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864 in household or not

Aug 30th 2018
I am the petitioner for my two children. I live in my adult son's house. I do not have an income. I believe I need to fill out my own 864 and state zero income? My adult son fills out a 864A or 864? and his wife also fills out 864A? Is my son then the first of joint sponsor and daughter in law is the second of joint sponsor? Also for my 864 my household size will or not include my adult son and his wife? I don't support them but I live in their household. Since we at same residence are they...

864 in household or not

Sponsor mother for GC

Aug 29th 2018

This is my first time posting. I am a USC who would like to sponsor my mother for GC via consular processing in Pakistan. I have the following documents ready to mail to USCIS but am having a little issue:

1) I-130
2) My Birth Certificate.
3) Copy of my US Passport.
4) Copy of mother's passport.
5) Mother's travel history for the past 10 years.
6) Mother's Birth Certificate.

My father is no longer alive and I have a copy of his death certificate as well.

Issue is that my Birth...

Sponsor mother for GC

Brother sponsered Green Card

Aug 28th 2018
Hola, my brother is a Citizen of US (been there for 15 years) and is willing to sponsor me, my wife and daughter under the family-based preference categories - Fourth preference (F4) - brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens.

How much time does it take to get in this category and how much does it cost ?


Death of green card beneficiary

Aug 19th 2018

I am a USA citizen. I had applied for green card application for my mother, who was residing with me in USA. We had filed for I-140, I-485, her interview with USCIS and had responded to a number of RFEs. However, while we were waiting to hear about the decision on her green card, she passed away.

I would like to know how we can inform USCIS that she has passed away. What form should I fill out?
I want to do this so that, if I want to sponsor someone else in the future, not informing...

Death of green card beneficiary

Cannot get Non Availability of Birth Certificate. What other options do I have ?

Aug 19th 2018
I am sponsoring my parents green card. Neither I nor my parents have birth certificates. We submitted affidavits for all 3 of us. We got an RFE asking us to submit Non Availability of Birth Certificate from India. We don't have anybody back home who can do this for us and also since I was born after 1969 I will not get non availability of birth certificate(I had a simmilar problem when my green card was in process. At that time we submitted an affidavit and that solved our problem). What can...

Cannot get Non Availability of Birth Certificate. What other options do I have ?

Marriage Certificate does not have maiden name.

Aug 9th 2018
Hello All,

thanks a lot to everyone out there for responding and helping out as much as they can. GC for parents -

the marriage certificate for my parents that we received a few months back has my mothers married name. it has no mention of her maiden name. will this be a problem. the municipal office put in all the information in their system after we provided all the documents to them. logically the certificate should have the maiden name. then do we have to provide a affidavit...

Marriage Certificate does not have maiden name.

last name spelled wrong in birth certificate

Aug 6th 2018
Hello Everyone,

Going to file GC for parents (am US citizen) . the last name of both my parents is misspelled on my birth certificate.
i.e. - its spelled as AGRAWAL , whereas all other documents like my passport, parents's passport , their marriage certificate has it as - AGARWAL . the letter "A" is in the wrong place.

would this create any issues. any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. thank you.

I-130 Residence Question

Aug 5th 2018
Hi, I was hoping somebody might be able to help with quite a unique situation.

My husband and I got married April 2018 in the US, he is British and I am American. We live in the UK as I holds dual citizenship (my father was Greek and my mother American) We got married in New York and are looking to move there as soon as possible. We are aware of the process so have started on the I-130 form, the confusion we have is down to my place of residence. Although I have lived in the UK since 2014,...

I-130 Residence Question

I Was Told I Can Pay by Cashier Check or Money Order to NVC but help?

Aug 5th 2018
I was told I can pay by actual mail, I supposed to put the case # where it says “memo” on the cashier check or money order? Can I still fill out the DS application online once they receive my payment? I’m planning to send it by certified mail with return receipt

Parent with GC away for more than a year

Aug 2nd 2018
My father had applied for GC in December 2016 and while the GC was still in processing he decided to return back to India in March 2017. Meanwhile the GC was approved in May 2017 after he returned.

He now regrets going back to India and wants to return and stay with me. Please advise if he will be able to reenter without problems.

Moving from a L1A trough work, to EAD following a marriage GC application

Aug 1st 2018
Hey guys and gals,
I have something which I am not sure I fully understand and need some clarification, please. So I am working in the US on L1A status currently. Earlier this year I got married to a US citizen and about two months ago, I filled for a green card.
I should be receiving my work permit (EAD) in about a month, however, I am not sure if with that work permit I would be able to leave my current employer who provided me with the L1A status?
I am assuming my current employer...

Moving from a L1A trough work, to EAD following a marriage GC application

Please Advice:plan to marry but live separately

Aug 1st 2018
Hello, I hope someone can help/answer my question to relieve my concern.
I'm planning to re-marry to ex-husband who was married to me 22 years ago and divorced after 5 years.
Now he is a GC holder but we planned to marry after he become a USC in next year.
(he's waiting for an interview now)
However, we are planning to not living together because of our son.
I am now living with our son in CA and he is going to college in CA.
But my ex is living in NJ and he has job there.
I would like to...

Please Advicelan to marry but live separately

Expiry date on i 130 form

Jul 31st 2018
hello Everyone, i was getting ready to mail i 130 forms for my parents today when i noticed the form has an expiry date of -7/31/2018 . Should i wait for the new version or it will be fine. sometimes the expired forms have validity till about another month or so.

Does anyone has any experience with this. Any input is very much appreciated. thank you.

I-130 for Parents living abroad: Questions

Jul 31st 2018

This thread has been very helpful so far. I do have a few questions that I couldn’t find a response for. I am originally from France and got my U.S> Citizenship 2 years ago now. My parents want to move to the US to be closer to me so I am filing for both my Mom and Dad that currently live in France. My questions so far are:
  1. Should I send the 2 application separately? (different packet/envelopes) Or is it possible to send them both in 1 packet? Also the fee of $495 is for...

I-130 for Parents living abroad: Questions