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H4 visa for minor dependent

Dec 18th 2014
my husband got his H1 visa in 2013 and his consultant applied H4 visa for me and my minor daughter this year 2014.
The consultant filed for H4 through I539 with my name and my minor daughter name together in one form. The case got approved but USCIS sent the I797 with only my name in it. I dont know if they would sent a separate I797 for my daughter. i have bee calling the customer service from past 4 months and everytime they listen to me and say they will send the response in one month time...

H4 visa for minor dependent

H4 to H1b without COS

Dec 18th 2014
Hi all,

1) I am on a H4 until Sep,2015 and would like to apply for H1b with out COS as I need to travel to india while H1B in progress.Can we apply H1 with out COS?

2) If petition with out COS is approved from oct 2014, is there any obligation to apply for COS immediately after H1b approval. How many days can I continue on H4 with out applying COS?

3) As per DOL, Is there any obligation for the employer to run payroll as soon as H1b is approved. Is it fine he doesnt run any payroll...

H4 to H1b without COS

H1B One Year left?

Dec 18th 2014

I need to know my options to continue having a valid H1B status.

I had 3 H1B visas. First was approved on 10/2001 and the last was valid until 10/2007 but I left the company on 10/2006.

Do I have 1 year left or more because I spent 1 month between jobs? Maybe I have 1 year and 2 months?

I've been outside of U.S. for over a year. If a company wants to sponsor me, what would be my options? Use the H1B quota starting on April or not?

If I can just do a transfer of H1B (having a year...

H1B One Year left?

Can I do multiple job on H1?

Dec 17th 2014
Hi Rajeev Jee,
I am already having an old job (still on H1 and waiting for PD to be current having approved I-140 since long) I am getting other job opportunity but I dont want to leave my existing employer due to many reasons.
I have couple of questions:
1: Can Two or more companies keep H1 at same time?
2:Can I do two Job together, One fulle time other part/semi full(30hr/week) etc ?
3:If yes can this by any chance create problem in ongoing Green card process?

I will appreciate your valuable...

Can I do multiple job on H1?

F1 -> H1B cap?

Dec 13th 2014
Can a F1 student get a H1B on February or March of 2015 and start working immediately or does she/he need to wait until October, 2015?

COS H1B-H4 and change of Employer

Dec 12th 2014
I am in tricky situation.. Please advice..

I applied for my wife H4 application and it takes around 5 months to come. Meanwhile I plan to change the employer under H1B transfer premium processing.

Can I file my wife H4 along with my H1B transfer under premium processing. This way it will help her to have longer H4 status and she can drive. If yes, then what happens to old application.

In case H1B transfer is denied, then can original H4 application is still valid.

If I cannot apply for new...

COS H1B-H4 and change of Employer

H1B Visa 2015

Dec 12th 2014

I've read some information on H1B visa and limitations on quantities and month of the year to start working.

It's still not clear for me.

Basically, I need to know if I can get a company to sponsor me with an H1B visa to start working beginning of 2015. It could be February, March or April.

B2 to H4

Dec 8th 2014

I'm a Canadian citizen and have been residing and working full-time in Canada for the past few years. My employer is a Canadian company which does not do any business in the US nor has employees there.

My family is residing in Maryland and my wife works full-time with a H-1B and has an approved I-140. She is awaiting her priority date to become current to file for her I-485.

I visit my family regularly and it is typically for a few days each month. My manager recently gave me the...

B2 to H4

H1B extension client letter

Dec 2nd 2014
I am applying for my H1B extension in apr 2009 for the start date of oct 1st 2009. I have been with the same client for the last 3 years. Following are my concerns:

My client doesn't give any reference letters as per their HR policy. But we have all contract docs/purchase orders from the client since oct 2006. The client extends the project only every 6 months and this has been happening since 3 years. But if USCIS asks a letter/contract which covers the entire contract period for which the...

H1B extension client letter

I would like to know the number of years left on my H1-B.

Nov 26th 2014
Hello Sir,

I came to US on F1 visa and after completing my Master's degree, I got a job and my employer processed H1-B. My first H1 started on 01/13/2011 and was valid till 01/02/2013. In September 2011, I had to go to India for personal reasons and had to appear for H1-B visa. My application was put under administrative processing citing additional documentation. My employer submitted the required documents but my case was pending for about an year.
In September 2012, the...

I would like to know the number of years left on my H1-B.

