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Updated: 2 hours 19 min ago

Applying for a new H1B after 6 years

2 hours 30 min ago

I am a H1B holder with ~3months left on it. Due to some unforeseen personal reasons I could not apply for a green card in time.
I am staying in India for one year so that I can apply for a new H1B.

1. My stay abroad for one year ends on 7th May, 2018. Can I still apply for a new H1B in April 2018, as the applications are sent soon?
2. How long before I find out if I have been picked up in the lottery process?
3. If I do get picked up in lottery and I am approved,...

Applying for a new H1B after 6 years

On H1B Extension - is extension possible by new Employer

Sep 11th 2017
I had a I140 approved through Employer A in the month of June 2015. Moved to Employer B (Feb 2017) using the approved I140 by H1b Extension. Got an extension till DEC 2019. Employer B has not started the GC process yet. Now, intending to move to Employer C, can the Employer C file a H1B Extension based on the approved I140 (by Employer A) as it is more than 180 Days when my I140 was approved through Employer A and as far as I am aware, USCIS will not cancel/withdraw I140 after...

On H1B Extension - is extension possible by new Employer

H1B- Company Split into 2 and Immigration status, Transfer

Sep 10th 2017
Hi there,

I am in a situation where I work for Company A, My division is bought by an Investment bank.
My H1B is with Company A. I will be working for New company B which is new entity created just for my division.

Does my H1B needs to be transferred from Company A to CompanyB?
Can I use I140 from my earlier employer (Not Company A ) to get 3 years validity.
If I have to transfer my H1B to company B, When should my H1B transfer be initiated? Immediately after started working for...

H1B- Company Split into 2 and Immigration status, Transfer


Sep 8th 2017

So I was visiting the US in November 2016 of last year and I was staying with a girl that I had liked for a long time. I was to come back to India in a couple of weeks, but one thing led to another and we started staying together. Soon enough we realised that we wanted to get married. We spoke to our parents and they gave us their blessings.

Now the girl is sikh and I am hindu, so to keep things neutral, we decided to get married in Las Vegas in a church (We ended up saving a lot of...


H4 visa and US marriage certificate

Sep 5th 2017
My spouse is applying for H4 visa next month in India. We realized that an original marriage certificates is required. We have original marriage license from the US while both of us were studying here nor from India.
Kindly help me to get around Indian marriage certificate.

1. Will US marriage license suffice the requirement at the US embassy for marriage certificate?

2. In absence of Indian marriage certificate, can he present affidavits? What exact affidavits would be required?...

H4 visa and US marriage certificate

H1B Transfer Issue - Help Needed!!

Sep 1st 2017

One of my friends needs urgent help with his current H1B status and some questions on H1B transfer, any kind of suggestions would be highly appreciated!!

1. He landed in US in June 2016 on his H1 status with company A and later applied for a transfer to company B sometime in Dec 2016.
2. He worked on a project with client 'X' through company B for a period of 6 weeks in Mar 2017 and the transfer is now pending with an RFE.
3. He recently had to visit India due to a family...

H1B Transfer Issue - Help Needed!!

H1B Approval with no change of Status - Canadian Citizen

Aug 24th 2017

I am a Canadian Citizen on TN Visa ( expiring Jan 2018) . I have got H1B Approved with no change of status. Valid from Oct 1 2017 - Sep 2020. To get my H1b stamped and H4 for my family do I have to book an appointment at the consulate or will I get this at the POE.

if this question has already been answered please link the Thread.

Z rahul

Options after Re-stamping refused with 221(g)

Aug 19th 2017

Back Story:
I went to US in May 2014 on H1-B working for Employer A. In Feb 2016, I moved to work for Employer B (small US based company, on other offices) with H1-B transfer receipt.
The new job was remote work, so I started working from home for Employer B.
I received RFE in April 2016 and I went to India the same month. While I was in India, the transfer got approved in June 2016 and I came back to US with the approval...

Options after Re-stamping refused with 221(g)

Laid Off, do another job?

Aug 12th 2017
Q. Looking to the current mkt. situations , I had noticed that many H1B Professional , have forced to do some other jobs like to work in grocery/conv. store or to work
with some motel.

My question is does this legally permitted ?

A. No, it is not.

Both on TN Visa, Spouse applying for H1-B to get a Greencard, should I...?

Aug 7th 2017
My spouse and I we both are computer engineers from Mexico working under TN Visa, for different employers.

In order to obtain a Greencard, we both asked for our employers to change to H1-B. Only my spouse was accepted to be sponsored.

Our goal is for both to get a greencard.

Can I apply for a greencard after my spouse gets one? I will still be on a TN Visa, so I don't know if that's possible.
Can I still be working under TN if I applied for an H-4 visa and filed for permission to work...

