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Changing from AOS to Consular Processing

Mar 29th 2014
Due to a high case number Im considering changing from AOS to CP. Two questions

1. What is the proper process? Do I just email KCC? Do I have to now send the DSP230?

2. Has anyone done it this year? How long did it take? Did you have any problems?


Different Signature on DS230 and passport...

Mar 29th 2014
Dear ALL,

My wife(principle applicant) has signature in native language in her passport. But Once coming to US, she has been using English signature in all the documents including Driver's License. When sending forms to KCC, she has used English signature. Now will it be a problem during interview since signature in passport and forms does not match? If so, how can it be corrected? The only way I can think is making a new passport and sign that in English. Your suggestion is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

CEAC update Ready and 2nd NL

Mar 27th 2014
So I checked CEAC and it is updated to READY. The thing is that there are only for 3 persons. My father, my mother and my brother. Not me since I've aged out. The question is that my father is preparing all documents requiring for interview. Should he prepare documents for me? Like my birth certificate, my court and police records etc etc ?
Thank You.

Passport Problems

Mar 26th 2014
Hi folks,

I have a quick query regarding passports eligibility. Basically we have completed our green card interview in December and the embassy are waiting on a copy of my babys passport which has just been born last week.

We are Irish citizens living in Spain where the baby was born and basically to obtain an Irish passport it can take 12 weeks where as we can obtain a Spanish one for the baby in one day.

My main point is that myself and my wife have applied through our Irish passports and would need to add the baby on with a Spanish passport, does anyone see why this would be a problem? We need to be in the US before the 8th of June as this is when our medicals run out, therefore realistically we need to have everything completed before the end of April/Middle of May at the latest.

Im thinking that our country of changeability was Ireland, and with the baby having a Spanish passport, where would she be charged to?

police report

Mar 26th 2014
hi everyone
we ve(me n wife) been in europe for more than 4 years now, i ve never vist my home due to study pressure but my wife has been twice. on this case do i need the police report from my own country as well as m interviewing in europe. m from asia. some advice will helpful.

Fee Payment

Mar 24th 2014
-Hello guys, I had an Interview at embassy last week and I paid the fee ($330), but I was asked to send some other documents so now I scheduled another appointment. I want to know if I have to pay $330 again or that I paid once I don't have to do that again, I have the ticket that I did the payment?
Thanks in advance :) ...


Mar 24th 2014
Another question I sent to lockbox the birth certificate and passport with some mistakes.I got now the corrected passport and birth certificate. My plan is to bring the corrected ones on my interview. Is that okay?Is there any possibility to correct the one I sent through infopass?

dv winner asia 2014

Mar 24th 2014
my case no is 122** and i m from nepal as i have only seen upto case no 13*** from nepal..what are my chances for second letter????

Medical Exam...

Mar 24th 2014
I need you assistance about Medical Exam. On "INSTRUCTIONS FOR MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS IV/DV/K-1" form, on the first question is... :
"Illness or injury requiring hospitalization (including psychiatric)"
I have been in hospital many times from high temperature, nothing serious, and I stopped going like 10 years ago, and one time when I injured my eye 9 years ago but it is completely healed, also my brother has been in hospital like 10 years ago from high temperature.

My father says that we should tick NO because there were not serious problems and they were long gone.
Should I tick Yes or No on the form?

Thank You.

Contacting KCC on someones behalf

Mar 24th 2014
Does anyone know whether it's ok to contact KCC on the DV candidates behalf to inquire about status. My family member does not speak english very well and i'm worried that he would now be able to communicate with the KCC staff. If I have all of his information and confirmation numbers, would I be able to contact KCC on his behalf to make sure all of his paperwork was received and is in order?

Also, does the KCC usually send back a confirmation when you apply after the first notification?



police certificate

Mar 24th 2014
I'm from Asia (not Nepal or Iran). I and my family lived in Korea for 6 years then went back to my country on Oct 2013. Just before we leave we both obtained police certificate from korean police. But my CN is quite high (AS 112xx), so still I haven't yet interview now. If I become current in July or August, do we need to reissue police certificate? Especially my wife went back to Korea to finish her study there, will be back for interview.

Need help, please!!

Mar 23rd 2014
So, my boyfriend who's from Malaysia was very lucky to get the DV visa last week. And he was planning to come to US in May. However, here is the problem: back in 2011, he was on OPT(after his undergraduate studies with F-1 visa) status, but he had a overall more than 90 days unemployment, which means he overstayed (for about 2-3 month) before he left US in 2011. My question is, is the US custom going to find out this overstay? My guess is that they really need to look at IRS records (tax filing), otherwise how would they know since it wasn't on his visa or passport. Will there a chance that my boyfriend may be rejected at the custom? Thank you so much! I'm so so so worried now.......

DV 2014 winner

Mar 22nd 2014
Hello everyone am a new member here. Is there any Nigerian that won the DV 2014 here? Please I 'very got questions thanks.


Mar 22nd 2014
Dear s

I want to know which Vaccination required for the medical test specially form UAE.


Assistance required

Mar 21st 2014
Hello guys,

Would it be a problem for refusal of a Student visa (F1), if my parents live in the US after winning the DV lottery as LPR?

Financial advice for Young DV Winners

Mar 21st 2014
Hi all,

I am a 23 year old male, freshly out of university (I graduated last year). I've been perusing the forums and time after time I've seen in threads many people asking the question concerning having a bank statement to present to the CO just in case it's necessary in an interview. Also, there has been mention of a "safe" minimum amount of money to have in your bank account that people generally try not to go under, for fear of being denied a visa.
I for one by the time of my interview can not amass that amount of cash in 2 months as I am only employed in an internship capacity right now. My parents are very much willing to facilitate my move to the US granted a successful interview but can only provide maybe half of the "threshold" amount. I do have family living in the US currently who are ready and willing to provide an I-134, even though I will be living on my own.

My question is, as a fresh university graduate who by the time of my interview will have 'some' money but definitely not all the money to make up 10K. Should an affidavit of support and probably half to three quarters of the "threshold" amount be enough financial proof?

What recommendations do you have in terms of finances for someone at a young age looking to make this move?

Affidavit of support

Mar 21st 2014
Hi guys, I have a sponsor that has signed for me the I-134 form and he has already sent to me a recently issued job letter that includes information on length of employment and salary, tax return transcript and most recent tax year W-2s for all jobs held do I have to bring at the interview his bank extract or this documents should be enough?
Thank you :)

Quick help plz

Mar 20th 2014
Hi american dream first I want to thank all of you for the help you provide
Just one week to my interview i wonder if the family name of my mother mentioned at the forms is different from birth certificate can cause problems (and a little others mistake) and if it's possible to provide a new form on the day of the interview without i turn into PA?

Maintaining Greencard

Mar 19th 2014
Hi all,

I, my wife and my son won a GC through lottery. Last summer I entered the USA and we got our greencards. However, in order to live there I have to find a job, and I can not leave my current job for good, so

1- I only can go to the US one month per year for looking for job, obtaining a job abroad is almost impossible. This summer I do not want to take my 4 years old son with me, so I and my wife will travel. Can this be a problem for him or for us for entry?

2- We traveled last year and we will travel again this summer and I was not aware of re-entry permit, will it cause a problem?

3- I am not working in the US, shall I declare any tax document?

I am confused with too many topics,

Any help is appreciated.

Dv green card validity 5 years or 10 years

Mar 19th 2014
Anybody knows the Green card validity for 5 years or 10 upon 1st arrival of DV winner.?