I-140 from my previous employer

Nov 24th 2014

I have an approved I-140 from my current employer and got the 3 year extension on my H1. I have 2 years left on my extension. If I change to a new employer then,

1. Along with the H1 transfer, would I also get the second 3 year extension on my H1 (thus making it 5 years extension, 2 that exists today and 3 using the I-140 while doing the H1 transfer)?

2. If the 3 years extension is not done now, then can I use the I-140 2 years down the line to get the extension?


6th year on H1B, switching jobs

Nov 21st 2014
Dear Rajiv Ji / Forum members,

I am in USA on deputation from a popular Indian company - and on my 6th year of H1B. I have been with this company for 15 years and still this company will not file for my Green Card, but wants to return back and continue working from India office.

I am looking for your opinion n assessing the risk in switching the job with with less than 11 months left on my H1B visa.

1. Assume everything goes as expected - no surprises, no unexpected RFEs - Is this balance...

6th year on H1B, switching jobs

COS H4 to F1

Nov 20th 2014

I am currently studying in XXXXXX university on H4. I would be applying for Change of Status to F1 in January 2015(spring semester). As OPT eligibility is of 1 yr, i am thinking to take a break for Spring 2015 semester. During the break, will the change of status decision/approval be affected. As I would not be enrolled in any course/credits during that time.

What are the eligibility criteria of H4 to F1 COS i.e should be enrolled (take minimum number of credits) in the university during...

COS H4 to F1

Concurrent H1b denial

Nov 13th 2014

I have got RFE on my Concurrent H1B filing. I have questions regarding that:

1) Will the denial affect my full time H1B?

2) I have started working for that part time company on receipt and they have started paying me. Will it be a problem if my petition is denied?

Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

Nov 9th 2014
Dear All
I am currently in Japan from my company in India and I am an employee of the Japan Branch of my company.I have an engineer status visa in Japan.The visa is for one year and it will be extended.I hold an Indian passport.

Is it possible for me to attend the H1B visa interview in the American consulate of Japan.
Are there more chances of getting the visa if I attend the interview here in Japan or will it be adversily affecting.

I am planning to find an employer in USA and try to...

Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

H4 dependants travel duing my H1B transfer

Nov 6th 2014
Hi Team,
I just got a new job and my new employer is about to initiate my H1B transfer petition within a week.
Right now, my dependants are in India for a vacation with their H4 visa with my previous employer. This visa is valid till Sept 2015.
And, I have already booked their return ticket to US on 21st Nov'14 from India.
My question is:
1) Is it safe for my dependants to travel back here to US with their existing visa of previous employer, without any risks involved while my new...

H4 dependants travel duing my H1B transfer

I-94 Extension after passport renewal

Nov 5th 2014
Hi All,
My H1B is valid upto Feb 2010,but office at POE(San Francisco) stamped I-94 as Sep 2008 as my passport was expiring then.
Now I renewed my passport through Indian Consulate(San Francisco).

But not sure what process to follow.Here are the options I got:-
1. Went to local USCIS office in San Jose-they asked me to go to USCIS office in San Francisco to get it fixed.
2. Attorney gave 2 options -
a. get out of country,get back in for new I-94
b. apply for H1 extension (doesn't make...

I-94 Extension after passport renewal

H4 - H1 SSN Stuck

Nov 5th 2014
I have recently got my H4 converted to H1B. I have applied for SSN after that.

When I went to the SSN office, they said that my status has not been updated from H4 to H1B in their system and they have to send it to the Homeland Security office for verification.

It has been 5 weeks since that, and it has not come yet. I called the 1800 number of SSN office and they say that it has not come yet and they don't know the status of the application in the Homeland Security office.

I have...

H4 - H1 SSN Stuck

On H1B visa without job

Nov 3rd 2014
My COS got approved in September this year.My H1b visa has already started from oct 1st.But I am without work.I don't even have any pay stubs. So I can't even change my employer.My question is how long I can stay legally without work on H1.I will really appreciate your help.

urgent : rfe from uscis

Nov 2nd 2014
I got laid off from employer A on September 30th 2014. I got new job offer from employer B and they filed H1B visa on 20th October 2014 in premium processing. Now i got a RFE from USCIS in regards to the petition. They are requesting additional information surrounding your departure from your previous employer. What was the reason, and did you leave on good terms?
What are my options?
What are the Documents need?