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Why was the date changed?

Apr 19th 2018
The past years it was May 1st, why is it the 15 this year?..

Supreme Court allows Trump's travel ban to partially take effect

Apr 19th 2018
"The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear arguments on President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order — and will allow parts of the directive to take effect in the meantime. ...
The high court’s action means parts of the order Trump re-issued in March will likely go into effect until the court decides on the legality of the measure, although the court limited the order’s impact on international travelers with clear ties to individuals, businesses or organizations in the United States."...

Supreme Court allows Trump's travel ban to partially take effect

EU interviews

Apr 13th 2018
DV 2018 EU315xx has a chance to get interview? Any comments?

DV 2015 winners from Europe

Apr 12th 2018
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread (copying the one of OC) for fellow DV 2015 winners from Europe to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I would like us to keep track with a list of all members and their status.

DV 2018 South america and the Caribbean Selectees

Apr 11th 2018
This thread was created specifically for selectees of the DV 2018 South America and Caribbean region to potentially ask questions about processing. All the best to everyone

May 2018 Visa Bulletin

Apr 11th 2018
AFRICA: 28,300
Egypt: 18,150
Ethiopia: 26,000

ASIA: 7,800
Nepal: 5,900

EUROPE: 20,300



and the CARIBBEAN: 1275

Dv-winner Health insurance?

Apr 10th 2018

In 2 months me and my wife are finally moving to Austin, Texas.
So far, we won't have a job when we land, and we will rent an apartment a few days after we land.

We are unsure about the Health insurance before we get a job. Are we eligible to any special programs due to our move or our income?
We are very interested to hear what you people did and how did you do it? Any suggestions?

Kind Regards
Peter & Emelie

Driving licence

Apr 5th 2018
Hi all,

I didn't find this topic, but if I missed it, you are welcome to show me the link to the thread.

I thought that I could come (hopefully) to US with my green card and drive a car using an IDP and my EU driving license, but now I'm not sure about that because, actually, I will come to US as permanent resident, not as a temporary non-resident.

So, how is it supposed to work? Do I have to take an exam for getting a license in the state where I will move?
IDP is worth nothing?

Tip for new DV immigrants

Apr 5th 2018
Hi my dear friends, I am gabam. Most of you guys may not know me, and my signature has also been removed by this board, I don't know why. But I was a DV-2013 winner. I have been in the US for four years. I want to share my experiences with you guys, and give you some tips, so that you do much better than me, and be prepared for everything.

When to submit DS-260 form to get an interview in July 2018?

Apr 4th 2018
Hi guys,

I am so excited to be selected for DV2018 with a case number EU000035xx. The winning the lottery has changed our plan very much, as we have never expected to be selected nor planned to move to the U.S.

I'd appreciate if you could answer to a very important question to us. Due to some reasons we want to delay our relocation as much as possible, preferably until July 2018.

1) Can we delay our relocation by submitting DS-260 forms at a later time?
2) What is the average time that...

When to submit DS-260 form to get an interview in July 2018?

DV 2017 Selectees from Ghana

Apr 3rd 2018
Today being the Final day, I thought I should start this thread for all Selectees from Ghana to interact and be abreast with info regarding DV 2017.

Let's get talking

Urgent "need advice from moderators"

Mar 31st 2018
My friend who is the principal applicant, family of five attended medicals last week and she was informed she need to do a sputum test. Now her interview is on 7 th June, but she was cautioned by the medical doctor Iom (Nairobi) that she must reschedule her interview. She will be denied Visa if she attends without medical results.
She emailed Nairobi embassy and was informed she can only reschedule after missing her appointment.
Personally I thought that she could attend go on A. P...

Urgent "need advice from moderators"

Marriage Cross Charging DV2019

Mar 27th 2018
Hi there,
I'm Irish and entered the DV2019 as a single applicant. I'm in a long term relationship (5 years) with a UK citizen who went to University in America (and would be keen to move back).

IF (long shot but still trying to get my ducks in a row..) successful in the DV lottery & we got married - would he be able to cross charge to Ireland?
I read somewhere that if you're a single applicant and marry after the DV lottery results your spouse can't cross charge... I'm keen to hear any...

Marriage Cross Charging DV2019

DV winner entrance to US timing

Mar 26th 2018
Hi there. I was told that DV winners have to arrive in the US within 6 months of the medical. I had my medical on the 9th March 2018 and commitments mean I have no choice but to arrive in the US on September 9th - six months to the day, and down to the wire - if I've done the maths right? It's probably a silly question, but I need reassurance - will this be a problem? (and are my calculations accurate?!)

Any South african 2018 DV WINNERS ???

Mar 26th 2018
Ive been looking ,,no Luck ,My Cn is AF35xxxx

DV 2019 Will Be Soon!!!!!!!

Mar 24th 2018
Good Luck Guys

problem with immigrant spouse visa

Mar 23rd 2018
hi everyone,

i have a friend that got married in italy 3 years ago, his wife had GC , the marriage certificate was stamped by egypt embassy in italy only,,, after a year he had his interview but the consular asked him the certificate have to be stamped by italy administration cuz he was married there, my friend asked if it would work if he get it stamped by Italian embassy in egypt but they didnt accept that.

now his wife become a citizen and for more than 2 years his case on AP, shall he...

problem with immigrant spouse visa

US Taxes - 2017

Mar 21st 2018
Hi folks,

My wife and I got through the GC Lottery in DV2017. We activated our visas in August last year (2017) and we are moving permanently to the US once we resolve a family situation at home (Northern Ireland UK).

Aside from our Green Cards going missing in the post (chasing that up) I am also aware that the tax deadline approaches. I was wondering could I get help from someone preferably from the UK who could point me in the right direction for filing our taxes for the first time? I...

US Taxes - 2017

Deciding interview date

Mar 18th 2018
I thought to share this as I haven't seen anyone writing about it before.
Last fall I called KCC to ask about a couple of things, one of them being how to postpone scheduling my interview date (my CN was current already in February).
One way obviously is to postpone submitting the DS260, but the KCC lady also told that it's also possible to submit the DS260 and then email KCC asking them simply not to schedule the interview until a certain date. Of course the interview date could be...

Deciding interview date

DV 2017 AOS Only

Mar 14th 2018
Well, I've been reluctant to create a DV 2017 AOS Thread as I wanted an actual selectee to have the honor of doing that. However, it looks like we may end up with individual Threads being created if this isn't done soon.

So here's an AOS Thread for the lucky selectees already based in the U.S. and planning on processing AOS. Please go through the attached spreadsheet, (it will do you a world of good), and post subsequent questions regarding the processing on this Thread....

DV 2017 AOS Only