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B-1 visa overstay

May 27th 2015
Hi friends we been selected for dv2014, CN EU00010XXX... few years ago I overstayed my US B-1visa for 2 DAYS only by mistake( long story).. I didnt know that... next time i went for holidays to US again, my visa was cancelled cos of overstay but I was permited to withdrawn my application for admission.
can we be succesfull in interwiew? any similiar stories? Thanks

A confusing case if you could help me,

May 27th 2015
Hi, i am a Dv Lottery 2016 winner, with the case number AS000055** i had some questions regarding my case and i wish if you could answer me please.
1)my child is going to be 21 years in the 5/1/2016 . According to the Us law all the derivative immigrants (if they are child) should enter the USA when they are under the age of 21. I am worrying about this.
2)what do you think that when will be my interview date ?
3)do they make appointment date according to case number or according to the time...

A confusing case if you could help me,

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May 26th 2015
hi everyone,
i just found out this forum today. and i read very useful information in it. i have some questions as well. first, i got married last summer to country of birth for 2 months. and during that period i got married. but i forget to input my 2 months residence in my country of birth in online application form. however i entered information about my marriage date and date place accurately. question is : should i reopen my online application form and do some changes ?
second, my wife...

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May 25th 2015

Nese ka ndonje fitues nga Kosova qe e percjell kete forum ju lutem te na shkruani ketu ne menyre qe ta ndihmojme njeri tjetrin.

Me respekt

DV2016 Kenyan Winners

May 25th 2015
Am DV2016 Af35xxx, Am assuming interview date, maybe- may, June or July 2016. Will get there soon, Hopefully we exchange ideas and be prepared.

All dv winners with EU CN 3x,xxx to 39,999 it's our time will we make it?

May 22nd 2015
Hi I would like to start this thread for all EU winners in the 30 thousand cohort. It's our time from May and onwards. Let's share our experience and support each other in these crucial months. Will we all make it through the eye? Will the visa bulletin clear the 30 thousand bracket an reach the cohort anxiously waiting in the next bracket 40,000 to 49,999?

It's been a long wait 30K cohort but now we are up. Will June and July clear us all or is August needed too. Will the process end for us...

All dv winners with EU CN 3x,xxx to 39,999 it's our time will we make it?

Leave the US while waiting for the green card

May 22nd 2015
I am a DV lottery 2015 winner. I would like to enter the US, get my visa stamped, rent a place to receive my green card, return to my country, stay at my current work for another 4 months, and then move finally to the US.
When I enter the US the second time (4 months after first entry) will I have any problems entering without the green card?

Reopen DS-260 more than 1 time

May 22nd 2015
Is there any issues with requesting for a second reopening of ds-260? I missed some critical information which I missed during my first reopening of the form. Does this raise any red flags or delays the selection?

Finding a job in the USA

May 22nd 2015
hello, lets share ideas as to how to find a job in the USA.

Dv2015 south america

May 21st 2015
I am a selectee for the dv2015 for south america. My case number is SA2015 17xx. On previous years the cap wouldcut off just before reaching the 1800's any idea why this year's the numbers on the visa bulletin are moving so slow? Will they pick up the next 3 months?
By this time last year they were calling the 1500's already and the cap for next june is 1175.

Some help please ?

May 21st 2015
Hello, I just received this email notification :

You have received this email notification to inform you that you have updates available at http: //www dvlottery state gov/ESC. Please log in using your confirmation number from your original application to complete further processing.

but, when I browse the website & check it, there is actually no changes.
is it normal ? what should I do in this case ?

My case number is : 2015AF000341XX

One other question : will it a problem if I get...

Some help please ?

DV 2015 winners from Europe

May 20th 2015
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread (copying the one of OC) for fellow DV 2015 winners from Europe to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I would like us to keep track with a list of all members and their status.

EU Summary as of May 1 data...

May 20th 2015
Status as of May 1

View attachment 495

When to file 260 to delay interview.

May 20th 2015
Hi guys. Lets share some tips & tricks.

My case number is AS000055xx.
When should I submit my Ds-260 in order to get a visa interview in April or May 2015.
(Reason for this is, I can not travel to US before October, 2015 - job contract issues. For example, if I get a Visa in February, I have to travel within 6 months, which is August - not suitable for me).
So, here is my estimation: If I submit my DS-260 on January 1st. It will take minimum 4-8 weeks to get fully processed. Lets say it gets...

When to file 260 to delay interview.

DV 2015 Oceania winners

May 19th 2015
Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread for fellow DV 2015 Oceania winners to share thoughts, stories and progress.

I am a little nervous as my case number is high (17XX) but have my fingers crossed.

Now it's just a waiting game!

I made a mistake in DS-260

May 19th 2015
Hi all, I have a problem which is confusing:

in fact, i have realized that i did a mistake in the DS-260 with one of the middle names !!!!

1- it's bit strange as we are using a "long Name system" in Egypt which means that they write (full 5 names) in the official documents !
2- when i filled up the DV entry, i put my Surname, Given name , As i remember, when i entered the DS-260 form for the first time, it was already written in the form as per the DV-entry
3-how can i correct that ? ( i...

I made a mistake in DS-260

1st NL gone / Session Timed Out

May 19th 2015
Hi All

I was getting the STO message like alot of you last week. On May 7 I finally got the 1st NL to display )!! However I am now having some issues when trying to get the information. Im trying to get my CN so that I can file DS-260 but when I put in my confirmation I am either getting a invalid information on the ESC status page or once or twice I have gotten the "NOT BEEN SELECTED" to display.

I emailed KCC to ask for their advice on this. My CN was in the high 30'000's something like...

1st NL gone / Session Timed Out

Permanent address on DS-260 form

May 18th 2015
Hi Sm1smom,
DS-260 form asks for a "Permanent Address in US".
Is this asking my future permanent address in the US ?
just any permanent address of my any know persons where I can choose to get my Green card delivered ?

There are 1-2 my distantly known persons in US. But they hesitate to share their address.
What I should be doing in this case ?

Please guide me.

Successful interview in Riyadh DV-2015

May 18th 2015
Hi All, I would like to thank all members in this forum.
anyone did interview in Al Riyad please support for Doc. Preparation and all process he/she did.

DV 2015 Winners Meet Here

May 17th 2015
Hello everyone,

I created this forum in order for us to share any information about DV 2015 winners.
You guys can post any inquiry you have.

I hope we can work together until we get the Visa.

Cheers DV 2015 Winners Family !!!

Facebook page: