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The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

Oct 26th 2016
Maybe mods can make this sticky. I think it'll be worthwhile- it's always interesting to see the progress other people have made when you are on a similar path. The idea is to add links to blogs etc here rather than fill this thread with posts. The ones below are the ones I am aware of/can remember ... Apologies if I forgot anyone but please add on.

CrawfinUSA - an Aussie in Maine:

Guriix - a Kenyan...

The "been there done that" thread: life in the US after DV

won from Sudan, 2017AF00025xxx

Oct 25th 2016
Hi everyone, is there's any selectees from Sudan?
i won, i'm Sudanese resident in KSA i just know i won after 2 months
at 28 of July i checked and found that i won for 2017 lottery.
i filled the DS 260 maybe at august!!
i edited it at September due i got new baby
we will fight to get the VISA, its better to die fighting

anyhow now i'm waiting the interview schedule, please pray for me and my family (wife, and 3 child).

error in the address of marriage?

Oct 25th 2016
I made an error in the address?
instead of putting the name of my city of marriage, I put postcode! (DS260 in my wife, but for mine, I put the right answer).
is that a problem?

Lottery visa phot missing/put photo of someone else

Oct 24th 2016
I have a big problem, I miss the name off my picture on my usb drive! SO I put another picture on my application.
I want to know if I can submit a new one with the good picture?
Please help me

I have more than one middle name, help please?

Oct 23rd 2016

In my country the full name consists of four names; my name, father's name, grandpa's name, and family name. In my birth certificate and passport, it's written fully in my native language- Arabic. In English, the two middle names (father and grandpa) are written as initials- (A. M.). The case is the same on my last visa to the US. In the DV application, it wasn't accepted to write the two initials (A. M.) due to the use of dots. What shall I do please? I should write it exactly as it...

I have more than one middle name, help please?

I need help before applyin'!!!

Oct 22nd 2016
So I got my child but we're n't stayin' same country that's why I'd like to know I can crop his previous photo but it's n't good qualite an' he can't immigre wit me if I get selected as instruction says we should list all the chidren even if they ain't longer stayin' wit us that's why I wanted to use this photo instead of leavin' him out

Green Card Lottery 2018

Oct 22nd 2016
Hi. I was just wondering if I can get this Green Card for 2018? I was born in Lithuania, but I live in Canada right now. Can I still get the card? Because if Yes, that would be just amazing.


DV 2017 EU Selectees

Oct 21st 2016
Congratulations to all the winners!

how to edit dv lottery application

Oct 20th 2016

i'm mohammad nazmus sakib chowdhury susan. i just submitted and application for dv lottery 2010 and got the confirmation number as well.

but the problem arised is i just have got to know that my father has decided to shift our present address. whereas i have submitted my current address. if i somehow got selected i wont be able to get the notification by mail service as my current address will be changed and i would be residing in a new address.

so what can i do in this...

how to edit dv lottery application

Just found out I was selected last year

Oct 18th 2016
Hi, my name is Ilyas and I just checked my confirmation number and I found out that I was selected randomly in May 2015 and it is June 21, 2016 now.My case number is AF000013××.I just submitted the form online since it says in the website that I still have till September 30,2016 to do so.
My question is:
I emailed Kentucky CC and they said that I needed to wait for several weeks for processing but I do not know if...

Just found out I was selected last year


Oct 18th 2016
what happens in a family set up in the event that one spouse the father is selected but is not willing to move to the USA....does it mean the spouse and the children listed who are under the age of 21 wont get a chance to go to the USA...

case 2...parents are selected but are not willing to move to USA what will happen to the children can they move on their own to USA under the fortune of their parents who got selected ....children of about 19 20 years of Age

Error in the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry

Oct 17th 2016
Dear friends
I need your help.
I am 2011 DV Lottery Winners. But Yestarday I found out that when completing the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form I made an error in the date of birth: instead of January of February.
How does this error affect the fate of my card and whether there is an opportunity to correct a mistake? Thank You

DV Education requirements

Oct 16th 2016

Myself and my partner are applying from the OC region for DV 2018 and neither of us have finished year 12. I have checked my job (IT Systems administrator) and it is in the appropriate bracket so I believe my application will be ok. However if my wife gets picked we may have some issues in getting approved. My question is, what kind of documents will we need from our employers in order to meet the requirements?

Her job is new homes sales consultant however she also has to prepare...

DV Education requirements


Oct 16th 2016
Hi mates, I am in the process of making an entry for the Diversity/Green Card visa lottery. I used the official photo tool to prepare (crop and save) my photo which had been professionally taken. I then used a photo checker online to validate the saved cropped photo and it passed all stages. To DOUBLE CHECK, I decided to RE-UPLOAD the saved cropped picture into the official photo tool. Unfortunately it does not fit and the whole image appears like I did not even crop it. Does it mean the...


Number of Educational Institutions Attended wrong ?

Oct 16th 2016
I spent three school level but in my DS260 I put two (secondary level and university level) but I did not put primary education.
Does that cause a problem during the interview?

Photo tool issue.

Oct 16th 2016

So basically i was trying to figure out whether my photo qualifies for the DV lottery or not, I had it professionally taken and it seems to meet every requirement, however when I opened the photo tool I couldn't seem to fit my hair within the bigger oval without misplacing the smaller one and I kept getting this error message, am I just overthinking this or is it really going...

Photo tool issue.

All Ethiopian 2015 DV Winners Meet Here!

Oct 15th 2016
Hi my people!

It's been almost two months since the winners are announced for DV 2015 but i don't see winners from my country. Please let's use this thread for 2015 Ethiopian DV winners. Ask, answer and participate. All will be benefiting and helping each other. We, the 2014 DV winners, will be by your side to help any time.

Come, participate. Information is power, i learned it from this forum! CHEERS!

need help for police record

Oct 15th 2016
hi all,
im winner with case number 7800 chargability from kuwait
during my education i studied in egypt for 2 yrs then transferred to north cyprus for 3 yrs and i got my Bsc
now when i applied last june for police record from egypt i recieved it last august and it was issued in july with validity of 3 month... which mean its about to expire now
while for north cyprus when i got it.. it was not mention the validity
the thing is i dont know when is my time of interview so i can have the record...

need help for police record

2017zimbabwean winners

Oct 13th 2016
meet here

DV 2015 - Site Issue - No confirmation number

Oct 12th 2016
Hello everyone,

today i was filling the DV 2015 form and instead of getting the confirmation number i get the same page where the infos are displayed with the text

"SUBMISSION IN PROGRESS" - "Your submission is currently in the process of being submitted. To retrieve your confirmation page, please click the "Check Submission" button below."

If i click on "Check Submission", nothing happened and it gave me always the same page with my infos.

I'm not submitting my application for...

DV 2015 - Site Issue - No confirmation number