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All Ethiopian 2015 DV Winners Meet Here!

Jan 26th 2016
Hi my people!

It's been almost two months since the winners are announced for DV 2015 but i don't see winners from my country. Please let's use this thread for 2015 Ethiopian DV winners. Ask, answer and participate. All will be benefiting and helping each other. We, the 2014 DV winners, will be by your side to help any time.

Come, participate. Information is power, i learned it from this forum! CHEERS!

Figuring out unknown case number by your specific Name and Date of Birth

Jan 25th 2016
I have a software tool ready to search through website for an unknown case number by a known Date of Birth and a Name, iterating through case numbers.
That way it is possible to restore an unknown case number, in case you are informed by someone that you are a winner, but are extorted large sums of money for your case number.
Of course, to use it I need to get your authorization to do that (that is not legal to do it without your authorization),...

Figuring out unknown case number by your specific Name and Date of Birth

Arrangement of names on dv docs

Jan 23rd 2016
B.Cert: Surname. Given names
Mensah. Ramatu Arku

INL. surname. Given names.
Mensah. Arku Ramatu

PP. Surname. Given names
Mensah. Ramatu Arku

DS 260. Surname. Given names
Mensah. Ramatu Arku

2NL. Surname. Given names
Mensah. Arku Ramatu

High sch. Surname. Given names
Mensah. Arku Ramatu

Degree. Ramatu Mensah Arku. here the surname is in the middle of the arrangement. Can...

Arrangement of names on dv docs

Do you have a work permit to work in USA?

Jan 23rd 2016
I am applying for a few jobs that ask the question - "Do you have a work permit to work in the US?".

I am not sure what is the correct answer - yes or no - as I have a DV visa, but have not technically activated it.

My confusion arises from the statement “upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year.” What I assume from this is that my rights as LPR, including the right to work in the USA, only commences when the visa is endorsed during 1st...

Do you have a work permit to work in USA?

DV2016 Egyptian winners

Jan 22nd 2016
This thread for Egyptian DV 2016 winners

Cannot pay immigration fee

Jan 21st 2016
Hi all,

I have done the interview on 1/11 and got my immigration visa. And now, I am trying to pay the 165 immigration fee through the website.
5 days passed, however, the system always shows this message: Is it normal? Thanks,

ERROR: We could not find the A-Number and/or DOS Case ID you entered. If your immigrant visa was approved recently, please wait five days before attempting to pay. If the problem continues after five days, please contact the customer .........for assistance.

'The Hill' blog: Critical view on the 'diversity' aspect in the diversity visa lottery.

Jan 20th 2016
Here is an article on the 'Congress Blog' ('The Hill's Forum For Lawmakers and Policy Professionals'), with a critical view on the 'diversity' aspect of the Diversity Visa Lottery. Not more, not less.

Good luck to everyone for 2016!

DV 2016

Jan 18th 2016
I am New to this forum and i have been reading these and i found lots of information which will help me in filing AOS. I have selected for further processing and my case number is in AS65xx. Firstly, i am kind of confused here, when my number is current i have to submit the documents, then DO THEY APPROVE an EAD card or i have to go directly to the process of biometric and interview??? Secondly, if yes in either way, could you please explain me the time frames. This is just for an Idea....

DV 2016

Dv Educational Requirements

Jan 16th 2016

I left school after completing the 10th grade. I am in my mid 30's now and I have completed a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and 2 other post graduate courses (P grad Cert and P grad Diploma) from an Australian university.

I never ended up completing high school though. Do I still meet the requirements for applying for the DV lottery?



DV-2016 RESULTS 91,563 winners

Jan 15th 2016
Africa - 45034
Asia - 15002
Europe - 27011
North America - 16
Oceania - 1500
South America, Central America, Caribbean - 3000
Total - 91,563 won

Attended - 11,391,134 applications (17,573,350 family members), last year there were about 9,500,000 entries. Activity increased.With my calculations for Europe does not converge, so holes in 2016, even more than in 2015. So, if they do not hold 2 delivery, you will gain approximately 43,280 visas. To fill the quota they need to open 19000-20000 win,...

DV-2016 RESULTS 91,563 winners