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Need advice!!!

Jul 25th 2014
Hello how is everyone doing.
I'm a bit worried, more than a month has passed and I still haven't received my GC, what to actually do, who to contact. Thanks, as always you're really helpful.

Social Security Card

Jul 23rd 2014
Hello All, I just got in to my new place of residence New Jersey (DV 2014 Winner). My issue is that everything I try to do they are asking for my SSN. Anyone knows if it will be sent to me automatic if so how long? Or do I have to apply for it locally, When I fill out the from for the Dv lottery I selected the box for a SSN so I'm thinking it will be mailed to me but I'm not sure!

Visa sticker error - please help

Jul 23rd 2014
Today, my brother and his wife recieved his visa package today from FedEx

My brother was born in Morocco and he is syria citizen only

His wife is the dv winner
When he checked his visa sticker ,
It says
Country of birth: morocco
Country if nationality :

Is this an error ?
I already sent the embassy an email and waiting for a reply. But I need your output. Is the country of nationality supposed to be Syria ?

DV Lottery

Jul 22nd 2014
I want to register green card lottery directly by the us government.
I have looked at the site:, but didn't see any option.

As I presume the next green card lottery is for dv-2016 about 1/10/14 - 2/11/14 - (am I right!?), but I couldn't register, and don't know whether the above site is opened or whether it is the correct one, or shall I use other site?

What details shall I give in order to register the green card lottery.

Any help will be...

DV Lottery

2015 selectee - Need your help

Jul 22nd 2014
Hello there,

I would have a few questions for you guys, and I thank you all in advance for your answers... You've been really helpful to us so far !!

Ok, here it goes:
1. My wife was selected at the 2015 lottery, CN EU2015 19xx.
Based on previous years, when do you think our interview should be scheduled ? Still in 2014 ?

2. When we submitted our application, we had to provide the last five trips to US, which we did.
We just got back from our annual vacay over there. Should I update the...

2015 selectee - Need your help

police certificate

Jul 21st 2014
My interview will be in Montreal. I immigrated from Russia to Canada and now have a Canadian citizenship. I ordered a Police Certificate from Canadian police with my current name and my previous name which I had ,when I immigrated to Canada. However I have also my maiden name which I never used in Canada. Should I ask Police to also include it ? Should I proceed with fingerprinting in addition ?

DV 2014 Europe - case number

Jul 20th 2014

My case number is 2014EU36xxx. It seems pretty high.

Does anyone know if I have the chance to be scheduled for an interview and to take dv visa with this number?

Thank you.

DV embassy interview question

Jul 20th 2014
I have been invited for DV2013 embassy interview.
How much time elapses between the interview and getting the entry permit stamp and (importantly)the
passport returned to me?

My appointment is at 0800 on the day and I have a plane to catch that night for
a business trip.

Very Urgent-need your help, Name Mistake in the 2nd letter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 20th 2014
Hi ,I am DV 2014 winner , i have received my 2nd interview letter and my interview next September ,i fond a mistake in my daughter name(spelling) ,I think, I did it in the initial enter,instead of write Abeer Kareem Ali, i wrote Abeer Karim Ali, and when i send forms to KCC i wrote the correct name(Abeer Kareem Ali),but when i received the 2nd letter still with mistake one (Abeer Karim Ali)and all her documents(passport,birth certificate) with the correct name (Abeer Kareem Ali),please advise...

Very Urgent-need your help, Name Mistake in the 2nd letter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

need help asap

Jul 19th 2014
Hi everyone
I just saw this forums a couple hours ago when I was loking for informations about Aos through dv lottery. I am F1 visa currently and my interview is on the 22 of this month. The thing is I don't know if I have to bring the I134 since they just ask me on the IL to come with a proof of my f1 status the receipt of dos my passport with I94 and a photo ID. And also I am working as part time at school so if ever I have to bring the I134 can I signe myself? I hve all my tax returns and...

need help asap

Anyone have an Interview between the September 15th and the 30th (DV2014)??

Jul 19th 2014
Does any one have an interview date within the last two weeks of september from AF or AS?
Please repport here

CEAC Data as of 07-19-14 ONLY for ASIA

Jul 19th 2014
Link to the file -->

Summary for NEPAL (selfish me!)

Total applications = 3692
Refused = 131
AP = 210
Ready = 525
TP = 3
Issued = 2823

DV Lottery 2014: big cases, results of DV, the last VB , August

Jul 19th 2014
Dear friends,
Good afternoon. We all see the results of the last VB for DV 2014 and we are all dissapointed, many people hadn't get a chance to get a visa. It's interesting to know, why KCC set a such low case number. Let's talk about it.
If you still have a hope that smth. can change, please write here , we made a group with big cases, you are welcome, join to us. We don't give up and want to make smth to have only a chance to participate in dv visa processing.

what is next step after getting visa

Jul 19th 2014
Hello forum members!

Although my sponsor is guiding me how to move to USA but i am still confusing that any additional documents (other than my interview submitted documents) do i carry during my departure to USA? How long later can I get my SSN Card and green card after my entry? Can I get job immediately when i reach there????? How much money can I carry? any limitation to carry cash USD? Please help and waiting response from you all. ...Thanks and best of luck for all who are intending to...

what is next step after getting visa

After getting the DV visa

Jul 19th 2014
I want to know the process of after getting the dv entry visa. Is there a validity date of the visa? How much time do I get to be prepared?

After reaching US, how long does it takes to get a green card? Is there any limitation that I have to be in US for certain amount of time/years after getting GC?


Help filing DS-260 with the question: "is this child immigrating at a later date to join you

Jul 18th 2014
My child is over 21, so when I filled out the DV Lottery application, I put down 0 (zero) eligible children. DS-260 asks all children. My child is not immigrating with me, so the answer to that question is "no"; however, I do not know how to answer the next question, if he will be immigrating at a later date to join me. My child is working on his own immigration, independent of my application, so he may join me later, but not with my application. What should the answer to this question be?

embassy rescheduled the interview from there own

Jul 18th 2014
Hi every body
US embassy in Riyadh informed me that they has rescheduled my interview from there own without my request , is that seems normal ?
thank you for share in advance

DV 2014 - Strange Case

Jul 18th 2014

Simply i won the DV Lottery 2014, sent my papers to KCC. Never heard back from them until i called to confirm that everything is ok.
KCC never sent me any email or letter of notification about the interview. it was by pure coincidence that i knew that my appointment was scheduled in June after checking the DV status check. this coincidence happened one week after the day of the interview.
So here the problem starts: I contacted the US embassy and asked for rescheduling my appointment of...

DV 2014 - Strange Case

After arrival - never ending questions

Jul 18th 2014
Hi again everyone, please let me know if I shouldn't be posting in this category anymore, I don't really know where else to place this.

So I'm already in NV, it's going to be my 3rd day and the list of things to sort out just keeps growing... !

So here are some of my burning questions at the moment:

- Do I have to file the form AR-11 Change of Address with USCIS? I'm a new immigrant and this address in Las Vegas is my first one ever in the US. So do I need to file this? I would assume not as...

After arrival - never ending questions

2015 DV Winners from Zimbabwe

Jul 17th 2014
If there are any DV winners from Zimbabwe, Please participate here. I have been through the process and am willing to help however I can. I found this platform very helpful when I needed answers to the many questions that I had.