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Will there be a DV 2016?

Jan 26th 2014
Will there be a DV 2016 that we can register for this year (2014)? I've heard about the Immigration reform, but I'm not sure if the bill has been passed yet. So, I guess I'm trying to ask what are the chances of there being a DV Lottery that I can enter this year.

POE immigration check no documents given back

Jan 25th 2014
Hi guys,

yesterday I flew into the US through JFK. I expected the process of going through the immigration to take much longer since they need to check the package and all that. What happened is that they took my fingerprints, asked for a signature and let me go. I was given back my passport only.

Was I supposed to receive anything else? How do I know what SSN they assigned me?

I am really confused. Is there any sort of online service for green card holders where you can see you SSN, your address and such?

Thanks in advance

Question about police check for DV Lottery. Please someone help ASAP. Australians please help.

Jan 25th 2014
Hi everyone,

Just wondering, I know you have to get a police check for the DV lottery. (I'm not exactly sure what is involved in a police check though). But I'm pretty sure I already know that it does NOT matter, but I just wanted to ask.... does it matter if you have a couple of demerit points on your licence and a fine from a traffic camera violation? I have never had my licence suspended or anything just some points and fine. Is it just for criminal convicitons ( I think)? Please help me ASAP thankyou so much:D

when will get interview

Jan 24th 2014
hai guys, My case number is 2014AS00020***.when will get interview.plse help me

USA five years into Obama's presidency - "7 setbacks for the middle class"

Jan 24th 2014
Interesting article from today:

Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama is still falling short of his number one goal: to fix the economy for the middle class.
Sure, a recovery has been underway for most of his presidency, but it's still slow and uneven. And despite Obama's focus on the middle class, the improvement so far has largely benefited corporations and the ultra-rich.

Whether you blame Obama or a dysfunctional Congress, either way the recovery is hardly a middle-class success story.

Health insurance - - insane monthly premiums and deductables

Jan 24th 2014
Hey all. Has anybody considered how they will be covered for health insurance, which is mandatory for all people since Obamacare?

Unless you are covered by your employer from day one, and the cover is considered sufficient, you will have to buy your own plan. Furthermore, most employers now exclude family members from being covered since it has become too costly for them since Obamacare. The same applies to part-time workers ... anyone working for less than 30 hours per week will most likely not receive any employer healthcare benefits?

So I don't know about you, but unless you have that golden job opportunity waiting for you on your arrival from day one, it seems like a crazy monthly expense, especially when you have not yet settled and no income stream from day one.

So for myself and my wife, I just did a test run and just entered Florida (Miami-Dade) and our individual age.

The premiums ranged from around $500 to $800 per month for the two of us, but with an annual deductible/max out of pocket ranging from $8,000 to $12,000 !!!

Then I entered "some" income (of $25,000 reflecting a move to the US in the middle of a year and the uncertainty) and it showed the premiums with TAX CREDITS deducted...resulting in premimums ranging from 0 (null) to about $100 per month for the two of us.

Quote: Based on a household size of two and income of $25,000, you may qualify for a $516/month tax credit you can choose to apply to your premium for these plans. This tax credit has been applied to the premiums below. So it seems that the alleviation comes from tax credits. I haven't played with it further, but just wondering what others have found out to understand this health care system...

PS: Just also found this subsidy calculator -

So I just entered the same info ...

The information below is about subsidized exchange coverage. Note that subsidies are only available for people purchasing coverage on their own in the exchange (not through an employer). Depending on your state's eligibility criteria, you or some members of your family may qualify for Medicaid.

Household income in 2014:161% of poverty levelMaximum % of income you have to pay for the premium, if eligible for a subsidy:4.51% Health Insurance premium in 2014 (for a silver plan, before tax credit):$7,344 per year You could receive a government tax credit subsidy of up to:$6,216 per year
(which covers 85% of the overall premium) Amount you pay for the premium:$1,129 per year
(which equals 4.51% of your household income and covers 15% of the overall premium)

Then I changed the income from $25,000 to $50,000:

The information below is about subsidized exchange coverage. Note that subsidies are only available for people purchasing coverage on their own in the exchange (not through an employer). Depending on your state's eligibility criteria, you or some members of your family may qualify for Medicaid.

Household income in 2014:322% of poverty levelMaximum % of income you have to pay for the premium, if eligible for a subsidy:9.5% Health Insurance premium in 2014 (for a silver plan, before tax credit):$7,344 per year You could receive a government tax credit subsidy of up to:$2,594 per year
(which covers 35% of the overall premium) Amount you pay for the premium:$4,750 per year
(which equals 9.5% of your household income and covers 65% of the overall premium)

DV lottery

Jan 24th 2014
Any Tunisian winners ?

i need information

Jan 23rd 2014
hi end thank for your wondefull forum
my name is carter i'm selected to Dv2014 visa processing.

what are my chances with a CN AF00097xxx.

F-1 OPT, taxes and AOS background check

Jan 22nd 2014
I just recently found out that for 2 years I mistakenly filed taxes through turbotax when I wasnt supposed to. A school accountant told me to but she was obviously not aware of the difference between residents and non-residents. I also won the green card lottery and in a couple months I will start the process to adjust status. I'm afraid that me filing taxes as if I were a resident could mess up my background check. What do I do now?

