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For those that just received their 2NL - submission date survey

Jul 2nd 2015
Lots of people are keen to see whether the DS260 processing has sped up yet. So far they have gone "month for month" on when the DS260 was submitted. It would be helpful to gather some info of the DS260 submission date in the following format. This first one is a real one so I am particularly keen to see cases like this that have been current for a while but only submitted "late". These are the type of cases that will be most telling.

So - if you just received your 2NL - please reply to this...

For those that just received their 2NL - submission date survey

how to obtain india police report

Jul 2nd 2015

Last VB - The Final Countdown

Jul 2nd 2015
Since the final VB numbers are only a week or two away, I thought I'd post my predictions.

Here they are:

AFRICA 52,000 Egypt: 29,000
ASIA 9,500 Nepal: 7,300
EUROPE 40,000

What do you think?

Registration Form questions

Jun 29th 2015
Hi All,

What a great forum! I am from the Netherlands and my boyfriend and I will be applying for the DV lottery 2017. I have a few questions concerning the registration:

  1. My boyfriend and I are currently not married. We understood that if we do get married before the registration period (October this year) and we both register for the lottery, that if one of us gets selected to proceed in May, we both get recognized for this and can proceed the process of...

Registration Form questions

DV lottery 2014 further selection and interview location

Jun 28th 2015
I had filled DV lottery 2014 FORM from NEPAL(my home country) and also applied for second letter(further selection)from NEPAL.I am here in Australia since a month for my postgraduate .Can i give my interview from US embassy located at Sydney or should I(along with my spouse)have to go Nepal for the Interview???

How and where to file a complain for incorrect refusal from Visa Offer

Jun 26th 2015
I am a DV2015 winner from Cambodia. My case number is 2015AS1637. I am a graduated student. I just have a job for 6 months. I went to embassy for my interview on 25th of June. I prepared all the necessary documents for interview. My sponsor is my cousin of father side. He was born in the US. He is single and earned about 48000$ in 2014. During my interview the consular officer ask me about my sponsor who filled the I-134 form for me. The officer asked me who is my sponsor, where he live, what...

How and where to file a complain for incorrect refusal from Visa Offer

A Few Question

Jun 23rd 2015

Am from Egypt with CN AF178** , i would like to know if anyone knows the estimated interview time .
and what the case if i got married after the interview ?!

Thank you..

Over worked before

Jun 22nd 2015
I am a dv 2016 winner and worked before with j1 Visa in 2008. While filling my form, there was a question like this; have you ever violated a US VISA?
I noticed that with my j1, i could work till 01 oct, but i worked till 12 oct. Is that cause a problem if i write?

I missed my dv 2015 lottery

Jun 20th 2015
Dear all,
I just got e-mail from green card organization that i selected for further processing .Bu i submitted my application on 2013 for dv 2015. So it means i missed my chance for 1 year. The organization didn inform me on time.
Is there still chance to submit my application to KCC and do they accept?
I appreciate to all of you fro kind posts

where to file re entry permit

Jun 19th 2015
Hi , every body have a nice day ,i live in Tennessee and i want to file reentry permit by mail to uscis but am not sure where to send my application . plz if any body have an idea , thank you in advance

2015 DV Lottery winner

Jun 19th 2015
Dear All,

My friend won the 2015 green card lottery, he was interviewed on May the 6th, but he did not submit his high school certificate with his documents, but the consulate asked hime to sent the certificate later to the embassy and he did send. The consulate gave him his passport and he has not heard anything from them ever since.

Does it mean he got refused or is there still a hope that they will reconsider his documents and give him a visa for a green card eventually.

Many thanks to...

2015 DV Lottery winner

Is my CN high?

Jun 17th 2015
Thanks for this forum
I am a selectee of dv 2016 from Africa and my CN is AF45*** am really worried if I will get the visa though I submitted my DS-260 on 21 May.Is there a probability of getting one and if so when will the interview be.TIA.

Technical problems visa systems

Jun 17th 2015
Hi guys, lets discuss the technical visa issuance problems in this thread.
I have my DV visa interview scheduled for mid July. I am kinda worried about it.
Is there any report that they have cancelled or rescheduled any DV interviews since the technical problem?
Is there anyone who attended visa interview after June 9th?

Jun 17th 2015
Here's why… For the last 40 years, Diabetics have been treated like a "lost cause" by medical professionals. Even if that means I face persecution from those inside "the system"… to me, it's worth ANY cost if I can keep good people from suffering. Many supporters are like that and also that's a scenario to make a quick buck. OK?

The salt watermark over here so there keeper

Jun 17th 2015
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The salt watermark over here so there keeper

DV 2015 Winners from Jordan

Jun 15th 2015
Hello Jordanians, please post your winning / process / interview experience here. good luck for all.

DV winner 2016 Nepal - meet here

Jun 14th 2015
Hi Nepal friends,
Let us share our approaches and questions here which will help each-other and will make us to avoid any gap in preparation for visa interview.

2016 winner from kabul, afghanistan

Jun 14th 2015
Hi every body
I am selected as a winner for dv 2016,my case number is almost AS7000, last week I submitted my DS-260 online application.
The questions which I have as follow

1-How long do I wait to receive my second letter?
2-What question going to be asked by Co during the interview specially regarding my school education. do they ask educational questions for example about Geometry, chemistry, algebra, biology, or only they check my 12grade school certificate?

I studied during the war we...

2016 winner from kabul, afghanistan

DV 2012 AOS Only

Jun 13th 2015
This thread is for DV 2012 winners who are already in the US and plan on filing for Form I-485, Application for Adjustment of Status.

my dv number is low but got no intervie yet...

Jun 13th 2015
Thank you so much for this place that I hope I will find my anweres to my questions in it..
I am from Syria and I was one of the lucky sellectees for DV 2015 and my number is AS12$&@ , i was told my case number is law and I will get an interview soon but we are now in June and I haven't gotten an interview for my case. I emailed the KCC many times but all they said to login to their website and check my status.. I did that but i still have the same letter of sellection with no change. Also I...

my dv number is low but got no intervie yet...