Both on TN Visa, Spouse applying for H1-B to get a Greencard, should I...?

Starting an enterprise while on H1b

Jul 8th 2017
Hi All,

Some of my friends and I, who are all on H1B visa, are planning to start an enterprise. Can someone in the forum tell me if it's legal to do so while working full-time on H1B. If it's not, can someone please weigh in on some of the options before us. Any input on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

International Travel on F1 while H1b ext.is pending.

Jul 5th 2017
Hey Guys, If you could please shed some light on my scenario. Thanks in advance.

6 years on h1b has expired and H1b extension was filed few weeks back and is pending. Have an approved F1 with 1st semester starting Aug 2017. Can I travel internationally on approved F1 while H1B ext. is still pending. what could happen? Any solutions? A non-medical but critical situation has arise that really demands my travel if I can.

Thanks much!

Remote working with H1B

Jun 29th 2017
I am currently working in a small software company as support engineer in MA. I got my H1B visa two years ago. I need to move in to WA state, where our company doesn't have a physical office. I'd like to continue working remotely (my job allows and there are some other advantages for me to be in the south), which also is agreed by my manager. What process do we need to go though? Appreciate any insight.

Employer not paid

Jun 27th 2017
I am in H1b visa.

I was working with a consulting company(A) from 15 Feb 2016 till 28 - Apr 2017 as a W2 employee.
Company A is based out in virginia
I now joined as full time employee in a company(B) from 1 may 2017 by transfering H1B(2 month back). Transfer is completed
How ever My Previous consulting company(A) did not pay me salary of Feb ,Mar and Apr (3 month).and they are not giving experience letter also
They (company(A))say over phone that when we get project for you we would pay...

Employer not paid

Revalidating I-94

Jun 21st 2017

I am not sure how I should approach this issue. Here is my situation:

My H1-B visa expires 12/DD/2005. (I have visa stamped in my passport until that date)
My Indian passport expires 04/DD/2004.

I returned from a short vacation to India in mid-July. The Immigration officer at SFO airport told me that although I have a valid visa until 12/2005, but since my passport expires in 04/2004, he can only validate (Admit Until) my I-94 until 04/DD/2004. He said that...

Revalidating I-94

H1 transfer and irregular paystubs

Jun 16th 2017
hi guys,

Hope you're all doing well.

I am transferring my H1 from company A(consulting) to company B(Full Time). Petition was filed last week, so waiting for receipt.

I submitted 3 paystubs in total from Jan - May (5 months)

Pay stub 1: Jan

Pay stub 2: March

Pay stub 3: Feb - May (As I don't have pay stubs for Feb and April, Company A ran a single pay stub from Feb 1st - May 31st matching my LCA)

So here are my questions,

1) Will uscis ask why the pay stubs were run this way?...

H1 transfer and irregular paystubs

Need to know whether I can reuse H1 after stamping and after a break, with revoked petition and I-14

Jun 12th 2017
I'm in 7th year of my H1 (Expired in Mar'17) and I'm planning to go out of states for an year for studying. My I140 is approved for more than 6 months and current petition is valid till Dec'19 . I got this H1 petition for 3 years on the basis of approved I140. My employer informed that they will revoke my petition and I-140 if I quit.

I would like to know that in case if I can get visa stamped till Dec'19 , can I use my stamped H1 visa to re enter on a new petition from same or different...

Need to know whether I can reuse H1 after stamping and after a break, with revoked petition and I-14

H4 Visa travel during H1B transfer is in Progress

Jun 12th 2017
Can I take my wife and child from India to USA in H4 Visa during my H1B transfer is in progress.
1. Will there is problem in Immigration and Port of entry ?
2. Do i need to apply for H4 transfer also ?
3. if it is required, can i apply for them once they reached US ?

H1 expiry and renewal

Jun 11th 2017
Hi ,

My visa was stamped on August 2015 but I still not moved to US, due to delay by my employer. My Visa has two expiration dates. One expiry date which is August 2020 and 2nd is PED which is August 2017. Can someone please tell me which one is right expiry date, or what is difference in both of them.
Secondly now my employer is asking me to come and if Aug 2017 is expiry then I have only two months for renewal, I have heard that we need client letter for extension. Please tell me if it...

H1 expiry and renewal

I-539 H4 extension

Jun 9th 2017
Since my attorney asked for $1000 for H4 extension, doing it on my own.

This forum is of great help for people like me. Thank you for everyone for their valuable information.

I got 2 questions (applying for h4 extension based on spouse's approved H1B)

part4 in form 539

a. Are you or any other person included on the application, an applicant for an immigrant visa? yes no

b. Has an immigrant petition ever been filed for you or for any other person included in this...

I-539 H4 extension