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DS 260 Nationality Question

Aug 14th 2017
Hi all,

I am a winner of 2018 DV - OC5xx

I originally submitted my DS 260 in early May when the results were announced, I have since unlocked it again in mid June because I discovered that I MAY hold a certain class of British nationality (definitely not UK citizenship) and I will need to add (passport number) to DS260. I have since sent off all the relevant documents to the UK HMPO for assessment but they are taking forever and have not given me a time frame on how long it would take....

DS 260 Nationality Question

Sponsorship document

Aug 13th 2017
Hi! A friend of a friend has just won the DV lottery and asked me to become their sponsor for the consulate interview. I believe this involves filling out a form and submitting proof of income, etc. I am a bit hesitant to do it since I don't know the person and it looks like it's a big obligation. I won the DV lottery about 6 yrs ago and I am currently in the U.S. What are the implications of signing this sponsorship form for someone to guarantee funds, etc? Would the US government come...

Sponsorship document

Re-entry permit: successful & denied experiences

Aug 10th 2017
Hi, can people with re-entry permit experience, especially DV winners, please help with my questions?

Background: DV winner, already made activation trip last month, circumstances have changed and wish to apply for re-entry permit for 2 years. Considering entering in a few months time to apply for permit. My questions are:

1. What work related reasons have people used that has gotten them approval?
E.g. Gaining more industry specific experience, eligible to transfer to US office...

Re-entry permit: successful & denied experiences

September 2017 Visa Bulletin

Aug 9th 2017
AFRICA: 8,500
Egypt: 2,350
Ethiopia: 2,100

ASIA: 1,200
Iran: 750
Nepal: 750

EUROPE: 2,600



and the CARIBBEAN: 190

Adress on DS-260 resident adress or just mailing?

Aug 8th 2017
Greetings. I´d like to start of by saying this forum and a lot of people have been a huge help on my journey to get my DV Green card.

Now to my question. The adress that you give on the DS-260, is that consider to be our "resident" adress in US or simply our mailing adress?
We called them and changed this adress the second we landed in US, as my friend who is suppose to collect our cards while we are abroad moved to another state.

Reason why i´m asking is that I´ve heard that you dont have...

Adress on DS-260 resident adress or just mailing?

Possible early announcement of September VB numbers

Aug 6th 2017
I'm cautiously optimistic that these will be the numbers for October interviews...

Document translations and USA address

Aug 5th 2017
So one week ago I finally got the email with the interview date at the USA embassy.

I'm scheduled for late April, so I have about 6 week to prepare.

I still have no actual address in the USA. I used one of those mail forwarders and I'm not sure that will cut it at the interview. Should I just book a hotel there and give that address? Can I even change it at this point?

Regarding all official documentation I have to gather, I think it has to be translated, but what are the...

Document translations and USA address

Visa for my parents

Aug 5th 2017
Hi all
I won the lotterie of 2016 and I came with my wife in the usa since January 2017. We lived with a cousin and we managed to find a job, we had all our papers (green card, ssn, bank account, credit card, signed work contract ...) and everything goes well for us. I want my parents to spend two weeks with us, my question is: will my parents easily have B1 / B2 visa, especially since I do not yet have a house rental contract with my name so I don ' Have not yet paid taxes since it will...

Visa for my parents

Family name correction

Aug 4th 2017
hello every one and thanks for this great forum
I was selected for the dv 2017 but I made a mistake in entering my data when applied . Im a Sudanese and we have no Surname or middile names in our passports every body have 4 names after each others in one line
So I entered the first three names as first/ middle and family name but I missed my 4th name.
Is there anywhere I can add my last name ? Or should I write me name as written in the passport?

Please advice

Thanks in advance

Which part the of states all you winners mostly settle in?

Aug 3rd 2017
Just wondering where mostly settled in? It looks like WA economy is booming with lot of tech jobs out there. I've been considering WA,ID,CO & UT in that order.

POE process

Aug 1st 2017
Hi folks, all the hoops have been jumped through and my wife and I are now holding passports with temporary visas stamped and all our documentation.

