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Is a scam website?

Sep 19th 2014
Hi All,
I just paid $59 for this service only to find out it is NOT the official US federal government website. I have 2 questions.

1. Can someone tell if my information is safe with this website?

2. Should I reapply through the official website (since if an application is filled twice you are disqualified)?

Thanks so much,


DV2015 - Visa timing and name changes

Sep 19th 2014
I am a DV2015 winner and have a few questions regarding my particular circumstances. I am hoping people can share their experiences to provide me with some guidance. Sorry in advance for the long post!
Firstly, when I entered DV2015 I was married, and included my husband on the application. I was divorced in September this year, which will become official in October (which is when I will receive my divorce certificate). I submitted my DS-260 in mid-June; however I have not yet received a...

DV2015 - Visa timing and name changes

Blurred fingerprint on my green card

Sep 17th 2014
Hi guys, I have finally gotten my green card after a looooooong wait. But, there is one problem with it. My fingerprint in the bottom right corner is all blurred. Does it affect anything? I need to travel soon, and my temporary DV stamp in my passport will expire. So I am afraid I won't have enough time to replace the green card before travelling, and that I will have trouble getting back in if I don't replace the green card. Has anyone had this problem before?...

Blurred fingerprint on my green card

Dv-2015 Winners from Albania

Sep 16th 2014
Hello everybody,I am a dv-2015 selectee with case number current in October but I didn't received any email yet for the 2NL.In the Ds-260 form I selected U.S Embassy of Athens for my interview as I live in Greece.Is here somebody with the same experience,what's the difference??

USCIS Fee Questions

Sep 16th 2014
Hi All,
trying to pay online for the USCIS fee,
I am always confused about the question…country of birth…is that place of birth or nationality?

traveling back to home country within a month or two apart

Sep 16th 2014
my sister plans to go back home for a month, and then fly back with our dad to visit me and travel here for a month or so. she will then accompany dad back home again and stay there a while before coming back to the US.

1. will there be any problem with her status going out of the country two times close to each other within the first year of LPR status? does she have to do anything before she leaves?

2. our dad has a 10-year tourist visa to be expired in july 2015. he has never traveled...

traveling back to home country within a month or two apart

Need help on I-90 application (Replacement of GC)

Sep 15th 2014
Hi guys,

I need your help before filing an I-90 application.

On August 7, 2014, and my wife's greed card had been produced and mailed.

On August 11, 2014, the card was undeliverable as addressed and being returned.

On September 15, 2014, I called USCIS to follow-up, and the immigrant officer said that they have not yet received the returned green card. The officer suggested that I could either keep waiting or filing an I-90 application immediately, since it would take 8 to 9 months to...

Need help on I-90 application (Replacement of GC)

DV 2014 Administrative Processing (AP) Report HERE

Sep 15th 2014
We need the feedback from all the unlucky peoples who did attend their interview and CO put them into Administrative Processing, called AP.
Please whrite down here as described below so we all will have an overview what is going on.
-Your CN ***
-Your date of interview
-Reason for AP
-Passports kept or returned
-DV payment, full or only one person
-Dates of CEAC page updates of your case.
-Date of resolved AP (for those who did)

Thank you in advance for your input.

DV 2015 Egyptians meet here

Sep 14th 2014
Dear All - I wish you all the best during the 2015 DV processing. I thought it's better to have posts from all 2015 DV winners from Egypt as we are all running with AF exception.
*please post here if you passed already an interview earlier, so we can get some from your experience.

Activation Trip

Sep 13th 2014
Hi all,

I just wanted to know if anything is wrong with making a short activation trip (2 days), returning to my home country and heading back up permanently 2 weeks after?

question regarding education??????

Sep 12th 2014
hi guys:
i think i have mistake regarding education in first application, i was incomplete the university and i have select university degree but in 20 march 2014 I have university degree ......... do you think this case might cause to reject vais??

and thank

Remembering 9/11

Sep 12th 2014
In memory of the 2,976 American souls who lost their lives on 9/11/2001.

Personal opinions please About life in USA

Sep 11th 2014
Good Day All

I am getting very excited as the 1st of October is almost on our doorstep!

However I have a Huge concern. And I would like to hear from people who have won the DV Lottery in the past. I am 38 years old and my husband 61 years old. We have a fairly comfortable live here in our home country. Have jobs, cars and a home, still paying on 1 car, the home, 2 creditcards and 1 store card. The usual debt people have, and we really can afford to travel locally and eat out atleast 3...

Personal opinions please About life in USA

Open Response to Jamain

Sep 11th 2014

This is in response to the rude mail you privately sent to me which I hereby quote below:

Whoever you are, you are such a loser for locking up my AOS thread! Despite the few people actually doing AOS the forum I created was a way for ME to share my experience with others AND NOT YOU! You are not the only one on here with an opinion!!! How dare you tell me that there are other rich threads with a lot more information? You are super rude!! And I hope that...Click to expand... Open Response to Jamain

Married after the original entry!

Sep 10th 2014
Hi All,

This is my first post here, so please forgive if I repeat.

My number was current for October but I did not receive an interview letter, so I hope I will be interviewed in November.

One thing that I worry about... I have been living with my husband since we knew we were going to have a son, which is more than 6 years. But we only got married on April the 4th, 2014. I didn't include him in my original DV entry as a spouse, as we did not have a document to prove it. Later on I added...

Married after the original entry!

2015 DV AOS from ASIA only

Sep 9th 2014
Hello guys,

I have created a new thread for the Asian people selected for further processing in DV 2015. This thread is intended only for AOS in order to get specific help. Please post you comments, questions and experiences in this thread. Experienced people from other threads are heartily welcomed...


possible interview questions for dv applicants

Sep 9th 2014
hi guy's am a dv 2015 winner from Ghana. .my case no: 2015AFxxxx32..jux want some possible questions asked at the interview. .my interview date is on the 2nd of October n am super nervous. .help pls..

October Visa Bulletin

Sep 9th 2014
October visa bulletin is out. Below are the cut off numbers for November:

Egypt: 6,800
Ethiopia: 7,800
and the CARIBBEAN650

Change the address where the green card is going to be sent

Sep 5th 2014
Hey everyone,

So today I crossed the border, gave the sealed envelope and everything and went back home because I still have a few things to settle. I plan on moving for good this winter.

At the border I asked the officer to change the address where the green card is going to be sent, but she told me I couldn't do that there, that I had to do it online... But I can't find where exactly, she wasn't very helpful..

Could you guys help me out ?

Thanks a lot