which we'll spend with my family there (I have cousins born in the US). Our plan was to come back to our home country after those 3 weeks, and move to the US after I find a job there - I'm in the field of finance.
Originally, we weren't planning on requesting a re-entry permit.
But last...

Re-entry permit... what do you think?


Jul 7th 2014
Do i need to submit list of chidren SEO-97 application ?

DV2014 2nd NL received preparing document

Jul 7th 2014
Hi everyone! So far so good. Getting all supporting document ready and translated. Takes lots of time and effort especially because I lived all over.
Just learned today my fiancé is pregnant and my interview is in a month!! If I am to get married now it is too close to the interview and may seem suspicious. any suggestions?

about mutiple entries

Jul 6th 2014
I heard that you are automatically disqualified if you submit multiple entries, how about if someone knows your full name and submit multiple entries, are you going to be disqualified as well, is there any way to make sure someone do not register with your full name.

It might a sound as a weird question but i was thinking about it

The unborn child

Jul 5th 2014
Visa issued date- October 10, 2013
Visa expire date - March 28, 2014
My baby's born date fixed by the Doctor on November last Week of 2013
We planned to go USA on January 1st Week of 2014

Dear forum mates,

Actually i have planned to go USA on January 2014;but my wife who is now pregnant is waiting to give birth child on coming November last week.

Actually i do not know what do in this regard. i expect your kind valuable advice on this, please.

(Do I need to...

The unborn child


Jul 5th 2014
hi, i was chosen for further processing dv-2015. i filled ds-260 form. when approximatly will be my interview scheduled??


Jul 5th 2014
hello everyone,I just came in the US everything is okay just got a job,but I have a big. Problem. I lost my passport with the visa. Now what do you guys think what should I do, wait till I get the green card or report at a police station? I basically don't exist here so I'm afraid to ggo at police. How long till I get the green card? @Britsimon and the others help please....... Sorry for the English I'm writing on a phone.......