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Using a name in DS260 that differs slightly from DV application form

Dec 4th 2016

In my country there is no such thing as a middle name, but an analog "patronymic name" is often used instead. Patronymic names are lengthy and, as far as I understand, do not match the concept of a middle name. Example: an Ivan, son of Viktor, would have a full name (given + patronymic) Ivan Viktorovich.

I specified my first name as a combination of first name and patronymic name during DV application (I also used it in the past for a B2 visa), so in 1NL they refer to me as in...

Using a name in DS260 that differs slightly from DV application form

Dv 2014 Kenyan Selectees report here

Dec 2nd 2016
I have created this new thread for the Eastern Africans to use as we pray and hope this new soft ware will work this time round. lets cross our fingures hoping the old forums can be recovered and some how link them to this thread.

Two most important things to do when after arriving in US

Nov 27th 2016
Hello my dear friends,
Just wanted to share my experience with new guys who arrive in US. These are the two things that you have to do day 1 after landing in US.
1) Pass your road test and get your driving license. If you don't know driving, then learn it now while you are in your home country. Don't wait till you get to US, learn it now.
2) Contact a bank and get a secure credit card. This will initiate your credit history. The earlier you get it, the...

Two most important things to do when after arriving in US

DV 2016 Winners Meet Here

Nov 23rd 2016
The problem with seems to be fixed now.

My friend just confirmed that he received 1NL with EU 263xx number.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Problem with the second confirmation email?

Nov 22nd 2016
Problem with the second confirmation email? I just received the confirmation mail for the appointment with the embassy. In the mail, there is the date of the appointment and at the bottom of the email I can not find the name of my new wife despite that I inserted her well. That's what I find :

Case Number: 2017AF000XXXXX
Principal Applicant Name: XXXXX
Preference Category: DV DIVERSITY
Foreign State Chargeability: XXXXX

Case Number: 2017AF000XXXX
Applicant Name: XXXXXXXXXXX...

Problem with the second confirmation email?

Gabam here

Nov 21st 2016
Hey my friends, I used to be on this forum. I am a winner of this visa. My well wishes to you guys. Be patient and hopeful, you will get your visas. God bless you!!!!

December 2016 Visa Bulletin - For January Interviews

Nov 14th 2016





Bye Bye DV Lottery !

Nov 11th 2016
The nightmare has turned into reality.

The president elect has clear agenda on immigration.

Personally speaking, I don't see DV program continuing in Trump era.

Of course, he can't scrape the program like that, for that he'll need congress' approval. However, his
party has the majority in the congress too. So getting the congress' stamp won't be difficult.

As the proceedings for DV 2018 has already taken place, so may be they announce the winners
on May 2, 2017. However, after that...

Bye Bye DV Lottery !

DV 2017 - Education Q

Nov 10th 2016
I won the lottery and my interview is in Skopje(Macedonia), but my high school diploma is informal, because I passed my 4 years education in 3 years, I also have finished 3 years of university.Do you think that I may have a problem with it?

I don't have any experience job.

DV-2017 Wrong Photo or Not?

Nov 10th 2016
Hello All!
I am afraid about my photo sent with my application to DV-2017. Is it possible to be disqualification now? I have been randomly selected at May-03-2016, sent DS260 and have case number 22xxx. Is it mean that photo is good enought? I don't know what to expect.
My photo is wrong because of online validator (my face is too big, and eyes aren't on the valid area but the other ways of photo are good). Have you ever heard about situation like mine? I don't want to lose my opportunity...

DV-2017 Wrong Photo or Not?

Trump and the DV lottery

Nov 9th 2016
I don't want this thread to be a political debate, but just to answer a simple question.. If he is elected, what are the chances of the congressionally mandated lottery being suspended for good? Does a president have the power to cancel the program?

NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Nov 8th 2016
Hi all.

It has been a while since posting on these forums. Since our move to the US in January we have been very busy settling in and getting everything sorted. Loving it so far.

I am hoping that some one can give me some information regarding the Green Card for my Child.

My wife and I activated our Green Cards in March 2015 and had them sent to Australia. After that we had our son. When we arrived in Dallas in January 2016, my wife and I had our young 5 month old son with us.

When he...

NA3 Status to getting Green Card

Dv 2018 photo

Nov 8th 2016
Hello, I took my own photo for the application and I'm fairly certain that it does meet most if not all of the requirements. However for scanned photos they require the photos to be 2x2in and my photos (not scanned, taken with a digital camera and resized using the tools they provided to properly place the head,etc) was 8x8in but still 600x600px. Am I supposedly safe should I happen to be selected for further processing?

So to summarise my digital photo frame size is 8x8in not 2x2in but it...

Dv 2018 photo


Nov 7th 2016
Hey there I know this is kinda a last minute but I just found out about electronic diversity visa lottery thought of giving it a try.
I have little difficulty in filling out the form with regards to the name column. It would be great if someone could help me out here.
my name is Samir MohammadAli Shaikh

first name------Samir
middle name---MohammadAli
family name----Shaikh

in my passport the column for family name has been left blank
and the given name column has been filled out as Samir...


Entering and leaving dates for new Green card holders

Nov 6th 2016
Hi there!

If I was to be chosen for a green card and go through all the processing and get issued a green card are there any standard dates which you need to enter the US?

I was recently on a J1 student visa and had to enter the US on a specific date (1 year from the day of my graduation).

If I was to received a green card would I have to leave my current country of residence (not US) immediately, within a month, or a year? Is there a time frame? Are there any restrictions on leaving and...

Entering and leaving dates for new Green card holders

1 Query about the visa validate

Nov 6th 2016
Dears, winner DV meat the consoler, pass the interview and get the visa, DV2015 to him and he's derivatives then for any other reasons they couldn't go to US for the next 6 months, before the visa get expired can they visit the embassy again and renew it to go, he have some issues on he's work right now, so can he just renew the visa and the medical check up and get the airplan tickets to go finally?!?

Acro Police Certificate U. K Please comment on my case

Nov 6th 2016
Hi all. Am a dv2016Af35xxx selectee winner. I lived in the u. K since 2001-2008 .On March 6 2008 immigration caught up with me cause I was working illegally on student visa and I was removed from u. K. Note that I wasn't arrested by police but immigration and I was not sent to court but detention center waiting for removal. While in the u. K I had very clean record, only issue was my visa run out. I have now applied for police certificate from acro, which will be ready on 18th. this month...

Acro Police Certificate U. K Please comment on my case

Dv photo query

Nov 5th 2016
Can the dv photo be 1200*1200 i.e width 1200 pixels height 1200 pixels be fine? Somewhere in the instructions it says has to be exact 600*600 pixel and somewhere it shows minimum 600*600 and maximum 1200*1200 . Could anyone please help

Is there's any one make he's interview in Riyadh Ksa?!

Nov 5th 2016
Dears, anyone meet the embassy consoler in KSA Riyadh embassy?!
Diversity lottery with he's family?!

DV 2017 Administrative Process (AP) Cases

Nov 4th 2016
Hi every one, I am a DV-2017 winner. I was interviewed on November 2nd in Ankara/Turkey and my case were put to AP. Where can I check the status of my case ? I checked the CEAC but it says: " Invalid Immigrant Visa Case Number."

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