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narrate your celebration when you won the lottery

Mar 27th 2017
5weeks from now the result will be out...Maybe the previous winners can tell us how they celebrated when they won...It will be a major boost for this year's participants...Goodluck in May

Green Card Holder who won the DV lottery

Mar 27th 2017
Hello there,

My husband obtained a green card in 2009.

In 2010, and for family reasons, he left to return to our home country (Malaysia) without any idea of the duration of that stay. He did not have the time to get a reentry permit at the time and has not returned to the US since then.

In 2016, he applied and won the 2017 DV Lottery visa. We have attended the interview and now awaiting for our passports and visas.

Based on the facts above,

- Is he considered to have relinquished his...

Green Card Holder who won the DV lottery

Passport due to expire just over 6 months after interview - should I renew before or after interview

Mar 26th 2017
Based on my number for DV-2017, I am likely to get an interview pretty late in the process - September 2017. My passport expires on 20 May 2018. That's still definitely more than 6 months after I would enter the US following receiving my diversity visa, assuming it all works out.

But I'm worried applying for a new passport while my case is being processed by the Kentucky Consular Center could make things more complicated.

Is it better to renew my passport now before the interview, or would...

Passport due to expire just over 6 months after interview - should I renew before or after interview

DV 2018 - Questions

Mar 18th 2017

I applied on October 2016 and got a confirmation number starting with 2017xxxxxxxx
I believe that I shall check on May 2017 for the results. However, and despite the fact it is definitely not guaranteed and it requires a whole lot of good luck to be selected, I do have few questions to list.

My main concern is names as I see many posts from Egyptian fellows requesting about how to address names properly and it is confusing!

1- Supposing this is my name as it...

DV 2018 - Questions

Historical Visa Bulletin Numbers - 5 regions

Mar 16th 2017
For the 5 regions - data gathered from various sources - including the OC spreadsheet - thanks guys.

Document translations and USA address

Mar 13th 2017
So one week ago I finally got the email with the interview date at the USA embassy.

I'm scheduled for late April, so I have about 6 week to prepare.

I still have no actual address in the USA. I used one of those mail forwarders and I'm not sure that will cut it at the interview. Should I just book a hotel there and give that address? Can I even change it at this point?

Regarding all official documentation I have to gather, I think it has to be translated, but what are the...

Document translations and USA address

2nd draw will be held?

Mar 11th 2017
I have been recently reading that a 2nd draw will be held because of the travel ban , and that in order to fullfill the 50k visas! Is that true ? We are asking britsmon please reply

DV 2018- derivatives

Mar 10th 2017

Just a question. I am an Australian looking to immigrate to USA.

I am currently 18 and to improve my odds in gaining a green card, is it possible for my mother to also apply for the lottery? She would do all the necessary application and card activation process but has no intention of moving to the USA, letting me gain a GC as a derivative?

Is this even possible?


April 2017 Visa Bulletin

Mar 10th 2017
Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed Separately
AFRICA Current Except:
Egypt: 24,500
Ethiopia: 29,100

ASIA Current Except:
Iran: 6,300
Nepal: 5,300

EUROPE Current
and the CARIBBEAN Current

DV2017 Egyptian winners meet here

Mar 9th 2017
Good Afternoon..

Congratulations for those who made it this year. I created this thread to share our experiences after being selected in DV2017. I am an Egyptian currenlty residing and working in Saudi Arabia and I choosed to have my interview in Cairo.

inquiry about updating DS-260 application

Mar 7th 2017
hi all,

im dv winner case number As78** sudanese citizen kuwait chargeability. i need some help

1) i got new job hopefully will start by the coming month. i dont wanna re-open my application to avoid any more delays for it fine just to mention that in the interview.

2) i remember when i filled my application i ticked "yes" if i had received vaccinations in accordance with u.s. law...i do have record from kuwait hospital back in the days but i dont know if its as per US law?...

inquiry about updating DS-260 application

New Travel Ban

Mar 7th 2017
Hi All,

This morning a new travel ban was signed by U.S. President, Donald Trump. BritSimon provided a lot of good info for you to understand a little more the implications of this, specially on DV cases.

Here is the link:

Academic certificates and consulate interview for green card.

Mar 5th 2017
Hello my name is Sylvester.M.Alexander from Tanzania.I won this year lottery for permanent residency(GREENCARD).But I have one concern about my visa chance. The concern is that my names in educational certificates, which are critical ingredient of visa eligibility, appear slightly different from the names in my birth certificate and passport(which are correctly and in the same pattern).But,for my academic certificates names appear as ALEX M SILVERSTER(O'Level),ALEX M SYLVESTER(A'level) and...

Academic certificates and consulate interview for green card.

Problem after winning dv lottery 2017

Mar 3rd 2017
I've a problem in my dv lottery win, I failed to record one of my children in the initial entry bcz he didn't have a photo.
His age at time of entry was 5 months old.
in my ds260 form, i clicked on as applicant and started to add my 2nd son details, after that, i realized that this may disqualify my whole case, so i stopped completing the additional form of my 2nd son.
In my form and in my wife's form, i answered the question "how many children you have" by the truth...

Problem after winning dv lottery 2017

Just found out I was selected last year

Mar 2nd 2017
Hi, my name is Ilyas and I just checked my confirmation number and I found out that I was selected randomly in May 2015 and it is June 21, 2016 now.My case number is AF000013××.I just submitted the form online since it says in the website that I still have till September 30,2016 to do so.
My question is:
I emailed Kentucky CC and they said that I needed to wait for several weeks for processing but I do not know if...

Just found out I was selected last year

how to edit dv lottery application

Mar 1st 2017

i'm mohammad nazmus sakib chowdhury susan. i just submitted and application for dv lottery 2010 and got the confirmation number as well.

but the problem arised is i just have got to know that my father has decided to shift our present address. whereas i have submitted my current address. if i somehow got selected i wont be able to get the notification by mail service as my current address will be changed and i would be residing in a new address.

so what can i do in this...

how to edit dv lottery application

Trump and the DV lottery

Mar 1st 2017
I don't want this thread to be a political debate, but just to answer a simple question.. If he is elected, what are the chances of the congressionally mandated lottery being suspended for good? Does a president have the power to cancel the program?

DV related analysis sources - useful links - gathered in one place

Feb 27th 2017
Hey Guys, I would like to collect some useful stuff together. If you want to add things that you find useful, reply here and I will try to categorize/track them on this first post so they are all easily available any time.

**Official U.S. Government Website to enter the lottery**

USCIS info
Visa Bulletin home -

DV related analysis sources - useful links - gathered in one place

2017zimbabwean winners

Feb 26th 2017
meet here

DV 2017 Administrative Process (AP) Cases

Feb 23rd 2017
Hi every one, I am a DV-2017 winner. I was interviewed on November 2nd in Ankara/Turkey and my case were put to AP. Where can I check the status of my case ? I checked the CEAC but it says: " Invalid Immigrant Visa Case Number."

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