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H4 ead while outside usa

May 1st 2016
My girlfriend was just approved for an h1b, we will be getting married soon so that I can get in on an h4 and work towards an ead, however in the mean time I will be continuing to work at my job in Canada. I currently work two weeks on, two weeks off in Canada, and visit her on my time off.
I was wondering if it will be possible to keep working at my job in Canada, and apply for an H4 and ead, while still traveling in and out of the US.



Apr 28th 2016
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have some queries for my approved H1B

Apr 26th 2016
Here is my scenario: I am working in India and had never been to USA. But my H1B got approved in the 2015-2016 quota and my consultant employer ABC took care of ALL filing formalities. Now my employer ABC is not responding and is unwilling to send me the Original or even the Copy of I797 in order for me to go to US consulate in India and get the H1B stamping. My questions are,

1. If the current employer ABC is NOT responding, Is there anyways I can have another employer XYZ to...

have some queries for my approved H1B

H1B confusion

Apr 26th 2016
my friend was working with a reputed pharmaceutical company right after graduation. he worked there on opt and earlier this year around january he switched to H1 B which the company sponsored. I recently resigned the position on the 16th of august. technically how long can he legally stay in america? does he have to transfer his H1 B (get a new job), he is of the impression that he is having 6 months time to find a job and is taking it easy and preparing for his GMAT.

I just want to make...

H1B confusion

H1 B Processing Time

Apr 26th 2016

I am planning to process my H1 visa with a company in US. (Year 2011)
How long will it take to process the H1 and when will i come to know?

URGENT - first time H1B visa stamping in Paris, France

Apr 26th 2016
My husband has H1B, received his PhD from here and works at the university as a professor. He's traveling for the first time and needs to get his H1B stamped in Paris so that he can come back into the Unites States, he's appointment is scheduled for June 4. He's never been out of status and doesn't have a criminal record. Anyone who's had their first stamping in Paris - how long does it take?

We're extremely nervous because he already has a ticket to...

URGENT - first time H1B visa stamping in Paris, France

H1b cap exempt / green card sponsorship dentist position available

Apr 18th 2016
Full time opportunity for a general dentist. One year experience preferred.

Must have a dental degree (DDS or DMD) and be licensed in the State of Ohio and meet all
requirements for credentialing. Experience in a community health setting is preferred. Must
have the ability to be flexible and responsive in working with patients in a culturally diverse
population with a wide variety of health and social needs. Spanish language skills are a plus.
CAO dental center is a busy non-profit...

H1b cap exempt / green card sponsorship dentist position available

H1 transfer while extension is pending

Apr 8th 2016
Hi Experts,

I need help with my situation. I have applied for H1 extension recently and my current Petition has expired. Can I apply for H1 transfer while my extension is pending? Please let me know.


I94 expired. Can I apply for H-1B transfer?

Mar 25th 2016
My I94 has expired and my current employer has filed for an extension which is in progress. Can I apply for an H1-B transfer for another employer while employer A's extension is in progress? What are all the things to be considered in this case?

OPT expires May of this year...help!

Mar 25th 2016
My OPT expires in May 2016, How many days I can stay in the US, if my H1B Application gets rejected in the lottery?

Can I go on B2 to USA while my H1B is in process

Mar 25th 2016

I need one advice.

I have a sponsor (consultancy company) who insists that after applying h1B visa (in April 2016) and once my petition is approved (i.e. selected in lottery) I should visit USA on my B2 visa (which is valid till May 2017) and try to get clients/job there. Once I get a job there, he then wants to file to "make amendments to change my B2 to H1B".

Q1) I am a little scared. Is this illegal?
Q2) If I do as he says, and go to USA on B2 once my H1b petition is approved,...

Can I go on B2 to USA while my H1B is in process

Moved back to India after resigning, what happens to H1B Visa, apply for B1/B2

Mar 22nd 2016
Hello there,
I was on H1B visa working for Workday Inc., Pleasanton ,California and resigned from work to move back to India after getting married (March 13th). Would my H1B visa be revoked automatically? How soon can I apply for B1/B2 visitor visa to be able to attend a wedding in USA on May 13-14th?

Can I file extension from old sponser after H1 transfer

Mar 21st 2016
Here is the situation:
1) I am working with company A since two years and hold a valid H1 sponsored by A
2) I applied for H1 transfer to Company B which is approved.
3) I am still working with Company A and coincidentally they have raised my salary as well as designation.
4) Now I don't want to join Company B and have not disclosed to Company A that I have transferred my Visa.
5) My Visa is expiring in July, can Company A file extension.
6) Do I need to inform Company A that i have...

Can I file extension from old sponser after H1 transfer

Have H1 B approved with current employer, RFE on prev employer extension

Mar 20th 2016
Please help me on below scenario..

1. I was working with Comp A. H1b was valid till Sep 1, 2015. Extension was filed on July 2015.
2. I joined Comp B on Sep 26, 2015. Comp B filled H1b transfer on Aug 25 and I-797 got approved from Sep 6, 2015 till Feb 2017.
3. Since extension from the Comp A was pending, and on March 2nd got a RFE on Comp A H1B extension.

Is this an issue and do I need to take any action here? Please suggest

Thank you

Can I do H1-B transfer under a pending H1-B extension

Mar 20th 2016
if I change job? Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advance!


I 140 Denied - Effects on Visa Stamping

Mar 20th 2016
Hello Guys,

My I-140 under EB2 was recently denied stating that my university doesn't have accreditation by the time I have graduated from it.

To give some background about my self I came to USA on F1. After graduation I got OPT using which I have started working directly to a client. Later obtained OPT extension and by the end of OPT extension employer A has applied H1B under masters quota. After working 2 years for employer A I got better opportunity and moved to employer B. My H1b...

I 140 Denied - Effects on Visa Stamping

new H1b while GC is in progress

Mar 19th 2016
I am currently on H4 visa and my souse's green card process is going in parallel (I140 about to be filed). While green card process is ongoing, can I file for a H1b visa starting April 1, 2016?

Basis of visa classification

Mar 18th 2016
I have a part-time cap-exempt H1B through a University and a concurrent part-time H1B through a startup company, both approved couple months ago and valid until Sep 2016. Startup is transitioning me into a full-time from October 1 2016 and it is applying for a capped H1B (US Masters or above) on April 1. The job title, responsibilities and salary per hour will remain the same with the startup except it would become *full-time*.

What would be the right selection for the basis of visa...

Basis of visa classification

Transfer unused H1B to new employer, while on TN visa

Mar 17th 2016
Hi forum, I have the following situation:

I currently work for employer "A" in the U.S. using a TN visa. This april, employer "A" will file an application on my behalf for H1B. On the other hand, I've been talking to employer "B" and they might throw an offer, but would be after april, so they wouldn't be able to apply for an H1B for me this year.

Is the plan below feasible?

1. Change TN visa employer by either filing I-129 without leaving the U.S., or going to Mexico and issue a new TN...

Transfer unused H1B to new employer, while on TN visa

Tax problem and H1B

Mar 15th 2016
I was previously on an H1B and left thinking that all my taxes were clear. However, a few years after leaving the US I found the IRS had taken some money from an account I left running in the US.

With this problem will it still be possible for to get an H1B and reenter the US?