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Got my approval for National Interest Waiver - here is how it worked

Aug 30th 2018
Filed I-140 electronically on March 14.

Approved April 16.

No lawyer used.

No requests for evidence.

Used a do it yourself kit for general guidance (greencardapply - paid about $80). Also looked at the bestchinesehelp website.

Cover letter - 19 pages with 2-3 figures and a decent amount of technical explanation (in layman's terms).
Exhibits - 100+
8 letters of support.

Ph. D. Electrical Engineering.
16 papers (10 first author).
Included citation records (and selected papers - have over...

Got my approval for National Interest Waiver - here is how it worked

Advice needed on NIW RFE

Aug 27th 2018
I hold a PhD degree in engineering from a US university. With my I-140 application, I submitted all usual documents such as evidence of education, letters of recommendation, evidence of publications and citations, evidence of funding, and evidence of peer review service (as mentioned in the FRE letter).
I have also cofounded two startups in the US. One was not successful, but the other one is currently operational. We have patents granted, customers and investments raised from VCs and Angle...

Advice needed on NIW RFE

wrong tax form - I-485 could be rejected?

Aug 23rd 2018
My NIW was approved in 4 months in VSC.

When I was on F1, I filed 1040 instead of 1040NR for 4 years by mistake.
One of these was submitted along with a correct one (last year) for I-485.

I am wondering if this mistake can be a reason for rejecting I-485.

Thank you for the advice. I will ask my lawyer when she comes back to work.

Meanwhile, I will add more info.

1. My hubby filed for NIW. I am his dependent. My lawyer said I also have to submit my tax files.


wrong tax form - I-485 could be rejected?