We are activating our green cards at the POE in Dublin Airport on Thursday morning. For those of you who don't know Dublin has a special US border crossing at the airport.

Our flight to Washington is at 12pm and I have read when we go through immigration in Dublin this can take a few hours, does anyone have any clues on this?

We are...

POE process

Re-entry questions

Jul 31st 2017

I have a couple of questions about the re-entry.

a) Why does it have to be submitted while you're physically in the US? Just curious. Because it's mailed it, it could be mailed from anywhere, why do they say you have to be in the US for it?

b) Also why do they have to do the Bio-metric's in the US? Wouldn't it be more efficient to have them done at a consulate in the home city? Especially because that's where the initial ones were done when we had our DV interviews (unless I'm...

Re-entry questions

They misspellt my wifes middle name on the Permanent resident card.

Jul 31st 2017
Hello, we recently came home from out activation trip to US.

However, they told us at the SSN office that her name didnt match the name from the custom border controll.
He located the error being they left out a letter from her middle name. Her middle name is Linnea, but it said Linne. He did send a correction form to them to correct this error. But I belive they already had sent the greencard. wich arrived today.

What should we do? Should we fill out a form for a new card?

Or can we...

They misspellt my wifes middle name on the Permanent resident card.

DS 260 Permanent Address question

Jul 30th 2017
Hey guys, I've been selected for further processing and my CN is 2015EU00025xxx.

I started to fill out the DS 260 but I'm stuck at this question:
Permanent Address
Please provide the following information on where you intend to live after arrival in the United States.

How can I provide an address in the US if I just found out I was selected? I have some idea regarding the city I want to live in (even that might change) but an...

DS 260 Permanent Address question

DV 2017 AOS Only

Jul 30th 2017
Well, I've been reluctant to create a DV 2017 AOS Thread as I wanted an actual selectee to have the honor of doing that. However, it looks like we may end up with individual Threads being created if this isn't done soon.

So here's an AOS Thread for the lucky selectees already based in the U.S. and planning on processing AOS. Please go through the attached spreadsheet, (it will do you a world of good), and post subsequent questions regarding the processing on this Thread....

DV 2017 AOS Only

Overstaying Visa (declaration on DS-260) ??

Jul 22nd 2017
Hello all members,

I'm a selectee of DV2018 for Europe region.

I need an professional opinion for one question.

I have overstayed an EU Visa for about 10 months.

Should I declare this OverStaying in DS260 Form?

I underline that this is NOT a US OverStay.

If I should declare the OverStaying in DS260, in which
point should I disclose this fact??

Because as I understand, most of the answers in DS260
are related to the UNITED STATES (not other countries)
* Have you ever violated in US...

Overstaying Visa (declaration on DS-260) ??

DV 2017 OC Selectees

Jul 19th 2017
With the draw results being imminent, I thought I'd start the next OC thread in preparation.

Good luck everyone, and may the CNs be forever in your favour.

How much money should we have saved in bank accounts.

Jul 18th 2017
We have applied for the DV so I am reading up on what happens after a person is selected. (our chances are in the region of 4% so low but its better than no chance at all)

I am reading currently about the financial report which you must provide on the day of the interview. If you not not have a sponsor (We do) but still we want to have the best case possible. I can't seem to find any information on this.

Any ideas on how much funds we should have saved for the financial report to...

How much money should we have saved in bank accounts.

Two most important things to do when after arriving in US

Jul 18th 2017
Hello my dear friends,
Just wanted to share my experience with new guys who arrive in US. These are the two things that you have to do day 1 after landing in US.
1) Pass your road test and get your driving license. If you don't know driving, then learn it now while you are in your home country. Don't wait till you get to US, learn it now.
2) Contact a bank and get a secure credit card. This will initiate your credit history. The earlier you get it, the...

Two most important things to do when after arriving in US

Immigrant visa tracker

Jul 18th 2017

Just wanted to check if anyone has used the following visa tracker at the CEAC state dot gov site? (Can't post link, site thinks its spam)

I have entered my DV case number but it is not accepted, has anyone had any luck on this?