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DV 2017

Sep 25th 2016
I win DV lottery 2017 with My son who is eleven months old ans he will not immigrate with me now. He will immigrate later.
I would like to know if it is necessary to fill his own DV 260 form, or I have to fill only My DV 260 form.

Multiple DV Applicant

Sep 24th 2016
Hi All,
I just joined the forum, but happen to read it for three years. Very therapeutic.
I have a question. I've applied for DV Lottery in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, skipped 2014. Never been selected. I tried to make sure that everything I enter during application process is aligned with official rules. Could it be some general mistake that lets me register, but serves as basis for automatic disqualification?

Administrative Processing gone wild

Sep 22nd 2016
My dear friends

I wished I was never on this forum, but I am because of AP(administrative processing)... Well ; my history was quite diabolical! i started a new thread.
I had applied for a B1B2 visa in April 2006, i got into AP...and on 21 st December 2006 i received my visa, so i visited the US in 2006 and then again in 2009, the visa was valid till 2011.

On 15 th June 2016 i applied again, but...

Administrative Processing gone wild

DV lottery and traveling | Immigrant Intent

Sep 21st 2016

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but here's hoping...

Is there anything to suggest that entering the DV lottery impacts your ability to travel the USA?

I applied for 2017 and missed out, and will be applying for 2018. I'm also planning to travel the US next year for a holiday.

I have read that officers at POE are checking for 'immigrant intent'. Does entering the DV lottery show immigrant intent? Is applying for the DV lottery likely to influence my ability to travel to...

DV lottery and traveling | Immigrant Intent

Is the Form I-134 mandatory for F1 visa holders?

Sep 15th 2016
Hey,Thanks a lot for the information.
I still have a concern about the form affidavit of support. I am currently in the US under the F1 status and I want to know if it is mandatory to fill out the form I-134 for winning the DV lottery under that status. If yes, can a anyone from my original country sponsor me (i.e. the person that is sponsoring my studies)?

Family name correction

Sep 15th 2016
hello every one and thanks for this great forum
I was selected for the dv 2017 but I made a mistake in entering my data when applied . Im a Sudanese and we have no Surname or middile names in our passports every body have 4 names after each others in one line
So I entered the first three names as first/ middle and family name but I missed my 4th name.
Is there anywhere I can add my last name ? Or should I write me name as written in the passport?

Please advice

Thanks in advance

Is a scam website?

Sep 14th 2016
Hi All,
I just paid $59 for this service only to find out it is NOT the official US federal government website. I have 2 questions.

1. Can someone tell if my information is safe with this website?

2. Should I reapply through the official website (since if an application is filled twice you are disqualified)?

Thanks so much,


Time of submitting application.

Sep 12th 2016

For all those who won the DV lottery. Is there a time at all through the application period to enter for a higher chance.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but would applying first thing or last thing give a higher chance of being selected?

When did you winners submit your application during the period?

Admins if this isn't allowed feel free to remove

October 2016 visa bulletin released - November interviews

Sep 9th 2016

AF - 13500
Egypt - 7500
Ethiopia - 7500

Asia - 3000
Nepal - 2000

EU - 13000

OC - 475

SA - 575

Marriage after been selected Q/A

Sep 8th 2016
Hello to everybody! I was single when i enterd the dv15 and was selected, my cn number is eu00014XXX. I've got married 2 months ago and my wedding was religious wedding so my wife and i did not officially registered it at that time. We recently applied for marriage certificate but in our country u have to wait for it around 30 days to get it in your hands. I am planning to submit the DS260 as soon as i get the certificate. So my questions are: 1. How far can it delay our interview with my...

Marriage after been selected Q/A

question about the address parmanente ?

Sep 7th 2016
. For the receipt of the green card we need a parmanente address in usa for delivery of this card. I have a cousin who is resident in usa and I put the address in my DS260. My question is: if ever my friend change of address. What can I do at the time of the interview?

DV2017 2nd draw has taken place

Sep 7th 2016
There was an announcement on the Ghana US embassy twitter account.

All Ethiopian 2017 DV Winners Meet Here!

Sep 4th 2016
congratulations to all DV 2017 Ethiopian winners !!!

DV 2017 Selectees

Sep 3rd 2016
Please let us know if you won in DV 2017.

dv lottery 2018 comes up

Sep 1st 2016
I would like to know if possible to use my last year photo for applyin' in comin' up dv lottery 2018

Anynews for dv2018

Aug 30th 2016
cant find info about it, need help please

Temporary I-551 Stamps

Aug 30th 2016
Hello Everybody,

Please I need your help, I got a position with Nintendo Of America, and I did all the paperwork and drug screening test and I was about to start tomorrow; and I received a call few minutes ago they said My I-551 isn't valid; it's expired, the visa was issued on February 19 2016 and expired on August 03 2016 ; but I said I was admitted to the USA on June 14 2016 and upon endorsement, it serves as 1 year permanent residence green card, she just kept saying it's expired and...

Temporary I-551 Stamps

Confused on error message am always getting

Aug 28th 2016
I paid 165 dollars each for Greencard before relocating to u.s with my family. When I check for all four case status online with the receipt number I got, below is the error am getting

Validation Error(s)
You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

Anyone else ever experienced this. Please advice. Thanks

DV 2017 winners from Nepal

Aug 27th 2016
lets all winner from Nepal meet here with our queries & experiences. maybe it helps others in some ways.

name error in derivative

Aug 26th 2016
Hi I hope you can help.. I've been picked for the dv lottery and have been scheduled with an interview date at the London Embassy in October. I got married shortly after entering last year and I have added my spouse's name correctly to my ds 260 and filled one out for him but in an oversight entered his first name in the surname box and visa versa and left out a letter in his fathers name. His details are correct in my form. It's to late to unlock and change. Is there anything I can or...

name error in derivative