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DV Selectees 2017 SA

May 24th 2016
Are there any 2017 selectees from the South America and Caribbean region?

My case no is 2017SA000001xx so I imagine I will be getting an early appointment.

Blue background photo is problem ? my case number 2017AS000025**

May 24th 2016
Today I am happy that i check my result and i win the lottery but I just check my photo when i register, i use blue background . can anybody tell me that i will disqualify by putting blue background ?
When I read dv2017 instruction it doesnt require all photo has to be white or gray background. thank you expert and everyone for your idea.

DV 2017 Selectees

May 24th 2016
Please let us know if you won in DV 2017.

dv lottery selectee

May 23rd 2016
Good day am Ngale from cameroon i was among the successful selectee for the US dv lottery 2017 and when filling my application form i made a mistake on my date of birth and during the period my wife just gave birth to a child and she was just a month old so i didnt add her to the form so now what can i do i dont want to leave my daughter behind am confuse i need advise

Dv lottery visa denial based on photo

May 21st 2016
number : 2016Af00024XXX

I'm a winner of Dv lottery 2016..Had my interview on May 10th 2016 In US Embassy Abu dhabi UAE..the interview went smooth and i provided all the documents required abd paid the visa fees..but they found out that in the Electronic Entry mismatched the photos by putting my wife photo for daughter and daughter photo (who is 2 years and 9 months) for my wife and i got disqualified .(Section 212(a)(5) A...which basically estates lack of photo..they have...

Dv lottery visa denial based on photo


May 20th 2016
Please, can i have a sample of the filled out DS-260 as well as the web site where the sponsorship form can be downloaded. Thanks.


Is affidavit of support required in American Embassy in Amman ?

May 19th 2016
Hello guys,am a dv applicant, and I live in syria currently, and am going to do my interview in the next month in the American embassy in amman
All I have is a bank statement ( between (9k-10k $) in Syrian Pound of course
Are they going to ask me about the affidavit of support?

DV winners from Syria

May 18th 2016

  1. My relatives won the 2017 lottery, they are Syrian and still lives in Syria, they requested the interview to be at Beirut/Lebanon in the DS-260 application, after talking to Kentucky center they said the interview will be in Amman regardless of their request.

    Looking at the US embassy website, they mentioned that they'll inform the Jirdanian authorities about the applicants who are coming from Beirut airport through Jordanian airlines which could help them enter Jordan but...

DV winners from Syria

DV 2015 Winners from Jordan

May 18th 2016
Hello Jordanians, please post your winning / process / interview experience here. good luck for all.

DV GC Question - Student

May 17th 2016
Hi All,

I had an important question regarding Green Card keeping requirements:

I am 22 year old from Australia. I am currently studying at university in Australia (citizen) and I have over 3 years of university remaining in Australia. After my first entry into US I need to regularly stay in US as resident in order to keep my Green Card. In my case, I have full time university in Australia and I cant just leave Australian university and live in US.

After my initial US POE, if I stay out...

DV GC Question - Student

Foreign state of chargeability

May 17th 2016
Dear all,
I am one of the winner of DV 2017.
I was born in Burma and currently living in Tokyo.
I have made a mistake on state of chargeability.
It is supposed to be Burma but I accidentally changed it into Japan.
Now I am applying DS 260 and I am worried sick about that.
Can anyone kindly tell me that I would be disqualified already or will I be processed furthermore.
I really need your help. I am looking forward your answers and reply.

Thanks ahead.

High school diploma

May 16th 2016
hi all,
My wife is a selectee in 2017 dvlottery, and i'm the accompany person. As a matter of fact, i have lost my high school diploma, but i have my high school grades (the original version). Furthermore, i have all other universities' degrees - i.e, bachelor, master, and phd. I have also the temporary high school diploma nad pre-university degree. I just lost the high school diploma, would it be in serious problem at the interview??
Thanks for helping me

DV 2017

May 15th 2016
Hello all,
I am an 2017 winner and want to take a loan in a bank, because I don't have enough money to pay everything in the beginning, when I go to USA. Will it be a problem for taking the visa?

A few questions

May 15th 2016
Hello everyone new member here. I have been looking into applying for the green card lottery for some time now, but before I do that I have a few questions. I would much appreciate if someone could answer or point me to a thread that will answer my questions.

1. Is there a specific time when I need to register ( a certain month in the year)? If i register this month when will I know the results?
2. I have 8 grades of elementary school and 4 in high school, so does that make me eligible for...

A few questions


May 14th 2016
anyone with experience weigh in... A case of a person who inadvertently applied dv2016 and 2017 with the same photo, did not win dv 2016 but won dv2017. Are they in trouble already? Should they take their chances and go all the way to interview?

AOS effect on OPT

May 14th 2016
Hi, I am currently on F1 student visa and hopefully I will be graduating in the fall, so I need to apply for OPT to be able to work in the USA. Does going through AOS process affect getting opt?? If it does what's your advice in this case? My case number is the early thousands for Asia, so I am hoping that my interview will be in November or December but still I cannot plan everything based on this as it may not be scheduled till 2017.

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AOS effect on OPT

DV 2016 South African winners meet here

May 12th 2016
Hello , if there are any other SA winners on here please comment - thank you

DS-230 #11 : Address in US via MyUs

May 12th 2016
Hi there!

I am filling the form DS-230 for the green card process but I do have a concern about question 11. They ask for an address in the US where to send the green card. Unfortunatelly I do not know anyone there, I stayed only in hotels during all my visits.

I have seen in a different topic that I can use MyUs to forward my mail. So I opend an account there. But I just found out on an other forum that you can not forward the green card document and it will be sent back to...

DS-230 #11 : Address in US via MyUs

USA Passport

May 11th 2016
Is any one knows answers for these questions will be appreciated:-
- how many years I have to stay in USA to get its passport??
- I have to stay continus if for any reasons I had to travel to see my family. That's mean I will lose the chance??
- if I got the passport .can I travel to any place for any time even more year for work or for any other reasons?? Or I have to inform that I will be abroad for along time?
Thank you

DS form deadline

May 10th 2016
Is there any deadlinr for filling the DS260 form as I need to collect some documents??