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Transfer h1b employer before entering USA for first time

May 23rd 2017
Hi Guys,

Myself Badri , First time I got opportunity to work in US company in Texas. .
My Case is approved and now I am waiting for Visa stamping by next week.

Now I am not confident on this xxx company and not willing to join them. (Also i know i can transfer the h1 visa after joining the company and working for few months there) My question is after stamping done by next week can i get another job offer from yyy employer in US being in India and can i join that yyy company ?

If yes...

Transfer h1b employer before entering USA for first time

laid off on H1B with 2 months grace period ending

May 21st 2017
Hi Friends!
I recently got laid off from my company on 03/31/17. I still have no luck getting a new job. Considering 2 months grace period, I have only 9 days left. After talking to few friends and a lawyer, I can think of these few options to maintain my status here. I would really appreciate your advice on these options or if you can suggest any other options.

my visa status: I140 approved (priority date is July 2012)

Option 1: I asked my company to give me sabbatical for 4 months....

laid off on H1B with 2 months grace period ending

H1B transfer and revocation from India!!!! Please give your 0.02$!!!

May 20th 2017
Hi All,

I am in a unique position or not that you all have to decide. I am stating my case here.

I have approved and stamped VISA valid till October-2019, which was filed by my current company A.Now company A is not willing to send me on assignment. I have another company B willing to transfer my VISA. I have never been in USA on H1B status.

I am planning to leave company A and join company B in India itself. I am worried about revocation/withdrawal of VISA from company A....

H1B transfer and revocation from India!!!! Please give your 0.02$!!!

H2B visa websites?

May 19th 2017
Hello, guys

I am new to this forum, as this is my first thread I have posted.
1. My first question is, does any of you know specifics of how to find a H2B job on the internet? I am interested in state of CA, since my relatives lives there, and I have been there on J-1 visa 3 times already. Do you know any useful websites, that I can use in terms of finding something?
2. Also, I have my aunt, who lives in CA, she does have her own business, is it possible for her to hire me somehow? I...

H2B visa websites?

1 yr extension after 6 yr H1b cap, not yet 365 days since PERM

May 17th 2017
My PERM was filed on July 5, 2016. (Approved Sept 30,2016)
I-140 was filed on Dec 5, 2016. RFE Issued Dec 9,2016.
My 6 yr cap completes on Jan 26, 2017. (includes recaptured time).
I-140 was denied on March 5, 2017. (We filed an appeal for this).
The 1 yr extension was applied in Jan 24,2017 and got APPROVED March 24, 2017. (The employer did not use an attorney for all of this process).
I used an attorney to file the appeal. The attorney told me the approval for 1 yr extension is not valid...

1 yr extension after 6 yr H1b cap, not yet 365 days since PERM

Travelling to India and attending Visa Stamping while H1B amendment is pending

May 11th 2017
Hi All,

I am planning to go to India soon and I have a valid H1B until Sept 2018, but no visa. I need to attend for Visa in India. I recently changed my client. And my employer filed an amendment for change of Client and location. It's still in pending for approval. I now have few questions as below:
1. Can I go to India and come back to US without any issue?
2. Is there any problem for Visa stamping in India?
3. What do I fill in DS-160 for the receipt number?

Please let me know if any...

Travelling to India and attending Visa Stamping while H1B amendment is pending

mistake in DS160 after I got my H1B VISA stamp

May 9th 2017
mistake on DS160 after I got my H1B VISA stamp

I just realized there was a mistake on my DS160, but I've already got the H1B stamp on my passport. My fater's first name is misspelled. Should I take any actions or is it a minor issue I can just forget about?

Applying for H4 visas whilst on L1

May 5th 2017
Hello all,

I have a question regarding L1 and transfer to H4.

My spouse has just got her H1 selected in the lottery and I am on L1.

I would like to apply for Dependent visa H4 (subject to approval of my spouse's H1), however, I would like to continue working on L-1A for now. And if needed, I can change later to H4 once my wife's I-140 is approved.

So I want to initiate H4 dependent visa and keep it ready.

Please advise how I can make these possible?

Many thanks in advance.

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May 2nd 2017
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Do you need certificate in IELTS,TOEFL,CELTA,DELTA, GRE and other diplomas urgen

L1B to H1B and want to continue on L1B

May 1st 2017
Hi Rajiv,

Currently I am working on L1B with current employer and my application is selected in H1B lottery this year from new employer. But I want to continue on L1B with current employer but my H1B application is filed with the change of status. What is the best option to revert the changes of status from H1B to L1B and continue working on L1B. When the H1B is approved will my L1B will remain valid.

