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DV Lottery & B Visa

Oct 31st 2015
Hello friends!

I haven't been here for a while but am hoping some of the trusty members here could help me out with a quick question!

I've applied three times to the DV lottery, and won once (this past year when half of Oceania missed out because they selected so many people - hence, my selection became redundant).

I currently find myself in a situation where I have the possibility to go to the US for medical treatment (long story, I've been unwell for a long time and may through a grant...

DV Lottery & B Visa

what the differ a photoshop and croop tool

Oct 31st 2015
Who gotta highlight on it to use photoshop and the Crop tool photo,I remarked the photograph adjusted by the studio got lotta mistakes no matter what the photo has 600x600 but some photos never looked at the centre if we try to fit it at Us site as crop tool

Spouse eligibility

Oct 31st 2015
This is in reference to question 2 under "eligibility" of this document:

I am from a country that is not eligible but my spouse is from a country that is. Last year my spouse applied and included me in his application.

However, that document makes it sound like my spouse and I could enter twice, with one application where he is the primary...

Spouse eligibility

2016 dv selectees from Ghana

Oct 29th 2015
all 2016 dv winners should post here

Can I go back to my home country?

Oct 28th 2015
So I'm here at the US right now. Received my SSN just yesterday.
How soon will I get my GreenCard and what do I have to do to apply for it?
And what happens if I return back to my home country? How do I maintain my status?

DV 2017- likely interview dates?

Oct 28th 2015

Just submitted our entry! ;-)

When are the interviews likely to take place if we are lucky to get selected?


I think I entered wrong birthplace. Anything I can do now?

Oct 27th 2015
Hi guys.

I was slightly confused when filling for my parents. For the birthplace, I entered a 'district', just like it appears on their national issued IDs. However, after further discussion with my parents, I realized that their birth certificates contain smaller villages (which don't even have hospitals) as the place of birth.

Will their applications be disqualified in case they win, or is there anything I can do now?

Thank you in advance.

Country of Eligibility

Oct 26th 2015
Hi guys,

I was wondering to apply for DV2017, but I have problem filling out the "Country of Eligibility" section.
Me, my husband and my parents were born in X country (which is in the middle east and is eligible for DV program) but I have Japanese passport. Since Japan does not accept dual nationality I had to renounce my previous nationality (Now I just have Japanese passport).
I am not sure which country should I write as a "Country of Eligibility". I do appreciate if someone could help...

Country of Eligibility

DV 2014 winners from Sri Lanka

Oct 25th 2015
Hello Sri Lankan Winners !!!

Please share your thoughts/experience here.

CN : 2014AS000027XX
Checked Status: May 03, 2013
1st NL received :
Sent Documents :
Confirmed receipt :

Applying for someone with a double citizenship

Oct 24th 2015
I was thinking of applying for th DV VISA
I was born in Belarus and im registered there and i have a pasport. And ive lived in Syria since i was 2 and i finished high school here, and currently im going to med school here.
Both Syria and Belarus are eligible countries and i'd like to apply with Belarus as my country of eligibility.

My question is : how do I explain all of this in the "country of eligibility " section of the application ? Or should i just fill at as a citizen of...

Applying for someone with a double citizenship

In the US, what now ?

Oct 24th 2015
Hello people,

I hope you may help me a little to do things right, I am new in the US (Dv Lottery).

I applied for a Social Security number (card) : I will get it in 2 weeks.
I applied for a bank account.
I got an apartment (Lease + rent paid).

Now, I need to change delivery address of my greencard, I went to USCIS in Manhattan and they asked me to do it online, can you please help me with that ? they also provided me a form to send to the USCIS main office, since we are on the weekend, and...

In the US, what now ?

The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

Oct 20th 2015
Maybe mods can make this sticky. I think it'll be worthwhile- it's always interesting to see the progress other people have made when you are on a similar path. The idea is to add links to blogs etc here rather than fill this thread with posts. The ones below are the ones I am aware of/can remember ... Apologies if I forgot anyone but please add on.

CrawfinUSA - an Aussie in Maine:

Guriix - a Kenyan in...

The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

DV Lottery 2017 - Questions

Oct 19th 2015
Is there gonna be a lottery this year for 2017? I didn't find any information about this years' lottery online.

2 questions about dv lottery 2017 please

Oct 19th 2015

1st question: is my picture ryt?

2nd question:

my name is " alaa kamal mohammed aiash"

and my name in passport is written like this " alaa k m aiash"

so my 1st name is "alaa"
last name is " aiash"
so the middle name should be " k m" as written in my passport or i should write " kamal mohammed"

PLEASE HELP - Cant track my green card!

Oct 18th 2015
How or where do I track my green card once I have entered into the US and dropped off my papers? I havent received a tracking number and the only numbers I have are my A-number and and my case number. They didnt give me anything in the immigration office where I dropped off my papers at POE. I got a stamp when I entered the US but I dont think there is a number I can use to track.

I tried this website but it asks for a receipt number but I dont seem to have one:...

PLEASE HELP - Cant track my green card!

2016 winners from Cameroon

Oct 18th 2015
Congratulation to all the winners from Cameroon, please kindly share your experiences here.

photo with frame...!

Oct 17th 2015
the photographer got me a photo with white frame,

it is 600px 600px
is it ok or it has to be frame-less?

Info about DV Photo Clothing

Oct 17th 2015
Hi, my name is Martina and I'm from Italy.
For me this is my very first partecipation in the DV Lottery.
I just found out this forum, and I congratulate you all because the forum is very useful and interesting.
I have one little question. In my Dv photo I'm wearing a tank top, that is a sleeveless t-shirt, and my shoulders are not covered. You can see the straps, but I have no sleeves.
Do you think this is a problem?
I've read the Dv official guidelines, and they say nothing about that....

Info about DV Photo Clothing