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Dv 2014 Kenyan Selectees report here

Nov 19th 2015
I have created this new thread for the Eastern Africans to use as we pray and hope this new soft ware will work this time round. lets cross our fingures hoping the old forums can be recovered and some how link them to this thread.

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Nov 17th 2015
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Financial info help please....

Nov 16th 2015
We have just submitted our visa lottery entry and I now have a few more (!) questions!

1- do we need a financial sponsor if we haven't got loads of savings?

2- if my parents sponsor us how much do they have to have available per person ?

3- how much money do we need to have per person?

Thanks ;-)

About Reentry Permit!! HELP

Nov 15th 2015
I am in the United States and leaving next week. In the USCIS website it says that I have to be here no fewer than 60 days before I intend to travel abroad. But I haven't yet applied for a reentry permit and I just have a week's time. What can I do??

DV 2017 Entrants from Azerbaijan

Nov 13th 2015
I will be glad to hear from my homeland people, about your experience...

Error in the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry

Nov 13th 2015
Dear friends
I need your help.
I am 2011 DV Lottery Winners. But Yestarday I found out that when completing the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form I made an error in the date of birth: instead of January of February.
How does this error affect the fate of my card and whether there is an opportunity to correct a mistake? Thank You

My well wishes to everybody!!!

Nov 12th 2015
Hey friends,
I hope everything is going fine with your interviews. Just have faith in the Almighty, things will be all right and you will have your visas. No worries, God is great, and US is the most wonderful country with great and fair law.

2016 D.V winners UAE residents

Nov 11th 2015
please share your story so we can benefit from it,

University degree for Education reqirement dv2017

Nov 11th 2015
I am applying for DV 2017, I want to know if a University degree in Law from the University of London will be substantial for the education requirement as I have completed only 2 of my A/L subjects.Do you believe this could be a problem?

Immigrants in the military / Veterans Day

Nov 11th 2015
Some posters here occasionally express interest in, and join, the military. I thought some people might like to see some pics of vets who were not originally born in the US (one even became a congressman!)

Tracking GC delivery via USCIS ELIS

Nov 11th 2015
Hi folks,

I have successfully moved to southwest Florida about a month ago and I'm waiting to receive the plastic Green Card in mail. I was wondering if the USCIS ELIS system where as folks remember had to pay your Immigrant Fee after you've received your visa but before you moved the US, can be used to track progress on delivery of your plastic card. My status as well as all of my family members is currently "In Process". Those of you who have already received your cards in mail, can you...

Tracking GC delivery via USCIS ELIS

DV 2016 Administrative Processing Cases

Nov 6th 2015
Being put under AP is definitely no fun! Unfortunately, some cases will end up under AP regardless of how well prepared an applicant was/is, or the fact that the CO says congratulations and issues an approval notice following the interview.

This Thread is intended for those under AP to share their stories, and encourage one another; or get encouragement from other forum members as they wait to complete the process. Attached are links to some past AP Threads which some of you may find...

DV 2016 Administrative Processing Cases

I-134 affidavit of support issues

Nov 6th 2015
I am a DV2016 winner with CN AF29xxx. I have come across people talking about the I-134 form (affidavit of support). Until then, I didn't think I needed it as a prerequisite for visa issuance. Anyway, my sponsor (the one I listed in the DS260) earns about US$2000 - 3000 a month and lives in Nashville with his family of three children. By the time I travel to the States (once the visa is issued) I will have two children.
1. Does anyone think my sponsor's financial obligations will pose a threat...

I-134 affidavit of support issues

Dv 2013 kenyan selectees report here!!!!

Nov 6th 2015
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Kenyans who were selected for this year's program. We thank God for giving us this opportunity to explore what America has in store for us....we are optimistic despite all the challenges that we are going to face, uncertainty, and fear for the unknown will come to pass.
We kindly ask other previous winners to help us in answering some queries that we may have concerning green card

Address required in DS260

Nov 4th 2015
In DS260 form, an adress in the US is required to be given. I gave my friend's work address, which is not a living address. Is it Ok? Thnks.

Is affidavit of support required in American Embassy in Amman ?

Nov 4th 2015
Hello guys,am a dv applicant, and I live in syria currently, and am going to do my interview in the next month in the American embassy in amman
All I have is a bank statement ( between (9k-10k $) in Syrian Pound of course
Are they going to ask me about the affidavit of support?

Can my 19yr old daughter apply as an individual?

Nov 2nd 2015
Hello. I'm finding it very difficult to gather the answer to this question. I have applied for the DV listing my 19yr old as an independent and was wondering if she can also submit an application on her own accord.

I know a husband and wife can apply separately but can't find the answer to my specific question anywhere.


Used black and white picture

Nov 2nd 2015
Hi this was my first time applying for the Dv lottery and i went on their page to apply. I read the photo requirements and didn't see it stated that i need to submit colour photo. Only after I completed the application and while browsing around randomly I realised that black and white or greyscale photos will not be accepted. I waited all year for october just to apply for this DV LOTTERY and am feeling very sad. Is there any way at all that I can change the picture? Pls help. thanks.

DV2017 Submission in progress!!!!

Nov 2nd 2015
A friend is applying or the DV2017. She got to the final part of submission only for the page to appear frozen. All it says is,

Submission in Progress:
Your submission is currently in the process of being submitted. To retrieve your confirmation page, please click the "Check Submission" button below.

when she clicks the "check submission" the page only refreshes and back to where it was, which is the same page.
What does this mean? Please help because we feel that the submission has already...

DV2017 Submission in progress!!!!