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US Police Records

Jun 18th 2018
Hello all,

I know that the instructions state that you do not need to provide US police records, but in your experience can providing them nonetheless help decrease the length of time spent in AP after a successful interview? I'm still in the US and requesting FBI records isn't too much of a hassle, even though I would rather not pay the fee (have no idea how much is it) if it is completely useless.



Jun 17th 2018
My wife and I have just had my case number (OC) go current and should hopefully be having our interviews in August (DV18). Due to some changes in personal circumstances since we entered, we'd like to delay our entry for as long as possible, and are planning on waiting until late 2018 or very early 2019 to activate our green card and then return to our home country for about 12 months.

I was considering applying for re-entry permits so we could extend that 12 months to almost 2 years, but...


Happy Fathers Day!

Jun 17th 2018
Happy Fathers Day!

It’s easy to get caught up in the worry and stress of making this journey so to brighten our day I’d like to wish each and every Dad in here a Happy Father’s Day.

Trump attacks Diversity Visa program

Jun 17th 2018
View attachment 774

He continues to attack it in a string of tweets..... I wonder if that would have an effect on the discussions for a new immigration system...

July 2018 Visa Bulletin

Jun 15th 2018
Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except
Those Listed Separately

Egypt: 21,325
Nepal: 6,950
EUROPE 23,325
and the CARIBBEAN 1,585

Mind = Blown!

Is it safe to delay D.S 260 submission? (DV 2019)

Jun 13th 2018
Hello everyone,

I am little excited, please forgive me if I am asking a stupid question.
I try to ask my question in britsimonsays website but somehow it is not visible, probably considered as spam.
I will try my chance also here.

On May 15, 2018, I have been selected for DV 2019, with case number 2019AS000003XX in Japan.
I would like to delay the process as long as possible to have a interview in April 2019. Because I don't have any holidays until March 2019 (my company is very strict on...

Is it safe to delay D.S 260 submission? (DV 2019)

DV visa application 2019

Jun 11th 2018
My wife has been selected for DV visa and we are preparing our documents to apply. However, I noticed my name on my MBA certificate is Frank Yiadom Boakye whereas my name on my birth cert, passport and bachelor degree is Yiadom Frank Boakye. In both cases, Boakye remains the surname. Will this affect the application? I am not the principal applicant in this case...please advise

DV-2019 Selectee from Tanzania

Jun 11th 2018
Holla Fellas, any DV-2019 selectee from TZ??

2018OC1678 here. Any hope?

Jun 6th 2018
Section 203(c)(1)(E)(iv) of the Immigration and Nationality Act reads

[...] excess visa numbers shall be made available to natives [...] of the other regions in proportion to the percentages [...]

The website of the Federal Register explains that "shall" is, indeed, an obligation. For the sake of clarity, they recommend using the word "must" instead. I comply: The Visa Office must redistribute unused Asian visa numbers, and I expect them to kick off the bonanza...

2018OC1678 here. Any hope?

DV 2018 Kenya Selectees

May 29th 2018
I'm starting a DV 2018 Kenya forum for those who will be interviewed out of the US Embassy Nairobi, Kenya..I went through the process in 2014, successfully resettled here and my experience might help a soul somewhere as I was helped on this forum..

DV2019 AND Medi-Cal

May 27th 2018
We are Japanese married couple and won the lottery.

Medi-Cal is free or low-cost health coverage for children and adults with limited income and resources.

We are thinking to have a baby but if I use Medi-Cal , would it be difficult get Greebcard?? since it shows we don't have much money.

Please advise.

Don't know the child's current name while filling DS-260

May 27th 2018
Hello, I don't keep in contact with one of my adult children, so in my DS-260 I'll provide their name in "children" section as it appears on birth certificate. If they've changed it due to marriage, or legally changed the name, but I didn't know about it and didn't include their new name in the form, would DS-260 get denied? Would I get notified that they've changed their name, or what their current name is?

How long is usual for 'administrative processing'?

May 27th 2018
Hi there, I had my DV interview at the US embassy in London on March 14th, 2018 sent extra required paperwork to them the next day, which was acknowledged, but have heard nothing more - and obviously they still have my documents and passport! The ceac website status check says still 'administrative processing', but is it usual to take this long?

Where are you going to move to?

May 26th 2018
A bit of fun for everyone. Where in the United States are you planning on moving to once you get approved for your Green Card?

For me its the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Question regarding changes to DV lottery

May 26th 2018

What do you think would happen to those who were selected in the 2019 DV lottery if they were to cancel the Lottery altogether? Do you think its likely that those currently selected for further processing would be given the chance to qualify or are there rules in place already should it be cancelled?

I would hope that those already given CN would be given interview dates and the 2020 lottery not be drawn? Do you think that it would be more likely or do you think given the...

Question regarding changes to DV lottery

Any DV2018 winner schedule for interview in Montral Canada

May 24th 2018
Hi there.
Can any one share there experience of getting interviews at Montral, Canada ? Do they ask for Finicial statement ? Any tips for that embassy ? Thanks you

DS-260 immigrant intent

May 23rd 2018

Does anyone know if actual people had issues obtaining tourist visas or entering the US with pre-existing visas after they filed their DS-260 ?

I'm a DV lottery 2019 selectee, and will need to visit the states in November. So just to know if i will have issues, and then maybe to wait before filing my DS-260 until after my trip (I have an ongoing tourist visa).

Thanks a lot

Any DV2018 winner waiting for interview in Montreal Canada

May 20th 2018
Hi there,
We DV 2018 winner, waiting for our upcoming interview schedule at Montreal Canada ? If any one can Share their interview experience for US embassy Montreal ? Any specific advice or tips ! Will be highly appreciative ,
thanks SAM

DV2018 Interview Experience - London

May 20th 2018
Currently awaiting interview at the London embassy. Anyone wanting to share their experience will be greatly appreciated.