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Journalist wants to interview DV winners, based in New York

Oct 31st 2014
I have been contacted by a journalist for AlJazeera who is interested in speaking to previous DV winners now living in New York. She has spoken with some EU/OC people and would benefit from speaking to AF or AS region winners.

If you are interested in talking with her, PM me and I will let you know the contact details for the journalist.

DV payment receipt.

Oct 31st 2014
Hi Mom,
I have sent my dv payment 330$ about 1,5 month ago, and still did not receive a receipt.what should i do? Thank you.

Conversation/PM functionality

Oct 30th 2014
FYI, there was an issue that caused the site admins to turn off the PM/Conversation functionality off (apart from conversations in progress), but the functionality has been turned back on today.

Thanks to the board admins for re-enabling this....

money to be taken in US

Oct 30th 2014
how much money can be taken while travelling first time to US so that immigration makes no problem taking that amount.exact from how much can we take.its an emergency plz help having a diversity visa

university degree problem! Need Help!

Oct 29th 2014
Hello! I am currently studying in university but i haven't got the diploma yet.
Which of the entries should i choose ?
High School Diploma? or some university courses??

Waiting for a helpful reply!
Thank you!

The information entered is not valid.

Oct 29th 2014
Hey guys
I made registration back in October 2013 and successfully entered in 2015 visa lottery. But when time came to check out the result - I got this error. I tried to enter confirmation number many times and different forms but every time same thing happens. What you suggest to do? Maybe I have been banned or something? But is this possible without any warning or something? How can I be sure that I did not won the green card and can make another form?

my date of birth is wrong

Oct 28th 2014
Dear forum mates
I just found mistake in my meraige certificate,is my date of birth 21 June 1968. Where my correct date Is January 1st 1968.. We make the correction at the court where the meraige was, they correct but in separate ( amendment of meraige certificate).
My question, Is this will affect in my case during the video interview ( my birth certificate is 1 January and all others documents hold the same date January 1st.).???????

Never received Green Card in mail

Oct 28th 2014
Hi all.

I never received welcome letter and green card in mail. When I login to ELIS USCIS website it said card produced. So I called USCIS and they told me that GC is delivered and gave me usps tracking number. On tracking number it says that it was delivered on Sep 25th. I did not receive anything. I called to USCIS again. They told me that I could request for a replacement which will cost me $450.

Did anyone have had same problem?

DV2016 - Dual citizenship

Oct 28th 2014
Hi all,
Yesterday I registered to the 2016 diversity visa. I have 2 citizenships one Israeli and one Romanian.
I was born in Israel, My mother was born in Romania and my father in Israel. All the countries are eligible.
Someone told me that the chances to win are higher in Romania so I used Romania as the eligible country.
Can I be disqualified because of that? I was born in an eligible country and used another eligible country for the lottery.

Help: Some questions about DV Lottery

Oct 28th 2014
HI, I wanted to ask some questions about dv lottery..

first.. if I entered and completed the form DV lottery in a country and I move to another country and I was selected as winner can I proceed in that country us embassy or I need to go back to the country I registered?

second.. If i was selected as a winner, will I need to pay the $330 for the first time or after all my documents have been checked? because I don't have 1 required document which is education. More like I paid $330 required...

Help: Some questions about DV Lottery

DS-260 Re-opened Discussion

Oct 28th 2014
Hello everyone ,, this thread is for 2015 selectees re-opened thier DS-260, in order to update data or change interview location, sharing informations about CN, delay duration, and KCC response is very helpful with the great experience of Britsimon, Sm1smom, as well as input from other respectfull members.

Question about filling DS 230 form

Oct 27th 2014
Dear Sir

My question is:

My unmarred under 21 years children which I had listed at DV lottery E-entry form, some of them will not accompany me neither now nor later to the USA, should they fill out DS 230 form too?

Thank you in advance for answering my question.

DV 2013 winners from Uganda, please holla!

Oct 27th 2014
I do not see a thread for 2013 DV winners from Ug. Any one out there?

Question regarding name change! DV Lottery 2015.

Oct 27th 2014
Hello everyone, actually im asking this question on behalf of my friend who won Dv2015 and has a problem regarding name change.

The situation is this :

He is married since 2011, in october 2013 the time when he applied for dv lottery as wife last name he used the last name she had before he got married with her ( lets take "X" as an example of last name), the same last name she uses right now too, plus she has that last name in her passport and on her I.D. On her marriage certificate is...

Question regarding name change! DV Lottery 2015.

''City Where You Were Born'' issue!

Oct 26th 2014
The form says that I should enter ''City where you are born''. Now, I'm born in Helsingborg (city in Sweden) but my passport says ''Gustav Adolf'' (it's the district where I was born I guess) Should I write Helsingborg or should I write what my passport says even though ''Gustav Adolf'' isn't a city? I'm very unsure about this - should I give the right answer or the answer according to my passport?

Education Question

Oct 26th 2014
I'm a DV 2015 Selectee aged 61. I completed high school, but did not obtain an official diploma (just a letter stating the grades in my final year of HS. I immigrated to Canada shortly after HS and attended University and graduated with a diploma (4 year). I have tried to obtain a HS diploma, but the school no longer exists. My interview will be in Montreal. Does anyone have any thoughts on how sticky they will be about the HS diploma given that I have a university diploma?

haven't received SSN

Oct 26th 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm a 2014 DV selectee, I have arrived in the States three weeks ago. Looking up people's experiences online, they typically have received their ssn in the mail within a week to 10 days of arrival. Now I don't mind waiting for it to arrive in a few more weeks, but I'm just wondering whether a month or two wait time is normal or should I just go to the SSA office in my city to inquire about this soon. I have a job and it is still difficult to find time to make a visit to the...

haven't received SSN

Speculation about the delay of 2NLs this month

Oct 25th 2014
This post isn’t about facts, just some speculation about something that occurred to me overnight.

I have been watching the DV lottery process for nearly 2 years now, and during that time a certain “pattern” became clear.

First, when do they publish the VB?
If you phone KCC and ask when the Visa Bulletin (VB) will be ready, they will pretty much always tell you the 15th of the month as the “standard reply”. In “my” DV year (DV2014) I was able to phone KCC and get the numbers a few...

Speculation about the delay of 2NLs this month

DV2015 Winners from Sri Lanka

Oct 25th 2014
Please your case number here

Mine is 2015AS00011XXX

Dv 2013 kenyan selectees report here!!!!

Oct 24th 2014
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Kenyans who were selected for this year's program. We thank God for giving us this opportunity to explore what America has in store for us....we are optimistic despite all the challenges that we are going to face, uncertainty, and fear for the unknown will come to pass.
We kindly ask other previous winners to help us in answering some queries that we may have concerning green card