Address for mailing the GC

Jan 21st 2014
I know they will ask for an address in the USA, at the time of the interview.
For those of us who do not have a USA address and do not have any relatives living there, what are the options?
Thank you for your help.

How long after first forms send ?

Jan 21st 2014
Hello all,

I sent the form DSP 122 and DS 230 with 2 photographs around the 20th of December 2013, what can I exepct now ? An e-mail, phone call, mail letter? how long time does it take usually ?

My CN number is 2014EU00053XXX


My daughter does not want to get immunised for visa

Jan 21st 2014
I need to arrange the medical for our DV visa. My 18 yo daughter however has never been vaccinated and does not plan to be vaccinated for the visa. Does anybody have any experience with getting a waiver for immunization?

How long am I given to enter the US?

Jan 21st 2014
I have my interview in Sydney in March. Assuming that I am given an entry visa what is the maximum time that I can wait before traveling to the US to take up residence? Also, I plan only to travel to the US to take up residence before returning to Australia to wind up my affairs here. How long do I need to remain in the US before being able to leave again?
Thanks in advance

Birth certificate and marriage certificate - any issue date is fine?

Jan 20th 2014
Hi can someone tell me if there is any requirement regarding the date of issue of birth and marriage certificates?

Our birth certificates (extracts from the official records) that we have available are original documents and dated 1996, while the marriage certificate is dated 1997.

I cannot see any requirement as to date of issue:

Interview appointment missing. Any ideas why?

Jan 20th 2014
Hi all. As we all know ESC site got updated on friday but our page didn't get updated. I am from Armenia. Forms were sent to KCC on 15th July, on 18th October I got this reply from KCC:
Your forms have been received and pending further embassy review for the continuation of your visa processing.

I am sure I didn't sent our forms too late cause I know people from Armenia who sent their documents 2 month later than me and got their interview appointment for February.

I called KCC on friday when I heard than the ESC site had been updated, their worker told me to wait until 30th January. Why? Isn't the ESC website being updated once a month? Any ideas why I didn't get the interview date?

I am going to call the embassy the day after tomorrow(if they don't unswer to my email until then) and ask what's going on, shouldn't I?

Thank you, Sergey.

Upcoming month's visa bulletin: MARCH 2014 ~ Discussion/Predictions/Chat

Jan 18th 2014
Here is the place to talk about everything related to next months visa bulletin.

Visa interview appointment scheduled AFTER they receive medical exam results? (Embassy Frankfurt)

Jan 15th 2014
Just stumbled across this on the German based US embassy link:

Quote: Medical examination procedure
A list of panel physicians is provided below. You MUST make your own appointment for the medical examination at any one of the physicians' offices listed.

NOTE: You do not need an appointment for the physicians in Frankfurt, they accept walk-ins Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 07:30am - 11:00 am.

A final visa interview appointment can only be scheduled by us after the medical exam results have been received. How's that going to work? Don't you normally receive a notification letter with a date for your interview and the request to get your medicals done and to bring the results in a sealed envelope to the interview?

Police records question (multiple countries)

Jan 15th 2014
I will need police records (police clearance/police checks) from three countries and my wife from four.

We currently live in Germany and getting police records here is easy.
We will also need the same from Australia, Ireland and (in the case of my wife) from Switzerland.

I am just wondering: Ireland and Switzerland was back in the 1990's ... and we still have the original police records covering our time there for our Australian visa applications back then.

Would they be sufficient or will the embassy require new, recent certificates issued? We never lived in either countries since. If we need new ones issued, I wonder if they could still verify our residence (or certify anything) as this was really "prior to the Internet"

Form I-134 & Bank Statement

Jan 15th 2014
This is my first post, I would first like to congratulate you because I removed a lot of my doubts here in this forum.
I have 2 questions that I would like someone more experienced podesse respond.

1 - I have family already living some years in the United States, that will be my sponsors, they have to complete the form I-134, with data filling and signing. Something else is needed?

2 - It is regarding the bank statement is a statement of the average balance of the last 3/6 months or simply a statement of the current balance?
I ask this because the bank account has been virtually 0's there now and slipped the money he had saved. I will be harmed if with the average balance. Will accept a simple statement with the balance?

I know some, can they say that with the sponsor certainly will not need a bank statement, but I can not take risks in not being accepted.

I'll have my interview this month in Paris.

Best Regards,

Length of time to get physical green card

Jan 15th 2014
This question comes up every so often - note timeline given in response from USCIS below:

Thank you for your inquiry of 01/15/2014, regarding the status of your Permanent Resident Card.

Our system indicates that we received your USCIS Immigrant Fee on [date]. You should receive your Permanent Resident Card within 45 days of your entry into the United States or within 45 days after your USCIS Immigrant Fee is received (whichever occurred later). If you do not receive your Permanent Resident Card within the timeframe stated above, please submit another inquiry to the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 or 1-800-767-1833 (TDD for the hearing impaired).