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DV lottery and traveling | Immigrant Intent

Jan 20th 2017

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but here's hoping...

Is there anything to suggest that entering the DV lottery impacts your ability to travel the USA?

I applied for 2017 and missed out, and will be applying for 2018. I'm also planning to travel the US next year for a holiday.

I have read that officers at POE are checking for 'immigrant intent'. Does entering the DV lottery show immigrant intent? Is applying for the DV lottery likely to influence my ability to travel to...

DV lottery and traveling | Immigrant Intent

Having trouble with U.S embassy in Morocco Casablanca!!!!!

Jan 16th 2017
Here in the US embassy in Casablanca, we are having the issue of passports and documents delivery after being issued the visa. The well know company of posts "Aramex" is responsible for picking up the passports from the embassy to their office and then they inform people to come and pick up their documents, but there are so many cases that passed the interview well for more than one month but still did not got called to Aramex office to get their Passports back. We just want to know what...

Having trouble with U.S embassy in Morocco Casablanca!!!!!


Jan 16th 2017
Hello All,
Not sure if it is proper to create a new thread to ask for some help or there is a specific place in the forum for questions , any way, I will ask here if there is other place, I will remove it to there, excuse being a new member.

My question, I have a friend who doesn't have his confirmation number or the e-mail used for the initial registration due to some agent deceiving him. Is there anyway that he can obtain his winning notification letter?
I have been...


February 2017 VB released

Jan 10th 2017
This one will freak some people out - so please read my explanation....

Dv 2017 winner ..questions about applying for my son

Jan 6th 2017
Hello there

I'm a winner of 2016 Dv lottery

I still didn't receive my green card as it is in processing

My question is

1-Can I apply for my son in the f2b category even tho I didn't revive the physical plastic green card yet?

2- what number should I use on form I-130 as my Aline registration number it the number on my IV on my passport ?

Is the registration number on my green card going to be different than the registration number on my immigrant visa ?

Or I can use the the...

Dv 2017 winner ..questions about applying for my son

DV 2015 Selectees from Ghana

Jan 5th 2017
2015 winners from Ghana, kindly share you thoughts.

DV2017 "loaded" in CEAC

Jan 1st 2017
I can't believe these IT folk in charge of the CEAC system. They actually couldn't think of a better way to figure out how to make each year's data available other than waiting until the system date matches the year (or less). That's idiotic.

But anyway....DV2017 data is now searchable in CEAC

I have done some manual checking this am (assisted by some Britsimonsays readers) and come up with these max case numbers.


DV2017 "loaded" in CEAC

E2 after refusing a DV Lottery ?

Jan 1st 2017
Hello Everyone,

I am dealing with a though situation...

I won the GC lottery this year (DV2017) and I am right now in the middle of the process (my interview should be in few weeks). BUT my personal situation has changed and I am unfortunately considering very seriously to drop the GC...

I would like to know if it is still possible to apply for an E2 visas in the following years ? I am a french entrepreneur and would be able to invest what it takes. But I would like to be sure that the...

E2 after refusing a DV Lottery ?

Doing CP from the US

Dec 31st 2016

My spouse and I are DV2017 selectees, we're currently in the US in J status and we're thinking of doing Consular Processing to get our green cards. We've been reading about the CP process but we're not sure how our case differs from a typical CP since we're in the US. We'd appreciate some help with these questions:

1. What are the differences between doing CP from the US vs typical CP from ex-US? Is there anything we should be careful about?

2. If we submit our DS260s in the next few...

Doing CP from the US

DV 2016 OC Selectees

Dec 30th 2016
New Thread for DV 2016 OC selectees to ask questions and share thoughts regarding the wild wind journey they're about to embark upon.

Best of luck to you guys!

DV 2017 Selectees

Dec 24th 2016
Please let us know if you won in DV 2017.

Returing back to my home country after getting Green Card

Dec 23rd 2016
Hello everyone,

I hope everything is going well to all of you.
I have one question. I came in USA in September. It's been 4 months here. Everything is going ok but I was thinking going back to my home country to stay some time there. Let's say, I will wait for my wife or parents to prepare the documents.
As far as I read on internet I have to return to US every 6 months to maintain the permanent residency. When I come to US every 6 months, how long do I have to stay in US and go back to my...

Returing back to my home country after getting Green Card

I-134 - 100% or 125% of FPG

Dec 21st 2016
When considering whether the sponsor's income is sufficient there has been some discussion about what level of income to use. For the I-864 the CO uses 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. So - the calculation is like this:

If the sponsor is married with two children and is sponsoring a married applicant with zero children the combined family size is 6 people. For 2016 (in the 48 States) the FPG for 6 people is $32,580. So - if the form being submitted is the I-864 the income of the...

I-134 - 100% or 125% of FPG

All Ethiopian 2017 DV Winners Meet Here!

Dec 21st 2016
congratulations to all DV 2017 Ethiopian winners !!!

DV 2015 AOS Only

Dec 19th 2016
New thread for DV 2015 selectees interested in processing AOS to post their questions. Below is a google spreasheet for DV AOS related issues:

Let's try and keep all DV 2015 related questions on one thread please, so that everyone can benefit from each other. Good luck to you all

DV 2017 AOS Only

Dec 15th 2016
Well, I've been reluctant to create a DV 2017 AOS Thread as I wanted an actual selectee to have the honor of doing that. However, it looks like we may end up with individual Threads being created if this isn't done soon.

So here's an AOS Thread for the lucky selectees already based in the U.S. and planning on processing AOS. Please go through the attached spreadsheet, (it will do you a world of good), and post subsequent questions regarding the processing on this Thread....

DV 2017 AOS Only

2016 CEAC data published...

Dec 15th 2016
I'm running the extractions now I should publish the files in a couple of hours - and then the analysis can begin!!

Explanation of what CEAC data is - here

DV 2017 OC Selectees

Dec 15th 2016
With the draw results being imminent, I thought I'd start the next OC thread in preparation.

Good luck everyone, and may the CNs be forever in your favour.

DV winner how get ssn quiqly as possible

Dec 13th 2016
Hello members
I'm a winner of 2013 DV lottery with succes interview
And i will travel next month to Miami.
I ask about how can i get ssn and work permit quiqly as possible after beeing in US?

January 2017 Visa Bulletin - For February Interviews

Dec 13th 2016