L2 EAD to H1B

May 1st 2017
Hi Rajiv,

I am currently working on L2 EAD and also my current employer filed H1B which is picked up in lottery for this year. But I have resigned from my current employer and planning to join the new organization on L2EAD. I want to continue on the L2EAD but my H1B visa is filed with change of status. What is best option to continue on L2EAD. Can my current employer cancel the H1B which is immediately picked up in lottery.
What is best option that my new employer to transfer the H1B and...

L2 EAD to H1B


Apr 26th 2017
I am getting married on July 17th 2017. I have the following questions regarding submitting DS160 for my TO BE spouse:

1. Can I submit DS160 now for my TO BE spouse with status as 'married'? Interview will be scheduled after marriage i.e. on 26th Jul 2017

2. If yes to above point, certain forum do not advise to do so. Could this result in denial for H4?

Big H1 Extension RFE

Apr 16th 2017
In short, My RFE is asking for
RFE In short:
1.Petitioner’s employee-employer relationship with the beneficiary which may include
- Contracts or letter from end-client.
- An itinerary with name, address and duration of work.
- Copies of petitioner’s present and past job vacancy announcements.
- Documentary example of petitioner’s products or service.
- H1-B employees routinely met conditions of employment, including work
hours and have always been fully paid....

Big H1 Extension RFE

Gap in paystubs

Apr 14th 2017
I am on H1B with an approved I-140 but not GC.I resigned today and my last day is on April 29th. I don't know if I will have a job in hand by then. I have been working with well know companies and expect to get a job offer from another one of the big bay area companies and with an annual compensation exceeding $175k. I believe that providing a paystub a couple of weeks or even a month older will not be a problem since I have 60 days to find a new job? Has anyone used the 60 day...

Gap in paystubs

H4 ead renewal with h4 status

Apr 6th 2017

My spouse employer filed two different 797 for him. One was a PP filed in june and got approved in 15days valid till Aug 2017 and other one was a normal processing which was filled in april and got approved in Jan 2017 valid till april 2019.

I filed my h4 ead in dec from Opt to h4 and Ead concurrent filling on the basis of PP 797. So my h4 ead was approved till aug 2017.

now i want to renew it on the basis of other 797- which is valid till apr 2019. Do I have to file for h4 status...

H4 ead renewal with h4 status


Apr 2nd 2017
Hi all,

I am a advanced degree candidate applying for H1B visa. My lawyer asked for my paystubs but because of job pressures and other commitments, I somehow forgot to provide them with my paystubs. It seems they filed the petition without my paystubs.

Do you guys know if the petition will be rejected if the paystubs are not included?

221g for damaged passport - Chennai dropbox processing time

Apr 2nd 2017

I was issued a 221g earlier because the passport I'd submitted was damaged. I have now got a new passport, and also a new I-797. I e-mailed the consulate (Chennai) to see what documents to submit now. They responded saying that I should submit my new passport, 221g notice and the new I-797.

I will be using the drop-box facility in Chennai. Has anyone been in a similar situation? - got 221g for damaged passport? And how long did it take for them to return the passport after you...

221g for damaged passport - Chennai dropbox processing time

Currently under H1B but I-94 states F1 visa status

Apr 1st 2017
Hi immigration forum members,

I am a Canadian holding H1B visa status in US and in the process of green card application after PERM.

I am in the talk with my immigration lawyer but when I crossed border from Canada to USA today, CBP officer made a mistake and put me as an F1.

My passport has I-94 stating H1B however when I checked online for my I-94, it states that I entered as F1. Is there any ways to fix this? And will this affect my green card process?

Thank you in advance.

Extension if unable to find job in 60 days

Mar 22nd 2017
I understand there is a grace period of 60 days in which a H1B holder can find a new job if he is fired. I have property and belongings here which needs to be disposed off before going back to India. If I can't find a job in 60 days can I get an extension to settle my business here before going back. Or else will it permanently make ineligible to come back to USA in case I have to overstay

What happens to green card priority date if I lose my H1B?

Mar 21st 2017
My green card priority date is for August 2009. What happens if I go back to India and lose my H1B. If I come back on an H1B do I lose my priority date and have to restart again?