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Leaving the US for 1 year after wining the GC lottery

Oct 17th 2017
Hello, I am facing a decision and I hope you could help me sort things out. I arrived to the US in April, after winning the GC lottery.I'm a freelance journalist and foreign correspondent so I was not employed by the US company, but lived in Baltimore, MD.
Now I got a job offer in Europe, in Prague, and the contract is for a year (or so).
I wonder if anybody has an experience in keeping the LPR status active while being out of the country? Would it be a problem for me to return eventually as...

Leaving the US for 1 year after wining the GC lottery

DV-2019 Dual citizenship clarification

Oct 16th 2017
Hi, I just need some clarification on the issue of eligibility in the DV-2019.
I have dual citizenship.
I was born in Albania but i moved to Greece when i was 2 years old.
Now i am a 26 year old Greek citizen as well and have a Greek passport.
Can i put in the field 6. Country of eligibility for the DV program the country of Greece or should only put ALBANIA because i was born there? Both countries are eligible.
I am asking this because i have no Albania passport for now at...

DV-2019 Dual citizenship clarification

De web site down for maintenance

Oct 15th 2017
I been trying to subscribe some of my friends and relatives to the dv lottery, but the site is still down! Anyone has some intel on this issue?
Will they extend the subscription période if it takes to long?

American children should be mentioned in the application

Oct 15th 2017
if a family memver applying for him and his wife for the dv lottery should they mention that they have american children? Although the site mentioned that that you should put 0 if u have american children or greencard holders! Any clarification is appreciated

DV 2019 - new enrollment date Oct 18 - Nov 22 !!!

Oct 14th 2017
**** NEWS *****

I decided to open a new thread rather than adding this important piece of info at the end of another one - because this is something everyone applying for the DV 2019 wants to know!

Not sure why this has not been communicated more wildly yet, but I have just found some BREAKING NEWS via the US Embassy in Ecuador!

"The new enrollment period for the DV-2019 program is noon on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 and ends at noon on Wednesday, November 22, 2017."

DV 2019 - new enrollment date Oct 18 - Nov 22 !!!

DV-2019 site still down?

Oct 14th 2017
I'ts been almost a week now and the site is still down due to maintenance?
Does anyone know when it will be back up again?


November 2017 Visa Bulletin

Oct 12th 2017
AFRICA: 10,000
Egypt: 6,200
Ethiopia: 6,300

ASIA: 2,500
Iran: 2,150
Nepal: 2,000

EUROPE: 6,000



and the CARIBBEAN: 425

DV Application Form

Oct 11th 2017
In terms of filling in the form, I have a few questions and would be grateful for answer.

1) Once you start the form, do you have to complete it at the same time?
2) Can you save the form and go back later on?
3) If you exit the form without completing, can you go back at a later stage and start over or do you lose the entry completely for the year you are applying?

Regarding the photos, when I apply - do I have to upload my families at the same time or only mine for now?
I've taken...

DV Application Form

Typing error Wrong place of birth in initial entry

Oct 11th 2017
I have a friend who is a selectee 2018 and she made mistake, in initial entry she put wrong place of birth.Is it a big problem? Is she going to be disqualified?


Oct 11th 2017
Hi all,
My wife and I are going to enter seperately to increase our chances of winning.
One question I have, is do I/we only submit one photo on the application or do we have to submit photos of all the applicants during the filling of the form process, which in this case would be myself/wife and our 2 kids (5 and 10) years old.

Secondly, I understand the size of the photos but do they need to be taken in front of a pitch white wall? The reason I ask is that our walls at home are not...


The case number is not the same as the one you used to signin error to submit my DS form

Oct 9th 2017
Hey Guys,

This is for 2018 DV. I wanna submit my DS form 360 but at last screen, it says the number I have entered is different form the case number i entered to sign in to the system.

I dont get it. Whats the problem?

Is this photo is allright for the dvlottery?

Oct 9th 2017
Hey, sorry to bother you, but I'm really not sure if my picture is acceptable and I already have filled the lottery, and I'm a little bit scared now that it's bad, can you please check it out and tell me if it is?
View attachment 763

Dv 2019 photo tool

Oct 9th 2017
first excuse me for my english ,my mother tongue is french. After using the photo tool provided on the official website of the DV2109 I find the picture sharp but the size of the JPEG file is 52kb. I find it too small that you think? I took the picture with a studio photo and I want to use the photo tool for crop and have the right size.
Tips to give me? thank you in advance

DV 2018 EU Selectees

Oct 8th 2017
Thread created on request for DV2018 EU Selectees to share ideas and encourage each other.

About education (DV-2019)

Oct 8th 2017
Hello there!
Got one question regardless education. I'm from Russia, and i've got Specialist Degree, been styding for 5.5 years. So, what should i choose when choosing my highest education degree?

University Degree
Some Graduate Level Courses
Master's Degree

As far as i understand Univercity Degree = Bachelor Degree = 3years
Master's Degree = 5 years
In Russia we are still got the remenants of German educational system, we've got Bachelor, then Master, and that goes Doctors. And there is...

About education (DV-2019)


Oct 7th 2017
Welcome all in this forum to share and learn. DV 2013 & DV2014 please hold our hand as we embark on this journey that you are conquerors.

DV-2019 question

Oct 6th 2017
My spose and I are both applying for DV-2019. Can our pictures be the same in both applications or we should take two sets of photos.

Thanks in advance for your answers

Landlord - Order of Protection - DV Lottery GC

Oct 5th 2017
My landlord (she) wants me and family to leave apartment before lease end due to her own issues, no violations from my side. Lived in apartment for 1 year already. There is no legal reason to break the lease - I'm paying rent on time.
She says she is going to fill Order of Protection against me, if I don't leave quickly. (No idea for which reason, my family never did anything bad to her).
My wife won DV lottery, number should become current sometime in winter.
Can all this cause...

Landlord - Order of Protection - DV Lottery GC

How About DV 2019?

Oct 4th 2017
Has not been selected for long time so that waiting to DV 2019 again. Hope this 2018 will be splendor to me.

Reading all winners adventure are so excitement.

All the best,

Do you think they catched duplicate entries?

Oct 3rd 2017
I mean, why would they remake a checking process among the millions of entries if they didn't find some duplicate winner? Because checking 10s of millions of entries is a huge task even if you affect 100 peoples, it is still a huge work because they have to check each other result... Strange?